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Through The Eyes of the Spirit

As it Was In the Days of Noah

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Through the eyes of the spirit I have witnessed the various means of destruction coming upon the wicked, and those who are joined to them. And I pray with everything in my being that I am not a part of Babylon when it comes. I don't want to experience in real life, the horror I have seen in the spirit. It is then, that men will look up and call out to God, like they called to Noah as he stood on the ark.  When the flood waters were lapping at their feet, then they sought refuge, but it was everlastingly too late. Noah said, "Is not this the thing that I spoke to you of one hundred and twenty years back, and you would not hearken to the voice of the Lord, and now do you desire to live upon earth?

And they said to Noah, 'We are ready to return to the Lord; only open for us that we may live and not die.'  And Noah answered them, saying, 'Behold now that you see the trouble of your souls, you wish to return to the Lord; why did you not return during these hundred and twenty years, which the Lord granted you as the determined period?  But now you come and tell me this on account of the troubles of your souls, now also the Lord will not listen to you, neither will He give ear to you on this day, so that you will not now succeed in your wishes." The summer was ended, and their souls were not saved.   As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be again.

Come Out Of Babylon

God said He will not always strive with man. He revealed scenes to me which prove this. If any man hear my voice, let him believe what I have seen.  It is written in His Word, and it is coming. God meant it when He said He will not spare any that remain in Babylon.

I dreamed I was walking down a road.  The land was barren, not a blade of grass or green anywhere.  On my right I came across a tree as if in the dead of winter, without a leaf, only the bare branches, but they were not bare except of leaves, for the branches were covered with black birds, possibly Grackles with those white eyes.  As I passed under the tree, I was aware they were watching me with great interest, as if I might be food for them. I shuddered and passed on by.  And I think of Rev. 19:18 where the birds will eat the flesh of those who take the mark of the beast of Babylon.  If you have seen the Hitchcock movie, "The Birds," you can visualize the uncomfortable feeling I was experiencing. 

A long house was standing on the bare desert.  I entered carrying a sign with one word on it written in red, "Repent."  Two women were inside: a bleached blond representing a worldly type, and a dark-haired young woman.  I seemed to be bearing witness to what I'd seen outside, but the blonde woman only laughed at my concern, and walked out the door.  The other young woman listened and stayed inside.  I groaned in spirit, for I knew the blonde would be subject to everything I had seen, yet it was her choice. 

I awoke knowing that these two represent the wise and foolish virgins.  The wise will wake up, the foolish will sleep on, and when the Bridegroom comes they will not be ready, but will suffer all that has been written.


What the Non-Protected Will Experience

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1.) I stood on the street of a metropolis with skyscrapers towering above me. The buildings began to crumble, huge sections at a time.  Like great waves sweeping everything in front of them, people were crushed beneath the collapsing layers. There was no escape; the buildings just kept falling.

Twin Towers 2001 - Chili 2010

2.) I was in a house full of people, and the earth began to pull apart under us. Houses and land all moved. Great crevices opened. It was utterly terrifying. Families were separated, as some fell down in the cracks. The worst feeling was not knowing if your family was safe; or whether they too, had fallen into the cracks. Danger was everywhere. The land moved in waves, and you didn't know if it would open up under you at any time.   People fled in terror. There are no words to describe the feeling at a time like that.

Pakistan Quake killed 25,000 in 2005

3.) Looking out the window, I saw flood waters rising. House after house, in the low (spiritual) areas, went down--were swept off their foundations--and floated away in the swirling waters. Higher, and higher, the waters came. Those who lived on the higher plains were not spared. As the waters engulfed my neighbor's house, O, how comforting were the words of the Spirit, "Fear not, your house is built on a solid foundation." I was built on the foundation of Christ, and only He could protect me at that time. The destroyer would pass me by, for I was sealed by Him.

4.) I saw the Hawaiian Islands broken apart, and was told a giant tidal wave was going to divide them down the middle. The spiritually unprepared would be swept away.

Tsunami 2004, killed over 230,000 in 14 countries.  Hawaii's quake is yet to come.

5.) Tornadoes, every few feet, were whipping furiously around men. The heavens were in total disarray. Little safety was found, but fear was abundant.  From January to July there have been 1,475. The yearly record was in 2004 with 1,817, and a yearly average of 1,274. Below is Oklahoma.  ( 


6.) I stood in a wealthy section of a city, among homes costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Roofs were collapsed in, as if some great explosion from above had blasted them apart. And I thought, "What a shame; all of this wealth, gone'" And I knew it was because of sin.

7.) The land around me was bubbling up with red-glowing coals, just under the surface. I knew there were great pits in the ground which could cave-in at any time. There was no place safe enough to walk on, after the big earthquakes started across the United States from the West. I felt the closer I got to the center of the country, the safer I was.

8.) In 1998 I was told San Francisco and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska will get hit with a quake.  The Madrid Fault in Missouri will activate, and the center is in danger also--if the Church does not repent!

Tornado destruction in Indiana Nov. 2001, flooding 1993, New Orleans, Katrina

9.) Water blanketed everything, and it was rising higher by the minute. There was nothing else in my view, but one last mountain. It was covered with people, screaming and scrambling frantically over each other, seeking a foothold. The dead lay floating on the water; multitudes were gone. O, what a pitiful sight my eyes beheld. The only escape for the wicked was in Christ whom they had everlastingly rejected until it was too late. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man. God warned those of Noah's day, but they didn't listen. The flood waters came, and they saw the day when there was that "one-last-mountain" for safety. Then it was gone, and so were they. So shall it be again. He has warned us, and it will come. Our last mountain of safety is the Mountain of the Lord's House--Zion.

Deliverance in the Zions

(Photo is of Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, Israel.)

"And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered; for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call."  Joel 2:32

10.) Multitudes of the martyred dead, lay piled-up in a building. I was thrown in with them; shut up in the room as a kind of punishment. Their bodies lay heaped to the ceiling, discarded by an army. Words defy description to the sights I saw, of feelings I endured, as I climbed my way back up across those bodies to find a way to escape.

Humans beings have experienced these horrors that I saw, especially the Jews when the Nazis were in power, and people will experience it again. As the Nazi's treated the Jews, so will the Russians treat the Americans, for with Russia will come nations that hate Americans with a passion: Libya, Ethiopia, Persia (Iran and Iraq). 


President Ronald Reagan Testifies

In President Reagan's autobiography, An American Life, he devotes a few pages to his activities during the Second World War.  Because of his talents, he was asked to serve his country working in the media end of the military.  A place called Fort Roach prepared films for military education of Americans, in and out of the service.  He said:

"At Fort Roach, I became one of the first Americans to discover the full truth about the horrors of Nazism. One of our jobs was to prepare classified films about the progress of the war to be shown to members of the general staff in Washington. As a result, we handled a lot of classified footage taken by combat cameramen around the world that was never seen by the public.

"During the final months of the war, we began receiving secret Signal Corps films showing the liberation of Hitler's death camps and they engraved images on my mind that will be there forever. I'll never forget one especially. It showed the interior of a huge building. Our troops had just taken over a camp and had entered the building. It was cavernous, like a warehouse. And the floor was covered with bodies. Then, as we watched in horror, one of the bodies rose up on an elbow and a hand reached up--a hand rising out of a sea of bodies, as if it were pleading for help.


Bergen Belsen Concentration Camps for Murdering Jews

Photo on the left is of the man (in the foreground) who was responsible for these deaths, a purported "doctor" who butchered Jews in experiments.

"There were many other ghastly images: Camp inmates so gaunt and emaciated you wondered how they could possibly still be alive; ditches filled with bodies being bulldozed into the earth; footage of German families brought from nearby villages to see for themselves the unspeakable inhumanity of their countrymen.

"One of these films was amazing. The trip to a camp had been ordered by the commander of our troops and as the people left their village, some of them were almost in a festive mood, laughing and enjoying themselves, as if they were on an outing to someplace pleasant they'd never seen before.

"Then, you followed the villagers through the camp and the cameramen switched between them and the horrors they were witnessing. Soon their reactions had changed completely: The men began to grow stooped and their faces turned ashen, many of the women began crying, some fainted and others turned away from the camera and began vomiting. They had learned something about their country they had never known before.

"When the war ended and Fort Roach closed, I decided to keep a print of one of the films because I remembered that after World War I, there'd been a lot of talk about how Americans had been duped by false propaganda about the enemy, and I thought it might come in handy.

"Some years later, a producer and his wife came over for dinner and we started talking about the war and he said, 'I really wonder if all that stuff we're hearing about the Germans is true. I don't know if I believe it or not.'
    'Well, I have a little movie I'd like to show you,' I said.
"I set up my 16-millimeter projector, put up the screen, and let the story tell itself. There was one scene in this film that showed a barbed-wire fence. A group of Jews had been trying to escape from a concentration camp and were running toward the fence when they were mowed down by German machine guns. Their bodies were stacked deep along the fence and the hands of some who had almost made it to freedom were still clinging to the fence.

"It was a terrible and poignant scene of small, thin fingers desperately gripping rusted strands of barbed wire, in death. When the film ended, the producer and his wife just sat there in silence with tears." 1 Ronald Reagan


Seeing it is believing it.  I have seen scenes I wish I didn't have to view.   But the Spirit told me it was necessary.  I'd like to think that all is well in Zion--that peace and prosperity will last forever, but it will not.  Babylon's judgment is near, and so is ours--the Church's.

I marvel at the Spirit's watch-care over me as I reflect back, and know that seeing so many of these hideous sights could put a human under great mental stress. If it were not for His love for me, my companion's support, and the fact that I know He has this work for me to do, surely I couldn't have held up under the strain. And if it were not for the work, I would not have been allowed to witness such scenes as have been mine to view. But maybe in bearing this testimony, some will be saved the terrifying sights I have witnessed in their behalf, as well as my own. It is a call to repentance, before it's too late.

The Day Cometh

11.) The last of all the scenes I remember is the worst, and the best. I saw the Church, a sick soul, wanting so much to feed her children, but she didn't have the ingredients provided to her. Her supplies, which should have been given to her through the priesthood, had not been forthcoming; and she didn't have enough nourishment in her kettle to sustain life for her children. I felt so sorry for her.

I walked to a foggy window to see the future, and the Spirit said, "You don't want to know." I answered, "But I have to know," and rubbed a spot clear to view beyond. I shall never forget the sight I saw. The earth was burned to a powder. Ashes, alone, met my vision. Everything was gone except a rusted cannon; a grim reminder that nuclear war had taken its toll. And I cried over the multitude of dead bodies that I knew were in those ashes.

I stepped out into that scene and walked on those ashes knowing by the Spirit that they were ashes of people I had known.  And I groaned in Spirit.  I didn't know then that I was seeing the prophetic living word yet unfulfilled, for I hadn't read the Scripture which interpreted what I was seeing.  It was later shown to me by the Spirit, and I gasped.

"For behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble; and the day that cometh shall burn them up . . . And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the Lord of hosts." Malachi 4


Jesus Appeared

But then, from the ashes and darkness of the surrounding areas, I saw a light begin to flicker in the distance; one, then another, and another. I rejoiced to know that some people were still alive. And I think of the scripture, "...the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men left.2 I will make a man more precious than fine Ophir."3 A few will make it, but a child will be able to count the number.4 "Not all is lost," I thought, and took courage.

Then a light appeared, high up on a hill. It was Jesus Christ, with His arms stretched out toward me. O, what wonder I felt, as I gazed upon Him. Suddenly I was propelled with unearthly power, directly toward Him. I had seen the destruction of the wicked, and now His coming to Zion. He was waiting for me. I was caught up to meet him in the air, and I can still sense the propelling speed which drew me toward Him, as if it were today.



Photo of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

An Earthquake in Independence?

The following has no date on it, but was written about ten or fifteen years ago--maybe the late 1970s.

Yesterday afternoon I was very weary, and I laid down to rest. I awoke in shock at the scene which had just passed before my view. I saw Independence shaken by the Lord to such a degree that nothing seemed to be left standing whole. I walked down a main street viewing each side street looking for some building still in tact. I saw none. Dust and debris, gloominess was everywhere, as if the sun were not shining--as if the city were covered with a great cloud. Such destruction brought awe. It was evident that the God of the Universe was angry, and had risen up to shake the earth. Even now, a day later, I still feel wonder at the devastation I witnessed. And all this, I was told in the dream, was because of the RLDS Church.

I find it very difficult to describe what I saw. Houses were broken in half, or caved in--as if a big hand had reached down, grabbed up the top half of the city, then dropped it.  I think of the description of the devastation of the wicked in the Book of Mormon at the crucifixion. God's going to do it again IF we don't repent!

I continued walking down the street, wondering if cars would be able to travel here. Upon thinking this, my attention was called to my left where a great drop-off plunged about 15 or 20 feet down. Looking over the edge, I saw a station wagon mangled, covered with debris. I knew that was that! We would be walking!  I was heading for home--Zion, on foot. Jesus said He was going to destroy our chariots (transportation, 3N 9:101).

Scenes were revealed which left no doubt in my mind that God is ANGRY with us--our cup of iniquity is full. I was shown that the material possessions left would have to be shared equally, regardless of religious affiliations. At that time people will be people--not Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, or RLDS. Isaiah said we will lose our material wealth because of our sins. In Isaiah 2:22 he specifically speaks of people having lost their many changes of clothes. Man will be blessed to have one garment to wear that will keep his burned and cold body warm. And while I saw no burned flesh in this experience (for this was a literal earthquake, I believe), yet the fire will also come. There will be many kinds of destructive forces that will annihilate the wicked.

Again, I repeat, it was revealed that this devastation came BECAUSE OF THE RLDS CHURCH--their iniquity--their failure to repent and build the kingdom according to God's way. Saints, it's time to stop playing games. We must live our religion, or expect a judgment of misery and desolation to come upon us, and those around us. Jesus said to whom much is given, much is required. I'm frightened that it may be too late to avert the spanking.  But if so, "God will see us through,"--said the Jews on their way to Babylon.

Prophet/President Frederick Neils Larsen
Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


UPDATE 2004: The "RLDS" church did fail.  Only a remnant of them regrouped into an organized body with a Smith lineage prophet, the grandson of former prophet/president, Frederick M. Smith, Frederick Neils Larsen.  There is an opportunity to continue the church until Jesus comes and Section 98:6 reveals that the work will be accomplished.   God's arm is not shortened that He cannot build Zion and fulfill the promises He made.  But the church must pass through a veil of sorrow


1) An American Life by Ronald Reagan, pgs. 99-100
2)  Isa. 24:6;  3) Isa. 13:12;  4) Isa. 10:18-19]

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