David and Judy


The story of how God brought
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Scott
together for His work

Taken from the book, Not One Sparrow,
written by
Grandma Jan Harrington

The Harrington family children are all musical. They incorporated a company named EMFI shortly after Not One Sparrow was written in 1980.  In 1983 David Scott, a priest in our church, became a member of ECHO. Everyone loved him, especially Judy, who married him shortly thereafter. David and Judy now have three wonderful children, Michael Joseph, Erica Anne, and Andrew Christopher.  

How God brought their parents together is fascinating. He must have angels working with couples destined to be together because of either their prayers for a companion, or the prayers of their parents to guide them to godly partners. Such was the case with David being brought to our home—it was prayer alone.

David Scott, also from a musical family,   grew up in Marshall, MO, and we had no possible way to meet him. However, Not One Sparrow was put in his mother’s hands and she tried her best to get him to read it. David was in college and not really interested in religion at the time, but when his fiancée heard about ECHO, (David having a beautiful tenor voice, majoring in music at CMSU), she pushed him to audition. He did, became a member, and then read the book to learn about our family.

In 1981, three years before their marriage, Judy had an interesting dream about her future companion. The dream is below and interpretation in brackets.  She said:

"One night during the year of my first infatuation I had an unusual dream. I was with my father [representing her Heavenly Father] in a small empty room with one window [window of time, one way only out—marriage to the right one]. Within a few minutes, a young man came into the room and opened the window to show us his home town; a town we didn’t even know existed. [David, her future companion, was showing them he was coming from out of town, from Marshall, Mo. We’d never heard of Marshall, and it turned out that David hadn’t heard of Olathe, so God had a problem of getting these two together.]

The scene changed. I found myself in a room surrounded by young adults; it was my impression they were the young man’s peers. They had come to audition for ECHO [God was sending him to become a part of ECHO—he would be in the group.] I noticed that this young man, who appeared to be growing a beard, was a tenor and quite handsome. He was also engaged. [When David showed up, Judy was dating a boy who was two years younger than she. They planned to be married when he finished college. She tried to make him fit the description of the dream, but he didn’t. This dream indicated that her companion-to-be was already a man—the reason for seeing a beard. David sang tenor/baritone, and is quite handsome as the dream indicated. His wedding date was set for 4 months after graduation from college.]

In the last scene, I was in my wedding. The young man gave me a white handkerchief in place of a ring because that was all he could give. He had called off his engagement to marry me. The dream ended." [David didn’t have material wealth to give Judy when he came, but he gave her all he had, a gift of love. That was more than enough.]

Judy said, “The next morning I knew I’d just been shown my companion. Since I had been praying to meet him, I was very excited. And, even though I didn’t know how literal this dream would be, it gave me some hope and someone to look for.”

At the 1984 World Conference gathering of our church, ECHO was scheduled to sing at one of our churches. David had already become an ECHO member. During rehearsal, Judy was in tears over problems with her high school boyfriend, and I suggested she be prayed for by her father who is an ordained minister. They went into the room off to the side of the pulpit, and God impressed her father to tell her that her companion was right around the corner, and to be comforted by this. We thought it was only a symbolic term telling her that soon she would meet someone God had chosen for her, because to us mortals, God’s “soon” can sometimes seem like an eternity. However, in this case it was “soon,” for David was sitting on the pulpit steps waiting for the prayer to finish. He was literally “right around the corner. ” That very day, David and Judy began associating. When God revealed his identity, we were overjoyed. He has been a blessing to the family ever since that day.

We must appreciate the humor of God. Things look so bleak to us, but God looks down and sees our tears, and our help standing right beside us, while we are blind to it. Then He reveals it. And what joy! It was there all the time! Could anyone doubt that God brought them together?

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