The Boulder is Removed
Saints Rescued by Power From Heaven

In a vision, Elder Elmer Kaler saw a road with a huge mound in the middle, so high and large that the saints couldn't get around or over it. He was told that this is the sins and bondage the saints are in because of their sins. He saw it miraculously moved by the powers of heaven, and the saints were admonished not to let this happen again: that they are to obey what the Lord tells them to do. (in the 1970s?)

Sees Conditions In Church Worsen 

Bro. Kaler saw conditions get so bad in the leadership of the Church that God sent an angel with a flaming sword. He saw priesthood men praying fervently for help. The angel gave a flaming sword to each man, and they took it among the people and healed them. Those who would not repent, fled. Others quickly repented. Then they went into the Auditorium and cleansed it. The wicked fled. He said the healing came before the cleansing. The wicked fled the area, then he saw people come into the area, gathering from all over the world. Then it was protected against the forces that were coming against this nation. He spoke of those who will gather to fight against Zion. This experience was told to me by Bro. Kaler on Jan. 15, 1970.

Several interesting events here:

1. Group of men praying for help (group of 6 received light to reorganize into the Remnant Church)
2. Angel sent with flaming sword (Fred Larsen--has the lineage, and calling to lead priesthood)
3. An angel gave a sword to each man (leadership team bringing power and authority again to church)
4. First signs of endowment will be healings
5. Second sign will be people separating from saints - those who choose not to obey commandments as written in the laws of the Church.  These leaders will require, after a certain time, for the saints to obey or leave the fellowship.
6. As saints repent, power will be given to Remnant to go in to claim the land--former RLDS church property, what's left of it, after the apostatized group of men have squandered much of the former assets.  They will reclaim the Auditorium, cleanse it and Zion will begin to be set up.
7. Then the gathering will commence as the call to come to Zion goes out.

Jesus Appears in the Auditorium
 Lanterns Waking of the Sleeping Virgins

Dream by Elmer Kaler, taken from a tape recording at a prayer meeting in 1974

It seemed that at home I had received a letter from the church headquarters that a special meeting was to be held in the Auditorium. (This was in the dream that I saw.) And as I glanced at it I felt the inclination that it wouldn't be of interest to go. Nothing was stated except that it was to be a special meeting--a pre-conference meeting. But in the dream I made my way and as I neared the Auditorium building, it seemed to be the elements were against me, and a great feeling of depression came on me. The storm clouds gathered, the lightning was fierce and it just seemed to be everything pointing toward me turning back and not going, but I received the warning voice to go and enter into the Auditorium building.

As I made my way into the building I was relieved to get out of the storm. As I got into the building there was not sound of any kind; it was quiet. I noticed the deacons at the door were sitting in their chairs sound asleep. I though this was rather unusual, and as I went into the main building from the main foyer, it was in a semi-darkened condition. The whole Auditorium was well filled as I could see, and men in the church whose names I will not mention, were on the rostrum. In the semi-darkness everyone was asleep. The first thought that come to my mind was, 'I'm wasting my time coming here; there's nothing here. Everyone is asleep and I'm going back home.'"

Brother Kaler Sees the Sleeping Virgins 

"I came back out in the foyer. As I started to go back out the revolving doors, a personage came into the foyer--a remarkable looking man with dark hair, and a beard, and in bright clothing, with a countenance of love and brightness. Who can describe spiritual things in our own human language? And he came to me, and said, "Don't go!" And then into the foyer came twenty and four elders. I counted them, twenty and four (whatever the significance of that number, I can't say.) Some of the elders, most of them, I knew.

As we assembled, this personage at the table had it covered with small lanterns about 4" in height, with a very beautiful design, and as he touched each one of these lanterns, a white light shone from each of these lanterns; but it only extended an inch or two. It didn't penetrate out. So to each elder and myself, he gave one of these lanterns. He said, "Go into the Auditorium, and go, dividing it out. Take this little lantern and go up to each individual and hold it close to their face, and those who are faithful and who are appointed, will waken."

Waking up of the virgins just before the Bridegroom comes. 

"So we went all through the Auditorium. Many, as I took my lantern, and the elders took theirs, didn't waken; they soundly slept, but here and there a man or woman, even little children, as the light was held close to their face, they awakened.

One elder went to the rostrum. There was only certain ones there that wakened as the little lantern was held close to their face. It didn't shine out to illuminate the auditorium, which was in semi-darkness, but only close to the proximity of an inch or two of the face. And those who were awakened by this spiritual light were those appointed and ready for that which was to come. And as I marveled at this experience, and I walked back toward the end of the ramp toward the opposite doors, wondering in my mind of the significance of this vision, then came the most beautiful part.

As I looked up into the left height of the Auditorium, up high, a white mist appeared, way up high--a white mist appeared--a beautiful white mist. Not a fog that you see every day, but something different, and I was fascinated. The elders were all in a row back watching. A figure started to appear through the mist, and I knew who that was before I saw it. I knew that was the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As He came out, more and more out of the mist, and as he hovered over that side of the Auditorium until we could see, I'm sure I did very plainly, in detail--marvelous--I could hardly contain myself, for the power of the Spirit was so strong. I could see the details. In height He appeared to me to be about 5'4, maybe 5'5, not a tall man. He had on a beautiful white robe. It was open and the sleeves opened down like this, on both sides and down. And it extended to about 7 or 8" above His ankles, and His feet were bare as He stood there. Around His body was a beautiful golden belt that doubled and hung down with two golden tassels on the end. And a most beautiful look of compassion was upon His face. He had a short beard, not too full, His hair down not too far, was slight brown (tint?) as far as I could determine. But the compassion in that face!!! No one can describe divinity in our human language.

As I stood there under the spell of that beautiful vision, He held out His arms (like this) [can't understand words] to His people. I could see the nail prints in His hands, and I knew then it was my Lord; I knew then it was my Lord. The devil can't impersonate the crucifixion imprints. And that was that vision that came.

And as He extended His hands over, those who were awakened, slowly got out of their seats and walked, and the elders met them at the doors and they were led out of the building and [can't understand tape].

If I ever see my Lord and Savior face to face, I'll know Him; I'll know Him because I've seen Him! I'll know Him because I've seen Him! And as He faded back into the mist, I walked out the door. These people who were awakened were being led out the front. The twenty and four elders were leading them and the vision ended.

The Gathering Out of the Remnant

Brother Kaler, after telling the vision, then spoke under the Spirit.  The Lord revealed to them what He planned to do--to take a people out from the RLDS church--those who would obey Him, a people to whom He could appear.  The manifestation is clear that the Lord would give power to His elders to accomplish this work.  This has fulfilled in the organizing of the Remnant group.  These people are being prepared to be visited by the Lord.

'This I the voice of the Lord to My people tonight. I am waiting, waiting to come in person to My people, but I can not come to a people who are sound asleep, to a people who are deepened into the iniquities and the things of this world; so therefore, I, the Lord, must lead, must lead out from My people, those to whom I can appear to, and to whom I can show My face, and to do My work, for I am no respecter of persons, and My heart is filled with compassion and love, and desire that I make My presence known unto My people.  Lo these many years I have waited, I have waited to make My presence known.

'There has come unto you, My people, through the voice of My servants in prophecy, many warning, many callings have come that I, the Lord, have sent unto you to hear, and to be ready for the day that I shall present Myself in person to My people, that ye shall see Me face to face. Therefore, it is necessary as has been presented unto My servant tonight, that I gather out from among you, My people, those who will be ready to receive Me when I come, and who will not bow their heads in shame or weep at My presence. Therefore, Mine elders are yet and now appointed to gather, as represented in this vision by the power of My Spirit, and the discernment, to gather from among My people those whom I, the Lord, can make My appearance to.

"Hearken, the day of prophecy is ending, the day of warning is ending, for I the Lord God, shall not continue to suffer that I shall speak and plead and call unto My people to come up to the standard that I have set for them through My Son, Jesus Christ. My patience and long suffering is coming to an end: therefore, I must designate the power to Mine elders to gather My people that My presence shall be expressed among you; that the fullness of joy that you have desired shall be brought unto you and I shall separate you as [you] have seen and heard tonight by the vision of My servant, by the designation of My elders. They shall go among you to set you apart as ready.

Oh, My people, be ready. The time is near. The day of prophecy is over. The fulfillment of prophecy has come for those who will hear Me, and when the light of My countenance, through My elders, shines upon your face, and joy that shall come to you as you are designated, for then shall the day of sifting be ended and the righteous gathered, for the fulfillment of My purposes. Much more would be said tonight, but such as has been said is sufficient thereunto. Treasure into your heart these things that have been given, saith your Lord, your God, even so, Amen.'"

This is an incredible prophecy.  It appears that the split in the RLDS church in the 1980s was done by the Lord, and then again with the Remnant group, to divide the saints into those who truly want to keep His commandments and those who do not.  He plans to come to His church, and few will see Him

Saints to be Resurrected to Build Zion

 Administration to Bill Oliver by Elmer Kaler and Lester Dyke
Information received: December 25, 1976

  • Bill was assigned work in heaven before coming on earth  - will be resurrected to do the work -

  • A. Oakman and others will be brought back to work -

  • Many here who are preparing will go to the Kirtland Temple and be joined by those from the other side -

  • These will go from Kirtland into every branch of the church and clean it out -

  • They will seal up the testimony in every nation etc. -

  • Bill will do the work assigned to him- same promise made to Joseph Smith, Jr.

  • Many were blessed under Bill's hands who would have left the Lord's work, but remained

  • 3 Nephites and John will appear to priesthood and others who are ready to receive them

  • They will prepare the saints for what's to come - nuclear bombardments

  • Unless God stops it, nuclear blasts will annihilate mankind from earth

Elder Lester Dyke anointing:

" order that we might be able to invoke a blessing upon our brother, thy servant, that would be of great benefit to him so we pray, Heavenly Father, and anoint him in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in preparation for this confirmation and I pray Thee, O Lord, Thou would bless our brother who should confirm. Grant unto him that authority that he may be able to bring this confirmation to our brother as well as the benefit to meet the challenge of the days ahead.

Elmer Kaler confirming:

Our Heavenly Father, humbly we stand before Thee in Thy High and Holy Presence realizing we are unworthy in many respects, but otherwise strong in the knowledge that Thou hast called us as Thy servants through Thy Son, Jesus Christ, and having been ordained and set apart to that High and Holy office in the Melchisedec Priesthood which  gives us the right to commune with Thee and to call upon Thee in this sacred ordinance in Thy house to ask Thee to bring a blessing in behalf of our brother Bill and fellow servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We come unto Thee, our Heavenly Father, on this beautiful day set apart in a world that is so little understood regarding the birth of Thine Only Begotten Son according to the Scriptural evidence.  Nevertheless, we stand before Thee not in the days that are past, but are looking forward to the days in the future, and these are the concerns upon the heart of our brother, Bill, and Thy servants as we petition Thee at the throne of grace at this hour to bring unto him a great and goodly portion of Thy power, of Thy Holy Spirit that shall bring consolation to his mind, and to his body, healing, according to Thy divine and holy purpose.

Our Heavenly Father, we are fully aware that Thou knowest the long years of service that he has given unto Thee, and the desires of his heart to fulfill the assignment that was made even in heaven before his entrance into this life through his mother’s womb; to be a servant and to fulfill those things is the greatest desire of his heart.

Thou hast seen the long ordeals of pain and suffering that he has gone through, but Thou hast heard, O, Lord, the prayers of Thy people in his behalf, and thus far Thou hast spared him in this life according to Thy divine and holy purpose.  We are not, our Heavenly Father, here to question Thy wisdom.  We are not her to ask Thee for something that is not wisdom, but we do pray that there shall come to our brother at this time, a great testimony, a great power and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit in his body that shall witness unto him that his desires are known unto Thee and are so recorded in the archives of heaven....

We would, our Heavenly Father, that Thou might reveal unto us, thy servants, this hour what is the future for him and for Thy servants, but it seems like that is not given to us, dear brother, at this time.  Whatever the purposes of God are in your life, be not concerned about that—that desire of yours will be fulfilled, if it is not fulfilled, it will be fulfilled in His due time, if it be necessary for your body to be resurrected and then for you to continue the work on, that which God has for His.

It has been make known unto your brother and fellow servant, that there are others who have gone on including Arthur Oakman and others that have gone on, that they are going to be brought back by the power of resurrection to labor for the fulfillment of the purposes of God and many others who are already here are preparing themselves, will be, according to His plan, called to the Kirtland Temple and there the Lord shall give them and those that have already gone on before, the power of the ministry of going to every branch, and every nation, and every order, in order that the work of the kingdom be finally sealed and the covenant made for the redemptive processes of Zion.

Dear brother, what His purposes for you we cannot say at this time regarding your continued existence in this life, but we do say unto you, do not be concerned.  If it is His will to take you, He will provide that you come again to fulfill that purpose.  This may seem strange. This may seem unbelievable to many of God’s own people, “But is there in My house and kingdom, the lack of power, saith the Lord, to do these things according to My purposes?  If I desire to take you unto Myself, My servant, I will take you.  That is My purpose and that is My desire.  But if it is My desire to heal you, I will heal you.  That shall be done according to My purposes.  Therefore, have faith and hold fast to that which you know to be true because those promises that have been made unto you shall be fulfilled, and thou shall complete this work even, saith the Lord unto you, according to My desires, if I do that which I say I will do. 

So take courage, look forward to whatever My will is; accept that will and if I shall continue on and heal you in this life, I shall do so.  If I shall take you, I shall do so, that then ye shall come back again; you will be able to fulfill that work which the heart of yours long has desired to do so.  This I give unto you as a promise through the voice of My servant, under the voice of his spirit, that your labors shall continue and they shall continue according to My purposes whatever, I, the Lord, desire, even so.”

Now we know, our Heaven Father, that Thou hast spoken; that Thy words shall not return unto Thee void; that Thou shalt do what is good for our brother and Thy servants, and we shall see that brought to pass, for we know verily, Thou speaketh that which shall come to pass, and it is of no secret unto Thy servants that Thou has the power to resurrect and to bring forth into life again, many servants that have already been taken for that purpose, for if there remaineth not those who can do the work here in the kingdom, verily the Lord shall provide that work shall be done.

Our Heavenly Father, we ask Thee to continue to be with Bill, to ease his pain and suffering, to illumine his mind that he shall never lost his intelligence; that he shall always be able to ponder in his heart and mind, the wonders of the Restored Gospel and the great part that he has done in it, for Lord, Thou art surely held in his favor.  Thou are held in his favor, and what more can a man upon this earth receive than to be held in the favor of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So be of good comfort, be of good courage, for the Lord will remain with you and His will with you will be done. Accept that, for this is thine to accept in faith and in belief that that which you have desired shall be n permission and thou shalt be able to do it in His way and in His own due time.

   Dear Heavenly Father, we pronounce this blessing upon his head in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and under the authority of the High Order of the Melchisedec priesthood, even that after our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We seal these blessings upon his head at this hour and at this moment for his good and for the salvation of his soul and for the souls of all who have heard his message in the days past, for many have been blessed under your hands Brother Bill, and they too, shall in that great day yet to come, soon testify of the good that thou has rendered unto them, and the souls that you have saved that would have long ago departed from the cause of Christ.

Be of good comfort; be of good cheer for the blessings that have been sealed upon your head this afternoon in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ remain valid through eternity, through eternity, and ever shall be thy rich reward in the Celestial Kingdom to dwell with Christ and your loved ones who have gone on before, at your side to know no more pain or suffering, for God shall wipe away your tears and He shall be here to lead His people and the Son be the rearward and Christ, and the city of Zion shall be established and His purposes shall surely come to pass in the very near future.  “These things are now in the making. Maybe many can not see it but as they are being revealed by My servants, the 3 Nephites and John, the Beloved, shall make their appearance to various men of the priesthood and those who are ready to receive them in the near future to reveal the plans that are to be brought to pass, for time is coming short when no flesh will remain upon the earth unless the nuclear bombardments that are in the waiting, if they are not stayed by the hand of God, no flesh will be upon the earth, at My coming, saith the Lord, Jesus Christ, even so.”

Bless him, we pray, comfort him and those within the hearing of my voice, O Lord, will they be comforted?  Will they hear the message of the hour?  Will they treasure in their hearts the desire to serve Thee and to be ready, for His coming is very near at hand, very near at hand!  Hear us, O Lord, turn us not away.  Take us as it were, in the hollow of They hand and the closeness of Thy keeping, lest we fail, lest we do not take the armor of faith and blessings of Christ upon us ourselves.

Hear us, we pray and comfort us; encourage us, and bless us and our brother, even so, in the name of Thine Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Even so, Amen

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