Vision of Christ Walking to Golgotha

"I'd like all of you to know that that which I am about to relate I cherish very highly. It's a personal experience with our Lord. Before standing I had the urge to relate this experience but I questioned my Heavenly Father if I should stand, and here I am.

Not too many months ago my company sent me to Oklahoma for some schooling. We were housed at a motel and one of our evenings we had free time. They suggested that we study our materials but I was in a room by myself accompanied by a TV and a telephone. Wednesday evening I looked in the phonebook for the nearest church, for I desired to go and worship but we (I) found it was too far to travel afoot, we, (I) didn't have sufficient funds so we (I) turned to the TV set and there was a picture, title of which was "King of Kings."

In order to make this meaningful, prior to this experience I found a great need to come to know my Lord more than I had, particularly in the sacrament service. Oh, I worshipped. I had good relationships and a marvelous spirit, but to me at least, something was lacking and I prayed for a better understanding.

In the "King of Kings," (I) will shorten it and will bring Christ up the road, up the hill to Golgotha. Now in this experience I was laying prone on my bed, and the photographer zoomed, in on the Christ as he was carrying his cross. And when this happened, I was literally, physically transformed into this experience. I could taste the dust; I could smell the leather; I could smell the perspiration; I could taste the rain as it was coming. And my Lord looked at me. His eyes met mine. And friends what I wish to tell you now is truth; that which he was carrying was not the heavy load of the cross, for this Christ that we worship is a man's man. Physically he's able to endure almost anything above all men. But that load that He was carrying was your sins and mine. And particularly I was concerned about my own self. And when this knowledge came to me, laying prone on that bed, I jumped immediately on my knees and prayed forgiveness.

This Christ our Lord, and our friend, and most certainly He's our friend, He desires with all that He possesses to share with each and every one of us. We can, if we are willing, to, walk and talk with Him. We can if we are willing to pay the price, 'to find solutions to our every day problems with Him.

I hope that this testimony can help others."
Brother Dyer, 1973
Center Stake Reunion, Camp Doniphan

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