Things to Come
vision of Richard Hensley

Elder Richard Hensley and his wife, Elsie, came to our home on Jan. 29, 2009 and shared their visions with over 20 saints.  We recorded their testimonies on video tape. I have inserted scripture references in brackets.  We can see this anarchy starting to take hold today in Europe due to financial chaos.  The world economy is heading for collapse, and rioting is escalating.  It's only a matter of time before it hits the U.S. JH]

Anarchy in the World
[Zion will be the only people not at war
DC 45:3f-4 & 13 

 Elder Hensley: “During the spring of 1983, I received the following spiritual experience.  Some things were given in vision when I could actually see things. Some things were given by the spirit of enlightenment as knowledge and understanding. It is my prayer that the same beautiful Spirit that expanded my understanding through this experience will witness to the reader the truth of my testimony.

 I was awakened one morning about daybreak and told to arise, get my scriptures and begin to study. I did as instructed seating myself at the dining room table. As I did not have any direction as to what subject to study, I bowed my head in prayer seeking further direction when the experience began.

A scene of the most indescribable horror came into view.  It appeared that a state of anarchy existed throughout the land as I perceived to be the United Sates of America. My attention was drawn to one particular city which was not identified. It seemed to be an example of what was happening in other cities in the country. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. People had banned together in groups for what seemed to be the purpose of survival. The groups of people were going through the city looting, killing, raping and pilfering for no more than a piece of bread. I could hardly believe that man could become worse than animals.

 Then I was given to understand that this condition was world-wide except for Russia and China. I did not know why these two particular countries were still intact. Since then as I have prayed and thought about this spiritual manifestation, I have come to believe that it was because they still had control of their people through some form of a dictatorial government.

 The thought entered my mind, "I wonder what is happening in the Centerplace?" The scene changed immediately to one of spiritual beauty and I knew that I was viewing the Centerplace spiritually. It was very important that I discerned this by the Spirit, as the Lord wanted me to understand to the best of my ability what was really transpiring.

 I beheld a large assembly of people gathered together. As I mentioned, it appeared that I was seeing their spirits, yet I knew that they were still in their physical bodies. I believe that I was seeing them in the same way as the Lord sees them. They seemed to be of all different nationalities. There was no Church organization that I could detect; such as a presidency or quorum, not even what I could discern as priesthood, although I sensed its presence. The best way I can describe it is that they were Christ-like.  They had taken so much of the Lord's Spirit into themselves that they were like him. They were there because they knew the Lord Jesus Christ was coming to them. All the horror that was taking place outside of the area that they were in did not seem to have any affect upon them. They seemed enthralled with what was about to take place.

 Then a most marvelous mystery unfolded to me, one I had pondered many times in my scriptural studies. The people that had gathered to the Centerplace had the scales removed from their eyes so that they could also behold the spiritual world, the real world. It seemed that they were still a part of the physical realm, yet able to behold things that the natural man could not. It was made known to me that this was what was termed as "catching up." This was the same thing that happened to the three Nephites. There was a partial change that took place upon their bodies, just as it did upon the three Nephites.”

 Jesus Saves the Jews

 “The Lord could not withhold from coming and appearing to them. It was the most natural process that had transpired. The Lord began immediately to minister to them and to establish a Celestial order or set up the Kingdom of God on the earth. They commenced building a most exquisite temple. The Lord began to set into motion a process of events, which had to transpire prior to this coming in glory. This was not his coming in glory to the world but was the completion of his third visitation. It seemed as if two worlds had come together. That is the only way I can describe it. Enoch's City, the Church of the First Born, and all those from Adam to the present time who were worthy to walk in the celestial light seemed to be present. There was a celestial resurrection commencing or in the process, but I was given no more understanding concerning this.

 There were circled perimeters around this celestial area and in the next circle there was another order of ministry taking place. This order was the terrestrial order, or an order of the Church in the temporal sense. [See A. White’s vision of “Zion’s Redemption” which describes the red ring around the Centperplace.] The marvelous change had not taken place in these peoples' lives as it had in those who were able to abide the Celestial glory. Though these were good Saints, they were not able to go into that celestial order. These seemed to be still greatly affected by the terrible anarchy that was rampant in the earth and they were suffering much; yet the Lord was with them. These were the foolish virgins who were not permitted to enter the wedding feast or to enter into the Kingdom. They still had to be purified as they had not taken the Lord's spirit into themselves sufficiently to obtain the greater blessing. Those in this terrestrial circle were outside the celestial nucleus and could only enter into the celestial area when they had become sanctified. This appeared to be the only way to gain entrance into the greater glory. There was a ministry that came forth out from the celestial order to those who were in the terrestrial order and on out into the world.

 Beyond the terrestrial order, the rest of the world was of a telestial order. The ministry that went forth was under total endowment. I was given to understand that this was the most of God's spirit one could receive and remain in the flesh; and with this endowment a partial change had to take place within those who received it.

 Russia Invades the US, then the Middle East

I suddenly became aware of what was transpiring within the confines of the Soviet Union. It was as if I could perceive their thoughts — that is the only way I can explain it. Their thought was, "Now is our opportunity for world dominance." [Eze. 38:8-10] They began one of the world's most massive military build ups. They were absorbing back many of their satellite countries which were looking to them for some stability from this calamity which had somehow come upon most of the world. It seemed that their first and primary aim was to secure the Middle East as the oil was the lifeline of their army. Since most, if not all, commerce had ceased, their army did not have the capabilities of mobilizing the majority of the vehicles of war. Russia also knew that the United States was vulnerable and Russia sent a massive army down out of Canada into the USA.

 I was then shown the great Russian army descending down toward the Middle East. I then saw one other nation in tact and that was the nation of Israel. It appeared that they had been engaged in much conflict with neighboring countries. They seemed aware somehow of the oncoming Russian army and were preparing for a death-defying stand.

The Vatican

 There was no possible way they could win against such extreme odds.  As the Russian army moved south, I was given to understand another thought that they had, and that was to plunder and destroy the Vatican City, removing anything that denoted Christianity. This they did, completely leveling the Vatican City and removing all the vast wealth and sending it back to Russia. The Spirit then said, "You shall witness the fall of Spiritual Babylon." I was given the understanding that I had been and was now watching the fall of temporal Babylon and the end of the Gentile nations. [See Rev. 17 & 18]

Photo taken from the Mount of Olives
overlooking Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock

 Then my attention was focused upon a place which I was given to know as a mount in Israel. It appeared that the military engagement had begun and it was just a matter of time and Israel would be annihilated. Then in the midst of this great conflict, everything stopped. What happened to the pursuing Russian army I do not know.

 Jesus Saves the Jews

Then upon the mount appeared the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and I saw the scripture fulfilled just as recorded in Doctrine and Covenants 45:9.  Truly they did look upon Him and saw the wounds in his hands and feet. You cannot begin to imagine the wave of repentance that swept through those who realized they had neither believed nor accepted their Messiah. Those Jews were converted and the Lord began to minister to them on what I was given to understand was a terrestrial order which was then established. The building of the Old Jerusalem was begun and another center of missionary endeavor was established. From this center the Church of Jesus Christ was established and a partial endowment was given; not the same endowment that was given within the celestial order which was in the Centerplace, but an endowment of a terrestrial nature. Neither was there a partial change wrought upon those that went forth preaching the gospel from this Old Jerusalem although they had great power. [Isa. 2:3 the word of the Lord went out from Jerusalem] They had to suffer much. There were now two centers of ministry set up in the world from which the gospel began to go forth unto every nation, kindred, tongue and people.

 Then I somehow was able to discern the hearts of many people scattered throughout the earth. How I was able to do this I do not know. The majority of persons who had faith in Christ or any belief at all seemed to realize that no church nor any creeds of men could save them. They came to realize that no man or group of men could save them. Many were turning to those servants who had been sent out under the endowment to preach the gospel with such authority and power that they could not disbelieve. Those servants worked many mighty miracles, even raising the dead and moving mountains and changing the face of the land. I was told that what I was discerning by the Spirit of God was the fall of Spiritual Babylon, not only temporally, but also within the hearts of men. I was also very much aware of Satan's activities, for he was engaged in hardening the hearts of the children of men against their God, and he was gathering his unto himself. I also was aware of a great gathering of nations to those orders of a terrestrial nature. They were truly going up to Zion to learn of her ways. [Isa. 2]

 Then my attention was directed to a very small obscure island somewhere in a vast sea. On this island was a group of native people looking towards the heavens. Then I saw descending from above, the Lord Jesus. The people bowed before Him with such love and adoration and He did minister to them in the most marvelous way, preparing them for some type of gathering. I was told he was appearing to all those who were of the house of Israel that the words of the prophets might be fulfilled. Evidently He had or was in the process of fulfilling those scriptures.

 How much time had elapsed thus far I do not know, but I was aware that this time of tribulation was drawing to a close. I was not told this was a time of tribulation, but I have since assumed that this was what I was shown in answer to my prayers concerning the future. It seemed that everything was rushing to a culmination of all things. Everything seemed to be in motion toward some climatic event. Even the very earth seemed to sense what was coming.

 North Country Coming

Then I was made to understand that the Lord Jesus Christ had one final appearance to make, a very important and long-awaited appearance which was to the people in the North Country. I witnessed what I can only describe as His descending into what appeared to be the center of the earth. In the center of the earth there was a very advanced civilization. These people were of a celestial nature or spirit. They were waiting for Jesus and His appearance to these people was similar to His appearance to those in the Centerplace. I could not tell if a change of any kind had taken place upon them as they were of such great spiritual nature already.

 I was then told that I was witnessing the fulfillment of that which was recorded in the D&C 108:6 and other related scriptures. Then their prophets did smite the ice and it did flow down in front of them as they began one of the mightiest exoduses one could ever imagine. These people were so far advanced that they seemed to be like something out of a science fiction book. Because of my utter amazement, the Spirit had mercy upon me and revealed to me that they had never known war and had used all their scientific technology only for things of peace and the betterment of humanity.

 These people were terrifying to the rest of the world. [Jer.16:14-15] I did not know exactly how the rest of the world was aware of these people from the center of the earth. When they arrived at the place of Zion, they were welcomed with such great joy, and the gifts which they laid at the feet of Ephraim was not only their sacred writings, but all their marvelous scientific knowledge. [DC 108:6c]  It now appeared that the gospel had been preached to every nation and people on the earth. There was a complete separation between the righteous and converted and the wicked. The wicked were those who loved Satan more than God and were set upon destroying the works of God.

 Then the very earth itself and all the inhabitants became aware of something about to happen. The population of the world was either very excited and expectant or filled with fear of some imminent doom. Then the earth began to be transformed. Great storms came upon the face of the earth. Violent movements began throughout the earth itself. Even the heavenly constellations were in the process of some great transformation as the sun seemed to vanish and the stars began to streak across the heavens.  [DC 108:9] The earth began to reel to and fro, [Isa. 24] and the mighty seas and oceans began to retreat back into the center of the earth. It was given to me to understand that the waters were going back into the center of the earth. Because of this understanding that came to me, I am led to believe that the seas and oceans were once in the center of the earth before they were upon the face of the earth. [DC 108:5]

 To my amazement, the righteous and those who had embraced the gospel saw this great phenomena as a new heaven and earth [Rev. 21- no more sea] coming about while the wicked and the rebellious saw it as great and terrifying calamity upon them. [DC 108:12] They truly desired the mountains to fall upon them; for they sought death but even death eluded them, for there was no escape from that which was about to take place. All of creation knew what was going to take place. Everything and every living soul knew that the Lord Jesus Christ was coming in His glory.

Glory Coming

Then a silence reigned for a moment [DC 85:27] as all creation waited for the revelation which was to unfold. Then the scales dropped from the eyes of all and the spiritual world became visible to all and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords came in all his glory, power, might and splendor.  Truly every eye did see and every soul did acknowledge that Jesus was truly Savior and Creator. Even the wicked bowed and acknowledged Christ and then they vanished. Where they went I was not given to know. [DC 85:31]

 There were two centers of great spiritual enlightenment. The first one was the New Jerusalem in the center of the chosen land; Joseph's land. This New Jerusalem housed the glory of God and the celestial world. Around it was a terrestrial order, that of the Church of Jesus Christ which was the instrument for preparing people there for celestial glory. The second place was the Old Jerusalem which was on the highest plane of the terrestrial order of the Church of Jesus Christ. [Isa. 2:3]

 These areas grew and expanded rapidly as people gathered to them and grew spiritually. I knew I was witnessing the beginning of the millennial reign. Many things were taking place which I have not been permitted to remember, at least to this point. One other thing that I do recall is that angels were very active in expounding upon everything from the spiritual creation to the very end of creation. [DC 85:34-35b]

 I have tried to write this testimony prayerfully. I do pray that the Spirit of God will bear witness with your spirit, the truthfulness of these things.  My concluding testimony is that Jesus Christ is truly the Messiah, the Son of the living God and he shall come in all His glory just as the prophets have spoken.”                                   

Elder Richard Hensley

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