Quickened By The Spirit

The following are stories taken from a book of 270 testimonies written by 56 authors, compiled and edited by Jan Harrington and Dick Hettrick in 1999.  The testimonies focus on how God gives His children a ďquickeningĒ to guide and help them daily.  It is faith-building and gives all the praise and glory to God.  Many of these stories will be life-changing for those who read them.

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An Angel Fixed The Washers?

Animals Are Blessings

Being Patient, Loving And Kind

Dad Knew I Should See It All

Dad Taught Me That Truth Is The Best Way To Go

Donít Give Your Life To Something That Dies With The Doing

Four Times In A Row Is No Coincidence

Gathering At The River Would Have Been Much Better
Westward Ho, the Wagon

Godís Grace Is Sufficient

Godís Mercy Is Beyond Comprehension

He Knew Better But He Went Ahead Anyhow
He Told It Like It Is

He Touched Them

He Wanted His Best Friend To Share His Experience

Hope Comes Through Quickenings

I Donít Wannaí

It Doesnít Pay To Ignore The Sabbath Promise

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Letís Recognize The Good Kids

Life Takes Unexpected Twists And Turns

Listening Is Often A Real Ministry

Our Prayers Should Emanate From The Holy Spirit

Parading Our Past Sins in Public

My Special Friend

She Was Afraid He Would Knock Her Out During Baptism

Stars Can Go Out

The Animals Bear Witness Of  Godís Love

The Gift Of Forgiveness

The Spirit Is Arming the Soldiers For Morality

The Voice Of The Lord Is Sure To Bless When Obeyed

The Wounded Cricket and The Ant

Thereís A Time For All Things Under Heaven

Tie A Yellow Ribbon

Till the Cows Come Home

Trusting God, Changes A Hell Into A Heaven

Unconditional Love
It Was A Close Call

We Canít Go Home Till Our Work Is Done

When the Town Drunk Came Into The Church

When You Think No One Is Listening