The test of a true prophet is whether or not their words come to pass.
Time is the revelator.

"In that day shall thy mouth be opened to him  which is escaped  and thou shalt speak, and be no more dumb; and thou shalt be a sign unto them; and they shall know that I am the Lord." (Ezekiel 24:27)

The "escaped" shall (after the war and tribulation) be endowed with power to take the gospel to all nations, to bind up the law, and seal the testimony.  Read the scriptures on "The Scroll" on this website for information on this.

Why Am I So  Different?

God answered my pleading for His mercy to help me understand why my thinking is so different from my brethren, family, and fellow saints by giving me a spiritual dream. 

It was 1964 and my husband, two children and I had just returned home from another holiday celebration; once again another one of the stressful days of rejection by my family.  My young marriage and motherhood was being stretched to its limits. Our doctor said the constant pressure was causing cancer, and I was miscarrying my babies.  My mind was near the edge of breaking many times, and it was that this day, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, that I cried out to God asking, "Oh, God, why am I so different?"  He responded with a lengthy dream  revealing that I was to bear witness of a great Indian leader He was sending to His people to build Zion.

The following is the interpretation of the dream which I wrote in 1964. 

“Some things are evident:  I saw the rich property (promised and blessed land) of America being cleaned up, built up, and many immigrants moving in.  It became a playground for the world and a prize possession of the owners.  But with all of America's wealth there is great unrest, for the devil roams seeking to devour whom he may—he is a dangerous animal seeking to destroy the liberty on this land.  All are afraid to take him on, and live for God.  I wasn't.”

 UPDATE 2011
The dangerous animal seeking to destroy the liberty and freedom of America – fueled by Satan – is ISLAM.  All were afraid of it, but I wasn’t.  In the dream I went out, faced it, and took hold of it by the head. I taught a class on ISLAM in 2010 calling it what it is; while others try to whitewash it. 9-11-01 was the wake-up call.

“The iniquity on this land will put America in jeopardy.  There is a constant threat of civil war and rebellion with the races.  Unlike the days of the Civil War, this time the African-American race is ready to defend itself, or become the aggressor, and they will call on other nations to join the racial issue.  They came from across the ocean to assist the American black man.”

 UPDATE 2011
Our prisons are full of African-Americans who are converting and being forced to convert to ISLAMIC gangs inside the prison walls.  ISLAM's goal is to conquer the world, set up a Caliphate as they did from the time of Muhammad for a thousand years butchering towns, countries, people who wouldn't convert to Muslim  leadership.  Under ISLAM the Sharia Law is enforced enslaving and killing all who will not submit to ISLAM.


Elder Joseph Burton saw the explosion and war start in Western Asia; cover Europe, then come to America. The map below shows that West Asia is the Islamic countries. This war has already begun.


“As we ran for safety toward Zion, I carried all I could to keep the saints from exposure to danger.  When I found the saints camping, just sitting, doing nothing [spiritually] in preparing for the trouble coming, I sought out the leadership and found it to be obese with pride, leading the saints in worldly ways, leaning on the arm of flesh and materialism for strength.  I brought to their attention that we need to sing by the Spirit, not allowing the pride of leadership to hold back the power of God from us

Danger was very near; the saints would be destroyed if we didn't flee to Zion, build our spiritual lives and do the work assigned us.  There were material possessions we would need that were being wasted by our leadership to appease the enemy--seeking to please the world--our strength being squandered for the whore of Babylon (Rev. 17).

 UPDATE 2011

Two years after the dream in 1966, the Position Papers came out; the RLDS headed into apostasy and amply fulfilled their portion of the dream.  The RLDS became the CofC and Remnant was organized to carry on the original teachings of Joseph Smith, Jr. through his great, great grandson, F. N. Larsen.

Yet today we are still squandering our money on Babylonish holidays and material possessions, living by the customs of the world; wasting our finances that we could be using to build the kingdom against the day when tribulation and desolation will sweep this land of all unrighteousness.

Two kinds of wars will come across this land: race war, and war with Russia with her allies (Islamic countries).  Also facing us is the natural disasters that are prophesied– earthquakes.  Passing these, Zion will be set up.  Our deaf daughter saw the great flood waters (trials) coming upon us will cause the pillars of Zion (spiritual giants) to rise.

 “The time came when I bore witness of the Indian leader God sent to us.  I was responsible to teach the people to rid their lives of pagan idolatry, sorcery, and teach them to lay down their weapons of rebellion toward their God, and Father.  I saw the Indian leader held great power through the Melchisedec priesthood.  Then the peace of Zion was among the people.

 Quoting from the dream: “I took two pure white rods from the Indian leader's hand.  I was particularly impressed with the whiteness of the larger one, which was the width of a broom handle, while the other was somewhat smaller.  I held up the large one to the people and said, ‘His name is White Cloud.’  Before the Indians came there was much confusion and no peace among the people.  It seems that after they came, things began to settle down.  The dream ended.”

“That's why I'm different--I understand the importance of the work of the Indians, for Ether 6 tells us it's a two-fold promise (us Gentiles and the Native Americans working together).  They have something we need, and we have something they need--namely, the Restored Gospel. 

Until they are mingling and living with us, Zion can never be.  It is my responsibility to welcome the Indian ministry among the people.  The beginnings of this work is to expose the slothfulness of our own ministry, and teach the saints how to sing in the spirit.”

It's possible that White Cloud is a Delaware Indian.  Time will tell. Jan Harrington


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