The Book Of Life

And the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the Book of Life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. Revelation 20:12

The Four Records Jesus told the ancient Americans about when He visited them just after His resurrection.

The following vision of Judgment Day is by W.N. Dawson Printed in Autumn Leaves, October 1908, Sacramento, Calif. Reprinted in Infallible Proofs, pp. 186-190

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"It was about nine o’clock, Sunday morning, April 19, 1908. I was thinking of the great plan of salvation, of death, the resurrection, and the great judgment day, when suddenly the scenery was changed. I saw myself walking on a vast plain toward the southeast. It did not appear to be as light as noonday, but more like a cloudy day, yet there were no clouds to be seen, neither sun, moon, nor stars. I could see in the vast distance toward the north and northwest, a low mountain range, with here and there a tall mountain peak. In the west and southwest I could see, at a great distance, where the land merged into the sea. Before me, some forty or fifty miles away, there was an elevation in the land, beyond which the land was undulating. The land where I was walking was not white like alkali, but was of a dark gray color, with no signs of life, neither beasts, birds, insects, nor man. There were no trees, shrubs, nor vegetation of any kind, neither had there ever been. The land was not dusty, but exceedingly dry. There was no road or trail, but I was going in a direct course southeast. I seemed to know that the Judgment Day had come, and that I was to be judged.

I was walking along studying about what the result would be with me, when suddenly I felt someone take hold of my right hand. On looking up I saw it was an angel of the Lord, the one whom I had seen many times before. We walked along together in silence, neither one speaking to the other; when presently I looked up and saw, not a hundred yards ahead, the elevation in the land, at the edge of which was a great white throne, with steps leading up at the front. The wall at each end of the steps, the floor, which was forty or fifty feet square, and the great chair of state, were all composed of the same white material, unlike anything I had ever seen before, not like marble, crystal, nor glass, but more like diamonds. As we walked up the steps, I noticed that the steps were six inches high, eighteen or twenty inches wide, and twenty feet long, twelve of them in number. When we approached the throne, I saw two persons; one sat on the throne, and the other stood at His right hand. They looked so very much alike that I could not tell one from the other until I saw the hands of the one standing. There were the wounds made by the nails. I instantly recognized Him as the Lord Jesus. My eyes unbidden by me, looked at His feet. He had on sandals. I saw the cords that passed round His feet, and between His toes. There were the wounds made by the nails on Calvary. Then I wondered if the spear-wound would show in His side. At this moment He turned His body slightly toward the Judge, His beautiful white robe parted, showing the wound made by the spear; not like the pictures we have seen. The wound was on the left side below the lower rib and pointed upward, and judging from the size of the wound, the spear must have reached the heart.

Then I found that I could speak and I said, 'Lord Jesus, I heeded and recognized Your voice, as you spoke through Your servants. I accepted the plan of salvation that You offered. I followed not the strangers when they called to me. I loved Your law, and I tried to keep Your commandments. I know that I did many things wrong, but I did that which I thought was for the best under the circumstances at the time. My hope, my trust, and my faith are all centered on You.'

Then I noticed an angel sitting with his back towards me and a little to my right in front of him, was the largest book I had ever seen. It was about two feet thick and nearly six feet square. It seemed to open of its own accord. It was ruled in bright lines, more than an inch apart. I saw my name written about the middle from the top to bottom, on the left hand side in the most beautiful handwriting I had ever seen. The letters were more than an inch in length, and I wondered why my name only was there, when I was informed that there was a name between each of the lines, but they who looked on this book saw only their name, and their sins written opposite. Then I noticed my sins written between the lines in the smallest letters I had ever seen, too small for me to read. Some places they were very dim, and some very bright, indicating the degree of offense. Some places were so thick, they almost seemed to be written on an incline, crowded together. Along toward the farther edge of the book it was thinner and dimmer.

As I looked back and forth over this record of sins I was surprised. I never thought that I had committed a hundredth part of that many sins. I felt sick at heart, and thought that my heart would sink away within me. My knees knocked together. 1 felt that I should sink to the floor. Then I felt the strong left hand of the angel, as he put it up under my right arm at the shoulder, to hold me up. Then I looked again to My Savior. He turned to the judge and said, 'This is My child. He has tried to keep My commandments; with My blood have I purchased him.'

Then the Judge, looking directly at me, said, 'Inasmuch as you have tried, wherein you failed, the blood of Mine Only Begotten is sufficient. Your sins are forgiven you.' The angel who had the big book took up what appeared to be a marking- brush, or a small paintbrush. He did not dip it in anything. He set it down on the first word of my sins. It filled the space between the lines; then he drew it across the two pages of the book some ten or eleven feet. It left a trail or streak of red like as of fresh blood. When he got to the farther edge of the book, he raised the brush off the book, and all the red blood, and the writing of sins vanished, leaving the book clean, as though no blood or writing of sins had ever been there. Then that passage of scripture came to my mind, where it reads, 'They washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb, and made them white as snow.'

I noticed now, for the first time, that I no longer had on clothes as we now wear; instead I had a most beautiful white robe. It was made rather low in the neck, with a broad, loose band at the waist, of the same material. It was unlike the dead, dull, stiff, starched white linen; but instead it was soft and pliable to the touch, as the finest silk, with a luster far more beautiful than satin, not a dazzling white, but a white most beautiful to behold.

I tried to express my thanks to My Savior, but could do so only in looks. The look He gave me I shall never forget, when He said, 'You have done well; enter into the joys of your Lord.'

Then the angel who held my hand, led me around to the right of Jesus and back of the throne. 1 was so busy admiring my beautiful robe, and thinking of the wonderful things which I had seen and heard, that I did not notice where the white of the throne left off, and the green of the grass began, but there were no steps going down at the back of the throne. How far we had gone before I looked up, I do not know, but the most beautiful sight I had ever seen met my view when I looked up—small streams of clear, running water, and the green grass, the most luxuriant l had ever seen, with tall trees with overhanging boughs, with bright green foliage an hundred times more beautiful than any spring of the year I had ever seen in any place.

I heard a voice a little to my right, and, in the speaker’s care, I was then placed by the angel, when he informed me that he must return and perform a like service for others, as he had for me. Then I heard other voices. I then saw a person sitting with her back towards me, and another standing by her side. As they turned towards me, I recognized Sr.__ and her daughter, Sr.__ Then I noticed that there was a vast multitude of people arranged in a half circle; some sitting and some standing. Among those standing I recognized Elder E.H. Webb, Henry Green (my wife’s father), and Harvey Green (my wife’s grandfather). I saw that they were listening to someone talking, and I wondered who it could be. When he stepped into view, I recognized him as Brother D.C. Mills. Then the vision passed as suddenly as it began."

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The Four Records Jesus told the ancient Americans about when He visited them just after His resurrection.

Taking Notice:
Some things caught my attention when I read Brother Dawson's experience:

Jesus and God look like twins. Scripture tells us that Jesus was made in the image of God. And Jesus said that if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father. Maybe He wasn’t kidding. (John 8:19; 6:46; 10:30; 14:23; Matt. 11:28; Heb. 1:3; D.C. 104:19b; Gen. 6:10)

Jesus said our names are written in heaven. (Luke 10:21) John the Revelator spoke of the Book of Life that was opened. This book must contain the names of the ones who will have eternal life given them. (Rev. 20:12: D.C. 85:1b)

Those who take upon them the mark of the beast do not have their names written in the book of life. (Rev. 17:8) They will suffer the wrath of God on earth and be shut up in the prison house for the Millennial Reign. These will be thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone at judgment day. (Rev. 20:15; 14:10-11; 13:8)

God doesn’t snitch on us. It is merciful of God to not show any person another’s sins. This sounds like the kind of God we have been taught about. We have no concept of how much we sin against God every day and need to become concerned about how we are going to stand before that judgment.

All Names in the Book of Life at One Time but Removed

And apparently everyone's name is written in it in the beginning, for we are warned that the wicked's names will be blotted out or removed.

Rev. 3:5 "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels."

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