Trust Jesus Who Created Us
Protected From the Elements

1973 Center Stake Reunion Message


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Wednesday evening prayer service was very uplifting and it was evident the Lord's Spirit was there.   The stake president asked each to go to our places of abode and have a family altar, for he felt that at the Morning Prayer Service the Lord had further blessings He wanted to share with us.

The next morning as we entered the sanctuary, the presence of the Master could be felt in the power and beauty of the singing of the hymns.   I prayed most earnestly that the Lord would warn the saints of the impending danger we were in (the devastation by the war, which I had been given to understand--that America would have to pass through on her own soil).   I had pleaded with Him to make it known to the people that morning through His Spirit.  As I sat there under the ministry of that beautiful singing, I was given the assurance that He was going to tell them.

Suddenly the patriarch assigned for the reunion stood and began to speak under the influence of the Spirit.  He told me later that he felt as if a fire was put under him and he couldn't sit there; he had to deliver the message.   It was an admonition to the adults and counsel to the children for when those days of war come upon them.  I obtained a cassette recording of that message.  Under that Spirit he said:

"I want to speak to you who are known as the youth of the church; you little ones who they sometimes call children.  You are children of your heavenly Father, even as your parents are children.  But your Heavenly Father looks upon you not only as children but as the youth of His church, and that which He speaks this morning, He speaks to you who are young in heart--you who find it sometimes very hard to listen to we who are adults.

The voice of His Spirit speaks through His servant whom He has called into the responsibility of patriarch-evangelist to be a spiritual father unto His children, and the words which he speaks to you comes in love and understanding.  He wants to call your attention to some things which He knows that you will feel are very important.

You have heard about Jesus in your classes as you have studied this week. Your teachers have told you about Jesus being your Savior, and that He will guide you and direct you and bless you--that He will help you with all the problems that you have in life if you will seek Him in prayer.  He wants to tell you this morning that you are to be commended for the degree of reverence, the degree of quietness, that understanding which you had this morning as you gathered in this sanctuary.  This is very important as we worship Him.

He wants you to know that these grounds are hallowed and dedicated for those who gather together and worship Him.  He wants you to know that this building has been builded and dedicated; that those that gather therein shall be blessed by His Spirit, and you, His children, His youth, can gather in a peacefulness and quiet that your parents can not gather in.  You can gather together without malice and hatred and ill will towards one another much easier than your parents.

There can come into your lives the blessing of His Spirit in great abundance for He loves you, and He wants you to learn of Him in greater measure.  He promises that if you will be faithful and remember the teachings of these days and these moments, and when you return to your home, if you will remember the teachings there in your local congregations, and as you grow, you will grow stronger in the faith and be blessed in greater measure for the days which are to come,- For those days will be dark on many instances, and there will be trouble on every hand; sickness and affliction will come upon many.  Some will be caused that their lives shall be taken. 

But those of you who want to serve Him, and serve Him well, and serve Him long, He will bless you with health.  He will protect you from the elements.  He will protect you from all the devastating forces which shall come into your life and you shall grow strong in the faith and become his servants and be ministers and disciples for him.

You must exercise your faith.  You must remember that He is your Creator as well as your Savior.   And now, if you will remember to be reverent and quiet and peaceful as you gather into this sanctuary, even though you pray in secret and in quiet, He will bless you openly before your parents and your testimony shall be to them that God loves you, and they shall be pricked in their hearts and their minds to try to understand the love they should have for you, even as Jesus loves you.

And now remember, this is your blessing this morning from your Heavenly Father, and your Savior, Jesus Christ.”


Update 2004:  Our children, now grown, were among the youth who received this message of divine protection that day.  The elements were the issue.  This indicates a need for a shield over them.  They would see devastating forces in their day.  Our son was told he would stand in awe at the divine exhibition of power--to us that means endowment.  Exciting days to live in!


Shield of Protection Over Zion

Notes from a sermon by Patriarch A. Stoft,

June 11, 1950


"One of our church women in Pittsburg had a vision of this condition, saw droves of people going through the land, pillaging, helping themselves to food in stores, anywhere it was stored.  We cannot provide for that day by storing up provisions.  The only security anyone will have will be by reason of his righteousness.  Even some of those out preaching the gospel will lose their lives as did the disciples of old, but their salvation is assured.


Zion will have protection.  A Woman in Colorado Springs had a vision of Zion in that day, surrounded as though by a wall of cellophane, [an invisible wall].  Horsemen riding furiously against the city to destroy it were stopped instantly by this invisible wall, and could not pass through.


But the purpose of Zion is not merely to save lives.  Zion is not to save people, except to save them for the purpose of saving others by demonstrating the perfect plan of Christ for all people.  Zion is to be a witness."



Watts’ Riot in California

In 1963, two months before the first racial trouble in the United States began, I dreamed that trouble was coming, and would escalate.  I received a message for the saints to prepare. I shuddered when the Spirit asked me to deliver this message at the Stone Church prayer meeting. 


The Message

“Not many years hence, this nation is going to be baptized with blood and fire, but before that happens, the Negroes are going to rise up and ravish your women. The only guarantee you have against this is that you sanctify your homes, and live Christ-like lives so you will have His protection.”


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The Spirit urged me to deliver this message to the saints.  Wanting to make sure it was God giving me this information, not the deceiver, as the saints gathered in the lower floor meeting hall of the Stone Church, I asked for three signs that I might know for sure the message and direction to deliver it was divine.  The first two signs were answered immediately. Then I asked God to cause a man (whom I didn't know) to stand on the 3rd prayer or testimony, and I’d accept it as being a Gideon's fleece, and that it was the will of God that I deliver this "negative" prophecy. The Spirit asked, “What if he is not My choice?” I questioned, “Then who is?”  I turned and looked at the group and saw Hubert Case behind a little toward the back, and understood this is whom the Lord chose.  It was agreed upon and settled.  I'd wait and see if Brother Hubert stood and IF the presider called on him in a number three position of testimony or prayer.  I hoped he wouldn't stand up.

The meeting opened and a young priest stood and prayed. In his prayer he said that he knew a message was to be delivered in that service, and he asked God to cause it to come through His chosen servant, the one whom God picked to deliver it. Others were standing, and a second prayer was offered.  Then Brother Hubert stood up, and although others were standing before him, the elder in charge called on him, and I knew God wanted this information among the saints. Oh, my!

I sat through the remaining prayers, dreading the testimony portion of the meeting. People stood to offer their testimonies, and among them, Brother Shelly who was in front of me just a row or two. I promised God that when Brother Shelly opened his mouth, I would get on my feet.  I was scared, but I honored my promise.  At the first words out of his mouth, I was on my feet. The old gentleman began to quiver under the power of the Spirit.  He spoke first to the elder in charge of the meeting, admonishing him to accept the coming message in the spirit in which it was given.  Then turning in my direction, he said,

“Why have you been so afraid?” (Only God knew how scared I was!) He continued, “Don't you know I will uphold you in that which I bid you to do? If you will minister to My people in love, I will give you information to enlighten their minds, such as they have never contemplated before, but remember, these things must be shared with them in the spirit of love.”

After receiving this admonition from the Spirit, the presiding elder called on me next. I delivered the message, word for word, as I had received it. The young priest (who had indicated in his prayer that he knew a message was to be delivered that day), stood and instructed the people not to listen to me.  He said, in essence, “God has plenty of priesthood men. He doesn't need to use a woman. Don't listen to her because she is not "chosen, (by sex, or spirit).”

Two women immediately stood in my defense and said that some of the most beautiful prophecies given have come through women. The battle was on, male vs. female, and if ever the women had a right to raise up, it is because of small minds such as we encountered that day.  Satan has great advantage through using our ignorance, arrogance, and pride. He finds the fields of Zion ripe with it.

The presiding elder took the admonition of the Spirit, and put a stop to the controversy of whether or not God could, or even would, speak through a woman. Then the saints continued the service in peace. I got through it.  The message had been delivered.  And no other message was delivered that day, except the one through me.

Two months later, the Watts riot broke out, and people wondered who that woman was who prophesied of this to come, and what did she say?  What were the saints suppose to do?  It was starting, nay, only continuing from what Joseph the Martyr saw over 131 years before, and it would end with the destruction of all nations.


This testimony leads to another one which will explain the rising up of the races.  It involves the Indians and an Indian leader to come.

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