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For This Reason

The Reason I Believe as I Do
All scriptures are quoted from the Three Standard Books of the Restoration work
The 144,000 of Revelation 14
are Celestial Rulers during the Millennial Reign
  • The earth can't be punished until they are sealed
  • Rev. 14:1
  • They are Jesus' Firstfruits and follow Jesus in all things
    Firstfruits are Celestial glory saints
  • Rev. 14:4 & DC 85:;;;27c
  • They have God's seal in their forehead
  • Rev. 14:1 7 & DC 108:5d

I have sat at the feet of Jesus Christ in a vision when I was 20 years old.  He put His seal in my forehead, and at the time I had no idea of what is was. Then I read Revelation 14, and I understood.  I am a woman, and do not believe that Celestial Glory is reserved for the male species only.  Jesus said there is no male nor female in Him. We have much to learn about Jesus' mercy. 

  • They are the ones redeemed from the earth
  • Rev. 14:3
  • They stand on Mount  Zion with Jesus
  • Rev. 14:1 & DC 108:5c
  • Many of these will be from the 10 Lost Tribes
  • 2 Esdras 13:39
  • They alone sang the new song - others couldn't learn it
  • also DC 83:17
  • They have overcome all things
  • DC 76:5h
  • Celestial saints have power over life and death
  • DC 76:5h
  • Death is only for mankind until Judgment Day
  • Rev. 20:14
  • They will rule over 10 cities & over Gods household
  • Matt. 24:52-54 & 25:23 &  Luke 12:49-53 & 19:7
    DC 43:7b &45:10b
  • They inherit the earth
  • Matt. 5:7; DC 63:6b & 85:4
  • Terrestrial didn't receive a crown
  • DC 76:6g
  • They are of the Church of Enoch and the Firstborn
  • DC 90:4a; & 77:3d-4
  • They are caught up into the cloud to the church
  • DC 76:7n
  • Those caught up are appointed their portion (to rule)
  • DC 77:4d
  • They will come with Him to reign
  • DC 76:5k
  • They are without fault before the throne of God
  • Rev. 14:5
  • They are just men (male & female) made perfect
  • DC 76:5q
  • Celestial have received Jesus' testimony and obeyed all,
    were cleansed from all sin and sealed
  • DC 76:5b
  • They are made equal in power, might, and dominion
  • D.C. 76:7j
  • They have received of Jesus' fullness
  • DC 76:5g; 90:3b-c
  • They received crowns and were made equal with Jesus
  • DC 85:33b