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This record was discovered in Constantinople, Oct 16, 1883 by Eliezer Hyran, B. 24.  Caiaphas was angry with Jesus for "impregnating the whole atmosphere with moral pollution...He entirely ignores God's holy temple--the house God had built by our forefathers under His own supervision, where He promised to dwell with His children, to hear their prayers, and to be pleased with their sacrifices.  This temple is the bond of the Jews...Jesus completely ignores this temple; says the priests have made it a den of thieves;...says it shall be destroyed; ...But what would be the condition of our people if this temple was removed?  What would be the use of the priesthood if the temple was destroyed?  Where would we find an answer by Urim and Thummim? How would the soul of man be purified, if the holy Bathkole, the Euroch of God, should depart?"  (Ibid, pg. 101)



The procedure of a Jewish trial was being explained.  "The accused was then remanded to the high priest, and from him to the Sanhedrim, with the charges written out  and the names of the witnesses by which they  had been proved.  If they approved the decision of the high priest, the prisoner was sent back to the high priest for his final trial.  This court of twelve men was required by the Jewish law to fast and pray one whole day before the trial commenced; they were then required to bring the Urim and Thummim out of the holy place where they were kept, and to place them before the high priest.  The high priest was closely veiled, so that no one could see him, thus representing God doing his work. " (Ibid, p. 54) Drawing: Garments of the Jewish High Priest

 IF the Urim and Thummim were taken from Jerusalem with the records by Lehi to America, and then they were in the Temple in Jerusalem 600 years later (after the Temple was rebuild when the Jews return from Babylon), where did they come from?  This may be answered by the fact that the Jews' records which Lehi didn't take, were all destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, yet they have records today.  How did they get them also?The prophet, Ezra, gives the answer. Since the records were restored to them, it is entirely possible that a Urim and Thummim was given to them at the same time also for the work in the temple.  See Discovery of the Records  J.H.

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