Book of Mormon Manuscript Divinely Preserved

Photo of the Original Book of Mormon Manuscript
Translated from gold plates by a Seer using the Urim and Thummim

Photo above is a model made from the description of them
by the Prophet's mother, Lucy Mac Smith


David Whitmer Home:

"The David Whitmer home in Richmond, [Missouri] at 216 East main Street, was built about 1843.  This two-story home of simple lines had seven rooms and a summer kitchen.

In June of 1878 the David Whitmer home was greatly damaged by a tornado.  The local paper stated:

'Language is too poor to adequately describe the desolation and ruin of Richmond.  Within a few moments a third of the town was made desolate.  Five hundred persons made homeless with man of them left penniless.  Richmond is in grief and mourning.  We have buried twelve bodies of our good citizens . . . the buildings all around it [David  Whitmer home] were torn to atoms, it is an interesting fact that the room in which the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon was kept was uninjured, although the building itself was damages. . .'" (The Ray Chronicle, June 3, 1878)

"David Whitmer later made the statement:

'While I was camping around here in a tent, all my effects moldy, but the manuscript was preserved, not even being discolored.'

After the death of Oliver Cowdery in 1850 the manuscript had passed into the hands of David Whitmer, who was his brother-in-law.  When Whitmer died in 1888, the manuscript went to George Schweich, a nephew and husband of David's daughter, Julia Ann.

The old stagecoach trunk, with the historic manuscript, and other valuable writings and mementoes, was turned over on April 18, 1903, to the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints, at Independence, Missouri." (The Latter Day Saints on the Missouri Frontier, by Pearl Wilcox, p. 350,