History Book Or
Sacred Record Or Both?

"Jacob, get thou up into the temple on the morrow, and declare the word which I shall give thee, to this people."  Book of Mormon, Jacob 2:13  Photo left: Chichen Itza, Mexico

The Fullness Of The Gospel
“There is a fullness of the gospel, but most people will not attain it here,” is what Mrs. Eadie was told when she was visiting in heaven.

Jesus said, “...strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”1

The principles of that gospel have been on earth more than once, and each time Satan, through men, has diluted, twisted, and all but destroyed it, then God has sent messengers to restore it again. Adam had it in the beginning. It was given to Moses and had to be taken away because of the wickedness of Israel. Jesus brought it again in the meridian of time. It was nearly destroyed in the Great Apostasy during the Dark Ages under the Holy Roman Empire.

God began breaking the yoke of darkness through Martin Luther, preparing the way to restore the fullness to those who would listen and accept it through His latter day prophets. It came forth in 1830.

The Book of Mormon is a key.
The gospel of Jesus Christ is written in this book.
It is a special witness of the life and testimony of Jesus.
It is the history of the Native Americans of this continent.

This book testifies of their ancestors’ knowledge of Jesus Christ, their wars, and the final self-destruction of their civilization because of wickedness. It testifies of the weeping of their prophets who foresaw this destruction and tried to warn them to repent, much as our ministers are calling Americans to repent today. They didn’t, and their record was sealed up, buried, to come forth to us in the last days before Jesus comes to the world.

Speaking of the Lamanites, one of their prophets said: "Now because of their steadfastness, when they do believe, in that thing which they do believe, and because of their firmness when they are once enlightened, behold, the Lord shall bless them and prolong their days, notwithstanding their iniquity. Even if they should dwindle in unbelief, the Lord shall prolong their days until the time shall come which has been spoken of by our fathers, and also by the prophet Zenos and many other prophets, concerning the restoration of our brethren, the Lamanites, again, to the knowledge of the truth. I say to you that in the latter times the promises of the Lord have been extended to our brethren, the Lamanites.

Notwithstanding the many afflictions which they shall have, and notwithstanding they shall be driven to and fro upon the face of the earth, and be hunted, and shall be smitten and scattered abroad, having no place for refuge, the Lord shall be merciful to them.

And this is according to the prophecy that they shall again be brought to the true knowledge, which is the knowledge of their Redeemer, and their great and true Shepherd, and be numbered among his sheep."

The Book of Mormon comes forth first for the Native Americans more than anyone else, because they have a great work to do in the salvation of America. Many of them know this in their hearts and are just waiting for the right time.

The Book of Mormon speaks of these ancient ministers, especially three who are to minister to mankind in the last days. I believe Mrs. Eadie has seen them. I was intrigued to read in her book of the “three” angelic messengers she called her guardian angels. If she read the Book of Mormon, she would discover three men, her ancestors, who are existing in a state between mortality and immortality, assigned to remain on earth and minister to her people, and others, until the coming of Jesus Christ. They lived on earth during the time Jesus visited this continent, just after His crucifixion. They were three of His chosen twelve in America—chosen to teach, and in time judge this people.

In heaven Mrs. Eadie stood before twelve men for judgment. If she will read the account of these men, she will discover that the Twelve Apostles of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day, will judge the Twelve chosen in America. These Twelve American Indians will judge her people and the seed of Joseph of Egypt. Rightly did she see those before whom she will stand in the day of eternal judgment, and the three who have promised to help her make it back home.

Many Americans have seen these three angels in the last days and testified of their ministry to them. The following testimony of Joseph A. Northrup speaks of these three angels among the Chippewa Indians.

Native Americans

Taught by Christ and Protected by The Three Nephites
Testimony of Joseph A. Northrup

"I have been comparing the Book of Mormon with our legends and traditions, and find as far as I’ve gone that of a truth the Book of Mormon is a record of God’s dealings with our ancestors, for it tells us that Christ appeared to the people of this continent, taught the same grand truths here as He did to the people of the Old World, and ascended into heaven.

The so-called “pagan” Chippewa Indians have a religion which they claim was given them by Geji-Munido, or the Great Spirit, the Chippewa name for God. They believe in a hereafter, when the Indian would be rewarded according to the life he lived here on earth. Truly it is wonderful. Here we have a people who are the descendants of a highly enlightened race who were favored of God.

They had revelations from Him, so that they attained a high form of civilization, evidences of which modern science is now unearthing. But on account of transgression, God punished them and put a curse upon them, but with the promise that He would not forsake them altogether. In the last days, when they forsook their evil ways, God would bless them again as His people. Wonderful!

We have been taught that this people, this race, was steeped in utter ignorance and are sun worshipers, when, in reality, their legends and traditions contain parts of the everlasting truth! We have legends which tell us that when Christ, or God, appeared to our ancestors, He chose twelve disciples. He told the people that there was but one God, Who created all things, and that the end of the world would come. After teaching the people, He ascended into heaven, but He would come again in the clouds.

Those truths have been zealously guarded from the whites. But allowing for digressions which would naturally creep in, when we consider that for nearly two thousand years those teachings have been handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, this people have retained their knowledge of God in a wonderful manner!

Surely the Lord has not forsaken this people; they are now turning toward Him. Yes, at last the truth is beginning to search out the hearts of my poor people. But, oh, the problem is great; the trials also are numerous. But I have one refuge: it is in prayer, in the woods away from all noise of the world, in the solitude of God’s great cathedral. There is peace and strength there.

So many have requested me to give my reasons for believing the Book of Mormon to be a true history of the Indian, his origin, etc., that it was deemed best to write the Saints’ Herald, giving briefly a few of these reasons. Therefore, it will be necessary to go into a little history of the Ojibwa or Chippewa tribe of Indians.

This tribe was the principal and most powerful of the Algic or Algonquin Stock. The North American Indian was composed of different great stocks or families, the best known of which were the Algonquin, the Caddoan, the Siovan, the Athapasean, the Muskogi, and the Iroquoian stock, etc. Each stock was divided into different tribes, who spoke the same language but with a different dialect. For instance, the Ojibwa or Chippewa and the Ottawa speak the same language, but cannot converse with each other without great difficulty, similar to the Swede and Norwegian.

The Algonquin was the principal and most numerous of those stocks. Their territory ranged from Virginia north to Labrador, west along the Saint Lawrence up to the Great Lake region, up north to Hudson Bay.The history of our country mentions but briefly the once mighty tribe, the Chippewa; but few know that the father of Pocahantas, Chief Powhatan, was a Chippewa, as his name signifies in that tongue, “to dream.”

The only treaty that was never violated was between the Chippewa and William Penn. This grand old gentleman is known in our traditions by his Indian name of “Ma-goun” which translated from the Chippewa means “Feather.” Evidently, when the Indians asked Mr. Penn what his name signified, he showed them his pen, which in those days was made of a feather or quill; hence the name.

Since the Chippewa was the principal tribe of the leading stock, the Algonquin, we must attach some importance to his sacred legends, for the Chippewa were very religious in their worship of the Great Spirit, for, contrary to popular opinion, they had a form of worship called Meda-win, and believed in a Supreme Being which is called Geji-Munido, which translated means literally, pitying and loving God. They used the sun as a symbol or image of this God, because the sun gave them warmth; hence the world’s erroneous idea that we are sun worshipers!

The secrets or teachings of this Chippewa Meda-win have been hidden from the paleface, as carefully concealed, in fact, as are the secrets or passwords of our modern secret societies. The sacred legends were handed down from high priest to high priest, and so much importance was attached to this ceremony that no one was allowed to approach the place of worship while the ceremony was in progress.

This religion or order was in four degrees. Very few ever attained the fourth degree. Every degree had certain truths or secrets. At the third degree, the novice was told that Geji-Munido left or placed three men here on the earth to protect and guard the Chippewa, if he remained faithful until He came again.

It is said that during some great calamities those men have appeared to some and given needed help; they appeared as a light, their countenances shone as a white light; even their hands were so white and pure that the fingertips seemed ready to let fall drops of light! This surely refers to the three Nephites who were allowed to remain on earth.

Should not this one point alone prove the Book of Mormon is a true record of God’s dealing with my people, for how could this strange coincidence occur in the Book and also in the teachings of this aboriginal religion? Consider, too, this Meda-win required that if anyone would ask favors of the Great Spirit or Geji-Munido, he must first go into the silent forest away from himself and his fellows by fasting for days at time, usually ten days, then pray and ask in secret. Who knows but what this custom which was practiced for ages, did not win divine approval? Shall we deny to this simple child of nature, the privilege accorded us when we ask gifts of the heavenly Father and receive them according to our faith?

The Book of Mormon says there was magic and unseemly witchcraft in those days. We have them among some today. For instance, the Che-suk-ki-win or sorcery, as practiced by some Indians. This is not advocated by the Meda-win, but is a manifestation of the prince of evil. Are we not told that not all miracles are from on high, but of those whom we battle, principalities, etc.?

In view of the above and by reason of those facts—there are a great many more—I, as a Chippewa Indian, believe the Book of Mormon to be a true history of God’s dealings with my forefathers."2

A Visit From Nephi

The following is the testimony of Elder Jess Holsworth, from the RLDS church, speaking to a youth group in the 1950s. The angel that appears to Elder Holsworth is one of the three Nephites from the Book of Mormon times that did not die, but was transfigured, and permitted to remain on earth until Jesus comes in His glory, according to the account in the Book of Mormon

I come before you young people tonight, after being asked by your leader, Brother Carl Holsworth, to come and tell you some of the spiritual experiences that have been given to me by the Spirit of God after much fasting and prayer. I have talked to hundreds of people, but I have never been thrilled as I am tonight seeing so many young people interested in the experiences that we bring to you. I want to tell you something that I hope will be of interest to you, something you may take home with you and think over. You can tell anything I say tonight to anyone you like, but tell as it I tell it to you. Don’t add anything to what I say. Don’t try to put your interpretation on anything that I may tell you. WHEN YOU REPEAT A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE, BE VERY CAREFUL HOW YOU REPEAT IT. BROTHER R.V. HOPKINS SAID THAT WHEN A PERSON SPEAKS BY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD, HIS REPUTATION IS IN DANGER. WHY? Because there are so many doubting Thomases. I have talked to audiences and have told them what I am going to say to you tonight. Then different ones have come to me and said, “Did you say such and such a thing?”—something that I had not even thought of. I would say, “I did not.” So if you want to tell what I shall say, tell it as I tell it to you.

I do not know if any of you ever had a spiritual experience or not. One of the most important things about a spiritual experience is the proper interpretation of it. I know people who have had spiritual experiences; they would put their own interpretation on it, and it did not come to pass. Many hearts have been made sad because people have put the wrong interpretation on their spiritual experiences. If you ever have a spiritual experience be sure to get the right interpretation; it is just as important as the experience itself. I do not know any of you. If I knew names I would possibly know your parents.

I live on Pendleton Avenue, across Walnut Street, on the north side of Swope’s pasture. One night we were sleeping in our south bedroom upstairs. As I was lying there awake, I heard the clock strike two. It was two o’clock in the morning. All of a sudden I heard music in Swope’s pasture. It was a band or orchestra playing a march. I could tell that from the tone of the music. It came from away down in the pasture. I thought to myself, “Why is the church orchestra playing in Swope’s pasture this hour of the night?” The longer it played, the louder it became. I knew it was getting closer to the house. It came up to the outside of the house, then it stopped. The room began to get light—brighter than this room is here tonight. I said to myself, “I am going to have a vision. I will lie still and see what transpires.”

A personage came into the room. He came to the foot of the bed. There was a funnel-shaped light that shone from my face, across the bed, and took in the foot of the bed. This man stood there and supported his weight by his hands on the foot of the bed. He looked me straight in the face, asking me this question, “What is the greatest desire of your life?”

If I would ask you young people that question tonight, what would you answer? I believe you will agree with me that you would ask for the thing you are interested in. I believe if a heavenly messenger would come to your bedside and ask you that question you would answer the same way. I had no time to think what I should say. I did not have time to gather my thoughts together. I want to say this, if it is ever your good fortune to stand in the presence of a heavenly messenger and are given permission to ask any questions, you will not ask anything except what you should ask. I will give you that much advance information. The thing you will ask will be the things you are interested in. This was my answer to that question—I thought it was a good answer then, and I think so now. In answering that I was not thinking of myself but of you young people—not only you but of my brothers and sisters in the church. I said, “That I might have power over unclean spirits and all manner of afflictions.” He said, “Your request shall be granted.” If I had the time, I could stand here for hours and tell you of the truthfulness of that statement. He then said, “What is the next greatest desire of your life?” I thought of myself then. I had bodily affliction that I wanted to be relieved of. I asked that I might be relieved of that. He said, “Your request shall be granted.” He read my thoughts and said, “I am Nephi.”

In the Book of Mormon (Third Nephi 9:4) are the names of the twelve disciples whom Jesus chose; one of them was named Nephi. When Jesus asked them what they desired when He returned to the Father in heaven, nine of them said, when they became 72 years of age, they wanted to come to Him in the Kingdom of Heaven. The other three said they would like to tarry on earth and be ministering spirits to those who were heirs of salvation. He told them their request would be granted. At your leisure, read the entire 13th chapter of the (Third) Book of Nephi.

I was as close to him as the length of the bed. I judge him to be about 70 years of age. A man as near his size, his height and build is Brother Elbert A. Smith. He was pleasant to look upon. I shall never forget that experience. He wore a dark suit, coat, vest, and trousers. I did not see a hat. He was smooth-shaved. 3

Mrs. Eadie’s Three Angels

Mrs. Eadie described her three friends in the following way:

“My attention went back to the body. I realized that nobody was aware that I had died, and I felt an urgency to tell somebody. ‘I’m dead,’ I thought, ‘and no one is here to know it!’ But before I could move three men suddenly appeared at my side. They wore beautiful, light brown robes, and one of them had a hood on the back of his head. Each wore a gold-braided belt that was tied about the waist with the ends hanging down. A kind of glow emanated from them, but not unusually bright, and then I realized that a soft glow came from my own body and that our lights had merged together around us. I was not afraid. The men appeared to be about seventy or eighty years old, but I knew somehow that they were on a time scale different than earth’s. The impression came to me that they were much older than seventy or eighty years old—that they were ancient. I sensed in them great spirituality, knowledge, and wisdom... they explained that they, with others, had been my guardian angels during my life on earth. But I felt these three were special, that they were also my ministering angels.”4

It’s interesting to notice that Mrs. Eadie’s angels wore robes to help her understand their work. Elder Holsworth saw the angel, Nephi, in a dark suit like the Gentiles wear. And a missionary from China, Mrs. Nora Lamb, saw her guardian angel dressed like an ancient Chinese monk. Apparently they are dressed in clothing familiar to us to help us understand. God speaks to us in our native tongue. He shows us things in a language we can understand—visual and verbal.

Fascinating coincidence—her three angels, three angels among the Chippewa, and another twist—Mrs. Eadie is from Rosebud—a neighbor to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where Gene and I had sent the supplies when Debbie was born. To say the least, Mrs. Eadie’s book more than interested me.

Back in 1966 Gene and I met a man named Clarence Little Eagle from Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. He asked us for help, and several families agreed to open up their storehouses. Little Eagle brought Ed Rich, the spokesman for the Sioux’s twelve leading ministers, back with him.

There’s no question the Lord was behind the whole affair, for as the supplies began filling our garage, the thoughts of the cost of sending it by freight was staggering. Some worried about it—I didn’t. I told them it was our job to gather the supplies, and God’s problem to get it there. When it was time for things to move out (Gene and I had sold our house and had to be out in a week), there was a knock on the door. Although we’d not said a word about needing help, there stood two women offering it. One I knew, the other was a stranger. The stranger was introduced as the owner of a trucking line and she heard what we were doing. She’d come to offer her new 16 foot van that was coming off the assembly line in a few days. Our load of supplies to the Indians would be the first load it carried. Would we like to use it? We didn’t have any money to pay for it—she knew—and wasn’t asking for any. Praise God! The supplies were sent to the Indians right on time. The day they were shipped, we moved out to Olathe, KS.

The Indians came back to thank us and brought wives and friends. During our conversations we discussed the future city of the Lord, the city of righteousness Abraham watched for—a gathering of saints from all nations and races who want to live the laws of Christ, and assist in building His kingdom under His leadership.5 This city, called Zion, was hoped for most earnestly by all of us, “white and red brown.”

From the discussion, I detected a strong dislike for the white people by the Indians. Yet I am a white. I have Indian blood in my veins, but they didn’t know that. Nevertheless, the subject came up of how this city would be built. The consensus was that we, the whites, had failed, and now the Indians would do it when the Lord “put the whites in their place.” I assumed this meant to destroy them from off the land. This bothered me, for I knew many fine people among the “whites,” saints who have dedicated their lives to the hope of building a Zion for all races to find shelter in. So I laid the matter before the Lord. I received the following answer which I paraphrase:

The American Natives can no more build this city alone without the white people among them, than we can without the Native Americans working side by side with us. For, the Spirit said, the promise for building this city is two-fold in the Book of Mormon.

It was plain, then—we have to work together. Both races have something to give to further the process of the redemption of Zion. Love is the key to the Door of Cooperation. Opening that door will lead to the building of this Zion, the city on the hill to which all nations will go, saying,

“Come, let us go up to the mountains of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us His ways, and we will walk in His paths; for out of Zion shall go forth the law, [the Gospel of Christ], and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; [the power demonstrated through physical manifestations] and He shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears in to pruning hooks; nations shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore. ” 6

This city, Zion, will become a reality in our day. It has to. It is a place of safety, and will be the only place on earth where people are not at war with each other.

 The City Of Peace

 I have been in this future city in the spirit. I’ve seen it’s raising up in spirit and it was most beautiful to behold.

I was walking through the city where it will begin—Independence, Missouri.7 The brick buildings looked old and dirty. Suddenly I heard heavenly music, and as it continued, I watched large blue-gray marble slabs being placed over the old bricks. The entire city turned into a sparkling, rich metropolis. It was breathtaking. I was told we had power to build this city now, all we had to do was to sing!  In another dream I experienced the love between brethren and there are no words to describe it. It’s a place where everyone would want to be—at peace with nature and God.

In yet another dream I was walking into a schoolyard. I could hear the buzzing of activity, and knew by the spirit that these children had come anxiously into this place to learn. I don’t doubt it, for the possibilities of learning the truth under the power of angels is mind-boggling. Imagine learning history by watching it as it really happened on a giant hologram in front of you. According to the Scriptures, the first seven years of the millennial reign will be devoted to learning the truth of what happened on earth these last 6,000 years.8 What a movie that would make!

In another dream I was taken into the millennium on a futuristic vehicle—like a UFO with no wheels—to the farmland. As we entered a farm, I got out and looked over the hills. I could see that each farm had a home on it, and what a home! These buildings were made of brick like the multimillion dollar homes in Johnson County, Kansas, today—which county is one of the richest in the nation. I know—we live there and have to pay taxes. But everyone had a home like this—there will be no poor on earth during this thousand years with Jesus Christ as the Teacher and Lawgiver. Only the Son of God can bring prosperity to earth for all men like what I saw.

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