God and Christ provided a Manual
to teach us the Rules

Satan tried to change the Manual. God knew he would and had more than one record of Jesus' ministry to counter this attack. We call them our sacred books. Click on the names on the big book above to enter the full text of the Sacred Scriptures

 The Holy Bible

The Bible Default
Chiniquy Is Persecuted For Teaching The Bible (Roman Catholic priest)
Commentary on the Inspired Version
Comparison of portions of Genesis in the Holy Scriptures  (King James Version vs. Inspired Translation)
Counsel From The Holy Scriptures to Study for the Salvation of Zion
Missing Books of the Bible
Scriptures 88 William The Martyr (teenager burned at the stake for reading the Bible)
Scriptures 87 Withdraw The Bible (said the Catholic priests)
Scriptures 87

Thelona Stevens has written a book titled, The Two Sticks referring to Ezekiel Chapter 37.  Sticks are records.  These two are of the ministry of Jesus and God's dealings on earth with His people. The stick of Judah is the Bible. The stick of Joseph or Ephraim is the Book of Mormon.  Click image to enlarge.

 Warning of God's Judgments in the Bible

Apostle Peter's Testimony - Earth reserved for judgment by fire, heavens on fire and dissolved

Apostle John the Revelator's Testimony - Rome nuked, giant meteorites hit the earth, every mountain and island was moved out of its place, one/third of the daylight was gone, etc.

Good News and Bad News - The Everlasting Covenant made to Noah--the earth is reserved for destruction by fire
Isaiah's Testimony - Great earthquake shake the earth; men throw away their gold idols, so many men killed that a man is worth a great price

Book of Life

An elder had a vision of his own judgment before the throne of God, and witnessed the power of Jesus Christ alone to atone for his sins.   See the Four Testimonies of Jesus Christ and click on the "Book of Life."

Book of Mormon

Not One Sparrow 17

City of God - Baptist lady sees Enoch's City in heaven, is later converted through the Book of Mormon

Fullness of The Gospel -History Book or Sacred Record? The promise of God to the posterity of the Native Americans

Mrs. Eadie's Three Angels - Betty Eadie, Sioux Indian, sees three angels protecting her--possibly the three Nephites

Records - Jesus told the Nephites there would be four records of His work on earth. This is the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the record of the Gentiles, and the Lost Tribes of Israel in the North Country.

Teach the Scriptures - D. Griner -- A Nephite tells him the Book of Mormon is from God

Book of Mormon Manuscript Preserved
Urim and Thummim

Native American - Joseph Northrup compares the Book of Mormon with their own legends

Visit From Nephi - One of the three Nephites, an angel from Book of Mormon days, visits an RLDS elder and grants him three wishes.

  Events of Christ's Crucifixion In America

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Book of Mormon Cities Destroyed
BulletIndent50blue2.gif (1142 bytes) Earth's Fractured Surface (NASA Photo) Samuel, the Lamanite's, Prophecy
Great Storm at the Crucifixion (NASA photo)
BulletIndent50purpl.gif (1135 bytes) King of Kings is Born
BulletIndent50blue.gif (1038 bytes) Lake Titicaca

Doctrine and Covenants

Warning of God's Judgments in the D&C

Doctrine and Covenants Default
What is the Doctrine & Covenants?
DNA Evidence that Joseph Smith did not father children through polygamy

D. & C. ref. on the Urim and Thummim as means of translating the Book of Mormon

God has holy men in reserve
God inspired the writing of the Constitution of the United States

Patriarch Lou Richards referring to the the D. & C. as a key to unlocking Scriptures

President I. A. Smith speaking on the authority of the Scriptures (quotes D. &  C.)

Sec. 86 - Testimony by Martha Staggart and M. Smith on interpretation of "not only"
See also Remnant President F. N. Larsen's class on the  Word of Wisdom
Roy Weldon's testimony of the Word of Wisdom - Mt. of the Lord's House

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