Teach The Scriptures
As told by David Griner

"I was deeply concerned about what to teach my senior high class at Church school.  I engaged in seasons of fasting and prayer, but I received no answer from my Heavenly Father.  then I had to take a business trip to New Orleans for four days.  During my free time, I planned to call on the Lord until my prayer was answered.

Once situated in my room, P proceeded to pray.  Hours passed, and still I received nothing.  I recalled that Enos had prayed all day and into the night before God spoke to him.  I continued on in my endeavor until eleven o'clock.

Then my wife called to inform me that our only child was ill.  She asked if I could possibly come home immediately.  I made reservations for a six o'clock flight. 

My prayers continued until two o'clock in the morning.  Then I felt impressed to go to the airport, which I did.  The airport was completely deserted.  I could not see even one individual.  I started walking down the vacant corridor.  I had a strong feeling that my prayers were now  going to be answered.  My lonely stroll brought me around the corner face to face with a man--a most unusual man.  My eyes searched his well-groomed hair and dark-complexioned face looking for defects, but I found none.  All was perfection.

'Hello, Dave,' he said with a beaming smile and outstretched hand as he walked toward me.  Our hands clasped in a warm, friendly handshake as I greeted him.

I discovered that I did not have to ask questions.  When I thought--and before I could ask--he answered my thoughts.  'God has heard your prayers, David,' he said.  Because of your consistent effort, He is sharing a portion of His love with you, so you will know something of the love He has for all mankind.  Teach your class from the Scriptures, in which is contained the principles of the gospel.'

bkmnide4f.jpg (89047 bytes)Time passed quickly in this heavenly atmosphere.  In my heart I felt the greatest joy I had ever known.  I had never doubted the Book of Mormon, but the thought came, 'What about the Book of Mormon?'  'The Book of Mormon is from God,' he answered quickly.  'It should be used in your teaching.  You can use outside material from other good books, but your primary instruction should come from the Three Standard Books.'

Tears of joy were rolling down both of our faces.  We were filled with the pure love of God, which is most joyous to the soul.  On and on we walked around the corridors.

'Share you testimony often, David,' he continued, 'especially with the young people.  God is very much concerned about each one of them.  He is concerned with every facet of their lives and what they do with them.  Provide special opportunities for them in which the Lord can share a portion of His Spirit.  God will lift them upward, giving them a foretaste of the joy to come.  And He will reveal the higher way of living when they seek His paths and learn  to walk therein.'  He also told me not to fear because my son would be well.

No human life was visible as I shared in this heavenly atmosphere of divine love for about three hours.  They were precious hours of association with this unusual individual, who answered and explained all my questions as I thought them.

Quite suddenly a flight was announced over the speaker.  I don't know how I knew, but still I knew that it was the plane he would be taking. He turned his head, looked right into my face and said, 'David, I must go to my people.'

The love of God, which had so filled my being and brought such great joy to my soul, began withdrawing as he walked away.  The wider the distance grew between us, the less of the Spirit of God I felt.

I purchased my ticket and boarded the plane, purposefully selecting a seat in the  vacant end of the aircraft.  I preferred privacy to continue my prayer.  I thanked my God for the marvelous experience, and for the information I had received. Then I asked the Lord who the messenger was.  'Who do you think it was?' an audible voice asked clearly and distinctly.  'One of the Nephites?' I ventured.  'Yes, that is true,' came the reply.

At home, I found that our son had recovered.  Since than I have found many of God's promises have been fulfilled as I used the Three Standard Books for my basic material for teaching."

(True Restoration Experiences, compiled by Clara Thomas, pgs. 7-9)