What is EMFI Incorporated?

EMFI.Inc is a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to bringing gifted musicians together into greater service for Jesus Christ.  EMFI was founded and incorporated in 1983 by Myron, Janice, and Timothy Harrington, their son.

of Conduct

Echo members must become examples of stability and require of themselves high moral characteristics, displaying responsible citizenship in all areas.  They must follow a set of rules pledging compliance with a standard of conduct.  EMFI's purpose is to build quality and self esteem in the youth, assisting them to give greater service to God and their community.


to  Artists

On this website are adaptations of artwork by several Mormon artists and others.  I wish I had all their names to list. Some of them are Del Parson, Danny Hahlbohm, Jekel, Simon Dewey, Harry Anderson, Jean Keaton,  McNaughton, G. Olsen, Walter Rane, Arnold Friberg, and Carl Bloch.  Their work is so appreciated and acknowledged for the great help they have become in furthering the Christian education of us all--for a picture is truly worth a thousand words.  Thanks, all you artists for sharing your gifts with us.