Question No. 4

Must the people and ministry of the Church pass thru a time of very great trial, or calamity, or judgment, before the day of judgment?

Yes, for many there must come such a time, and all must pass thru it.
The finest blessings, the most gracious bestowal of more than penticostal power, cannot come to men

Woe unto all such for they stand in the way of the Lord of Hosts, hindering, terribly hindering His great work.  Judgment shall not alone fall on a grossly sinful world but it shall also fall upon those of the church and even ministers who could have known the deeper things of the Lord but do not.

Yes, a time of calamity must come and is near at hand.

Men think they have arranged ways that shall guarantee their security, regardless of their worthiness in the sight of the Lord.  Those ways will fail.  Men think now they are so wise there will be no more panics or depressions or times of mass unemployment or great want.  In this they know not the future.  The present abundant streams of prosperity shall dry up.   Conditions shall change, for like the backward swing of a giant pendulum it shall swing farther back than ever before.  Already the world is filled with troubles and problems whose solution defy the wisdom of your great statesman.  War and disintegrating forces set in motion by the emissaries of Satan shall increasingly add to the perplexities of men in these latter days.  Power now in the hands of man to destroy cities will be used. Cities and strongholds will be thrown down, even as shown to the prophets of ancient America.  By all these things shall the heart of the world be humbled and the hearts of the people of the church as well.  By these things shall you understand that it is only as you lean very heavily on the arm of the Lord's power that His great work can be done.  Always there has been a great trial before a spiritual blessing.  And thus must it be now.  Men in general must learn obedience by what they suffer.

Yet, all who will, all who see, may now prepare themselves.  Blessed are all such as shall draw close to the Lord in lowliness of heart, in great love, sacrificially, and in great faith.  Such will be pillars of strength to God's people and they shall be instruments of power in His hands.

Yet, be not dismayed because of this coming day, for out of your trials and sufferings shall come a new nearness to spiritual things.  Out of recognized great need shall come a great arising.  Out of trial shall come compassion.  Out of disaster shall come new willingness for brotherhood.  Out of downfall of cherished but mistaken ways and notions shall come a new willingness to consider the high way of God. You must suffer with them to save them, even as Jesus suffered for all mankind.   The mighty blessing of great spiritual power that shall come to the church as the Eternal Father meets the church's desperate need shall be so altogether worthwhile and joyous, and far-reaching that when that day comes all trial and suffering of the past will be as a forgotten evil dream.

Oh my people, be not deceived.  God does not want any of you to blunder along in these momentous days and times, like a man stumbling thru the darkness of night.  It still is true, as spoken by Amos of old, that the Lord will not do any great thing or permit great waves of commotion or destruction to overwhelm without warning those who love Him.  If you are filled with a Godly concern, if you become of great faith, if you will call on Him in mighty prayer, if you will prepare yourselves, if you will go apart into the quietness of the woods or hills or desert places, or best of all, into the solemnities of holy sanctuaries -- into places where you can listen for the still small voice - behold, He shall wondrously show you what lies ahead.  He will show it to the spiritually awake among you, be they aged or young. God would make you strong for these times. He would have you take such steps in preparation as only He can show you.

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