The North Country



“The Other Sheep”

Testimonies Given Through Visions and Dreams

Intro: Who and Where are the Ten Lost Tribes?
Joseph Smith, Jr. is told of the North Country coming when the church is prepared
Elder Hubert Case - Leona Wheeler - Elder E.R.Curry
Elder Jess Holsworth's ministry to the Zion's League Spring Branch RLDS Church 1950s
Jan Harrington's testimony of being taken to the North  Country twice
Elder Richard Hensley sees the Ten Tribes coming from the north
Admiral Byrd's Testimony of the North Country people
HOPI Indians testimony of the Ten Lost Tribes
CBS Reporter Walter Conkite
The Sequence of Events in Kingdom Restoration in 3Nephi
The Smokey God - Norwegian sailor's experience in 1830
Zion's Redemption