Hidden Treasures And Fire

 May 28, 1957, God inspired the elder to say to me through a Patriarchal Blessing:

“We pray now that the good Lord will not only bless you with daily strength but that He will add daily blessings to you until you shall come to a place in your life where you will enjoy health and strength in association with your fellowman.”

I stand as a living witness of the power of God. The Patriarchal Blessing pronounced over my head 40 years ago has been fulfilled and continues to unfold in my life as God honors it. His promise is that if we do as He asks us, He is bound. Therefore, if I am faithful, He will honor all I’ve been promised in this blessing, as I walk one day at a time in obedience. I marvel at the power of this document.

I awoke this morning praising His name for the joy He has poured out from heaven into my heart, and I find myself doing this more and more as the years pass. And He told me I would. When days were so dark and the storm clouds so thick I doubted the sun could ever come through them again, He said, “After the tribulations come the blessings.” He was just waiting to be able to send those blessings.

The tribulations were not because I was so wicked (although I'm well aware I have need to repent each day), but rather I believe they were because God wanted to say something through my life. Maybe the testimony would give hope to others, and some time and place back before this earth was formed, I’d agreed to be peculiar. For whatever reason, Gene and I are the benefactors.

The blessings truly are coming, pouring in through the windows of heaven like He promises, if we will just “try Him, and prove His word.”

The Treasure Chest

The following dream may explain that the blessings in our family are only normal, and how God wants to bless everyone in abundance. It all depends on us and our steadfastness, or literally—if our eye is single to His glory, daily. The heavenly gifts are promised to all. The parable of the talents, he who uses the little he has and multiplies it, shall be given many times more. Line upon line, here a little, there a little, shall be given from heaven until a fullness is shared is the promise. Likewise, he who buries his talent shall lose it all.  

I dreamed I walked into a room with several bedroom chests of drawers, or highboys we used to call them. My attention was drawn to one that had a piece of costume jewelry laying on the top. I picked it up and examined it, thinking it wasn’t anything outstanding, but I appreciated it for what it was and felt it was mine to keep. I laid it aside and began opening the chest drawers. I wondered if there might be something more hidden from my view.
(I have taught my children that when you’re hunting for something, never quit until you have searched under every rock around. You never know where it might be, and it just might be under the one you left behind unturned because you got tired of searching. This counsel has paid off many times. So my nature was, in the spirit, to do the same...I was searching for the jewels of the kingdom in every place I could look.)
I found another piece of jewelry, this time more expensive. Laying it with the other, I continued to search. The more I looked, the more I found, and I was finding them in the most unlikely places—doors and hidden compartments which were impossible to be on a chest. It was like a magical chest. Each piece or object that I found was of greater value than the one before it, and I was delighted. The pile became large, and as I viewed my treasures, I thought, “I can give this one to____for a gift, and this one to ___.” Names of people came to my mind who could use these things.
Someone came into the room, and seeing my accumulation of gifts, was envious and reached forth to try to take some from me. I said, “No, you had the same opportunity that I had. There was a chest for you, but you didn’t appreciate what you saw. These are mine, and can’t be taken from me.” I awoke


Then The Fire Came

These bounteous blessings to come to us were revealed in another dream with another symbol—fire of the Holy Ghost.

I dreamed my husband took me to a Patriarch for a blessing. I was given no name, but the letter “M” stood out, symbolizing to me the power of the Melchisedec priesthood, for without the priesthood and authority it carries, the power of God can’t be made manifest among men. It testifies to me that God has indeed restored the power among men and is working to restore Israel as promised.1

As the Patriarch laid his hands on my head the Spirit lifted my body up until I was lying on my back facing the heavens. As he commenced praying I saw fire coming from heaven and suddenly wrapping my body, a little at first and increasing until my whole body was ablaze. There was no pain, for this fire of the Holy Ghost was power for good. (As near as I could understand, it meant I would become a living sacrifice—to bear testimony of God’s love in my life.)

When the representative of God ceased speaking, I was again put upright on my feet and I saw the words he had spoken written on a scroll that started at the top of a couch sitting beside us, rolled down across the seat, and for some length across the floor. It was very long, and as I looked at it wondering what it was, I said, “But I already have my Patriarchal Blessing,” and awoke.


This dream in the 1960s was in answer to my pleading with God to reveal which of the two powers was with me. Not One Sparrow testifies that great persecutions came, many from jealousy of what I received from my Father, and I wondered more than once if I were insane. People were sure that this was the case, or that I was possessed.

It was at one of these times when the stress from my family was so difficult that I knelt in tears asking God to show me the truth. I will never forget this experience because of His ever attentiveness to our cries just like a loving parent. He answered quickly, “Ask for a sign and I will grant it, so you might know.” I thought about the power of Satan to deceive me and turned back to God with, “Lord, I need to know what Satan can’t trick me on. You know, inspire my thinking.”

These are basically the thoughts that passed between us that day, and His answer is the wisdom of the heavens. It was one word—“Love.”
“That’s it! That’s brilliant,”
I thought, “Satan doesn’t know anything about love.” Well then, that’s what I need evidence of, the love of God in my life. I thought of Nephi’s love as he was trying to build that boat to accomplish the commandment of God in his life (to bless others) and how his brothers fought against him. So I asked for the kind of love that Nephi had. I remember the power of God over him was so great for three days, that his brothers were shocked if they even touched him.

It was that evening that I had the dream of the fire. Nephi was covered with the fire of the Holy Ghost; so was I. And the fulfilling of this dream is in the thousands of manifestations and blessings that have come to our family because of this promise. The Scroll on the couch has turned into Not One Sparrow. As in the dream my body was covered with fire, so my blessing states the following:

“Comfort her, dear Lord, and take her into Thy loving arms and bless her by Thy divine grace and power and guide and direct her in her every day walk of life.”

And my special blessing years later adds:

“Let Thy guidance continue to be with her and Thy love to be over her forever more that she might go forth in that spirit to minister unto the children of men even as a mother in Israel and Thine be the praise, the honor and glory forever.”

I think of Apostle Paul’s thorn in the side which was a blessing to keep him humble, for, he said, the blessings of God were so great, and the revelations so many that lest he should boast and lose it all, he praised the thorns. And I am reminded of my health or lack of it, and quote from my Patriarchal Blessing again, “He will allow this portion of thy strength to be abated because of the need that thou hast to be always humble, faithful and true to that spirit of love that shall be with thee, and My Spirit shall clothe your spirit, and you shall know of My love.” And I do.


Now What Can I Do To Help?

What can I do? I can pray and bear my testimony of God’s work in my life.
When I see and hear the atrocious things done to the children today, I think the world has gone mad. I’m sure I’m not the only one crying for these children. When Zion is a reality these abused children will have a place where they can come for shelter. When it is worldwide, child abuse will cease for a thousand years, and we can stop crying. God said He will wipe away all tears. Do you cry for some other person’s child? Do you really care what happens? If you do, then you have the concept of Zion in your heart and God can use you when He redeems Zion.

I pray for Zion, and I tremble too, like Lehi who saw impending judgments on Jerusalem for their sins. I trembled when God revealed to me the impending judgments on America and Independence. The Jews didn’t believe it could happen to them because they were/are God’s favored people. The Gentiles didn’t believe Joseph Smith, so why should anyone believe my testimony? Yet the testimonies stand as living witnesses of the truth. I know as well as they did that there is only one way for the saints to escape this judgment—that is to know the truth and the truth will make us free. Jesus already told us. If we know the truth, we’ll change if we’re His. His sheep know His voice and follow Him.
Jerusalem didn’t listen. Will Independence? Will you?

Time will tell.
“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,” and I add, “but it may make you mad first.” Then IF we can get past the anger, God will open our eyes and we’ll see in the darkness. When He does, get ready for a shock because we’re surrounded by demons of deception like Elisha was with the Syrian army. But as Elisha told his frightened servant, “They who are with us, are more than they who are with them,” so it is true for us today. An army of angels in the mountains came down to their rescue, and God’s angels in the courts of glory will hasten to our rescue when we’re ready to embrace the truth with all our hearts. That's the promise in the Everlasting Covenant.

"And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant, which I made unto thy father Enoch; that, when men should keep all My commandments, Zion should again come on the earth, the city of Enoch which I have caught up unto Myself. And this is Mine everlasting covenant, that when thy posterity shall embrace the truth, and look upward, then shall Zion look downward, and all the heavens shall shake with gladness, and the earth shall tremble wit joy, and the general assembly of the church of the firstborn shall come down out of heaven, and possess the earth, and shall have place until the end come. And this is Mine everlasting covenant, which I made with thy father, Enoch." HSIV--Genesis 9:21-23

So never fear the multitude of lying demons; Satan’s got only one-third of the hosts of heaven. There are two-thirds with us, and we’re on the winning team. Heaven shall win!

One of my missions apparently is to expose the deceptive demon of Christmas. Does that prick your anger? It did mine when I first heard it. It was hard to swallow, but I was honest enough to pray about it, and God heard that prayer. He turned on the light in that dark room. Then demons attacked from every direction through people closest to me.

I wanted to help build Zion... to really make a difference. I complained about how others didn’t do their job (especially priesthood) and that prevented me from accomplishing anything. God said, “You do your part and see if I don’t open doors.”
“Okay,” I thought, and on my knees I asked,
“Now where do I start?” His answer was to eliminate those things in my life that stood between Him and me. I didn’t think there was that much, but found out He thought differently. “Okay, I heard that. So what’s first?”
“Christmas? You’re kidding, right, Lord?”
He wasn’t.
It went from there.

Now if you lay this down, I understand. Oh! How I understand! It took me two years to digest it, and when I did it changed my life and the lives of those around me--some for better, some for worse. We became peculiar to family and friends (which became few). And God's blessings continued to be poured out on us from on high. It gets lonely on the front line sometimes, and has caused stress for our family to follow in these footsteps, would we turn back? No! Jesus knew that stress better than anyone. But no matter how it hurts because so few believe the same as you do (seemingly), a person must be true to their understanding.

Our family stands firm to our convictions that we live in a pagan society, a world filled with ritual rather than true worship of the Holy Father in Heaven. We believe that some day soon those who want to understand the higher ways of God will be lifted up to a higher plane of spirituality. Then these pagan holidays and observances will be no more, and we will all worship the Father in spirit and in truth without hindrance. We pray for that day to come quickly.


Testimonies Of The Spirit
Roll On In One Eternal Round

In closing the writing of Not One Sparrow, while cleaning out my files, I came across this testimony. It touched my heart again, as it did then, of how close God is to us, especially in great times of need. He’s the best 911 Operator there is. I seal my testimony with this story.

September 6, 1989

Last night I got a worried phone call from Debbie. I could hear the baby screaming in the background. “Judy dropped Michael. He’s crying real hard. What do we do?” she asked frantically. She told me the story quickly. Judy, Michael’s mother, was carrying our six-month-old grandson and two of his bottles, heading for the rocker to feed him. Somehow she lost balance with him, and they both went down. Michael hit head first. “Put a cold rag on his head, anoint him with consecrated oil, and pray for him,” I answered.

Our children (Tim, Judy and her husband, David, and Debbie) had just bought a seven-bedroom house together. They wanted to be close enough to each other to continue their music ministry through Echo, and this way, could beat the high cost of real estate. The basement, with its two finished rooms, was being converted into a music studio, and each family member would have ample living quarters on the two upper floors. Our married daughter took the master bedroom, den and nursery; her unmarried brother took occupancy of two large rooms—a den and bedroom; and Debbie took the mother-in-law’s apartment, which is equipped with its own kitchenette.

Such a blessing God was giving the family! We were sure the house had been built by the foresight of God, five years prior, for the blessing of Echo. It was four blocks away—a two minute drive home to Mom and Dad, so they could enjoy their only grandchild, and was a nice stroll in a beautiful neighborhood for the new mother and baby. What greater blessing could they, who had dedicated their lives to His ministry, receive?

These young adults were still in the process of redecorating, moving in, and trying to live one day at a time. The pace was sometimes trying. It seemed as if a demon of delay was at work streaking the 143 sq. yards of carpet in the milling, having to rip off the new wallpaper and start again, the dishwasher overflowing from a broken seal, rain holding up the painting, etc. It was difficult, and everyone was very tired. Judy’s strength may have given out for just a second.

Immediately I knelt in my closet to pray. I felt the urge to go get the consecrated oil and anoint my head for that prayer. After anointing, I returned to the closet and prayed for Michael until I felt peace in my soul. I could have run immediately to him, but it wouldn’t have mattered, for only God could see his need, and minister to it. When peace came I arose, called Michael’s grandfather at work, who is an elder for Christ, and asked him to pray with us. Then I ran to the car!

Two minutes later I walked in the door. Michael was quiet in the arms of his father, and taking his bottle. When he opened his eyes I could see fear in them for the first time. Now he understood pain and fear. His little arm came up to me, and his hand started shaking. It was time to pray for him, and we gathered in a prayer circle. Putting oil on his head to pray as a Mother in Israel, as I’d been taught to do by the Spirit, we petitioned God for a blessing. I knew what that kind of a prayer could bring. I remembered Judy’s broken neck when she was a baby.

Our prayers were simple for Michael. God knew the damage, how serious, if any. We didn’t need to know. All we needed to do was to pray, trust God, and wait for the results. If God required anything more of us, He'd let us know it. After the prayer I took Michael in my arms as David comforted Judy. Michael’s eyes were still closed, and as I rocked him a thought came from the past, “When they have a hard blow to the head, don’t let them sleep for danger of them slipping into a coma.” Whether it was true or not, I wasn’t taking any chances, and awoke Michael. He was still uneasy, but his father is a priest for Christ and had asked Jesus to send the angels. I believe they were helping him. Michael saw his deaf Aunt, who always plays with him, and we encouraged him to play. In minutes he was laughing again. The prayers for God to erase the fall from his memory were answered, and he came quickly back into his sanguine joy.

The next morning in my closet I thanked God for the blessing. I asked Him to especially watch over Michael throughout his life, promising we would raise him joyously in righteousness to serve the Christ to the best of our ability. Words from my patriarchal blessing returned, “The Lord is pleased with the efforts you have put forth to have a good home. He has blessed you in your home and wants to bless you,” and I knew my home included my grandchildren. Then I heard, “Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and the way is sure.”

In my mind’s eye I could see the Christ ahead of me, and the prints of His feet on the path. I thought, “There is safety in those prints.” I saw myself trying to stay exactly in them as a child does sometimes when finding others’ prints in the sand or snow. And then another thought came, “His prints will lead through sorrow as well as joy,” and I reasoned, “Yes, but there’s security in them which will lead to eternal life, no matter how tough each step is. It’s the only way to get through this dark forest safely.” I have no doubt my thoughts were being guided.

“Beneath the cross of Jesus, I feign would take my stand” had more meaning for me now, and, “Take up your cross and follow Me.” All along the way Jesus carried a cross, and then it became literal. I, too, would carry a cross IF I stayed in those prints. I, too, would know sorrow, although not nearly as much as He did, for my blessing states that “...although you have questioned the wisdom of having to pass through so many trials and afflictions, yet your suffering is not to be compared with what Jesus suffered.” I’d pass through the dark forest and come out on the other side. I would overcome. I also would know joy that none can know except those who try to follow in His steps.

There’s a saying, "This too will pass," and heartaches and trials will be over for those who love God, believe in Christ, and obey His commandments. The Bible says this life is only a wisp of smoke in eternity for us, and we’ll remember it no more. I know what I’ve faced, and may yet have more trials, for Satan never gives up on Jesus people. I also know I’ll never comprehend how greatly Jesus suffered, but because He walked before me and took the brunt of the wind, I can walk in His shadow if I choose, and with His grace, I’ll make it. I’ll never have to feel the pain He felt in my place because of the cross--if I’m faithful.

I truly believe that Not One Sparrow falls but what the Father knows, and cares. If I die, I die in His hands. If I live, I will try to live for Him until the end. And that is all He asks of me—because He loves me. WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

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2. (BM) I Nephi 5:70-168