To Tell The Truth In Love

Time: 600 B.C
Place: Jerusalem, Israel
Situation:God was sending Nebuchadnezzar of
Babylon to punish the Israelites for their idolatry. God always warns men when He plans to smite them. Lehi, one of God's prophets, was receiving this message from heaven in a last attempt to bring them to repentance.

“Wherefore my father Lehi, as he went forth, prayed to the Lord, even with all his heart, in behalf of his people. And as he prayed to the Lord, there came a pillar of fire and dwelt upon a rock before him; and he saw and heard much; and because of the things which he saw and heard, he quaked and trembled exceedingly.

He returned to his own house at Jerusalem; and he cast himself upon his bed, being overcome with the Spirit and the things which he had seen.Being thus overcome with the Spirit, he was carried away in a vision, even that he saw the heavens open, and he thought he saw God sitting upon his throne, surrounded with numberless concourses of angels in the attitude of singing and praising their God.”1

What a wonderful thing he must have seen—the courts of glory! That’s the way God works. Lehi prayed in love for his own people, knowing of their evil ways, and God showed him the danger they were in. He promised never to bring destruction on any people unless He first warned them through the prophets. The warning was coming through Lehi as well as others; God was fed up with their wickedness and rebellion, and was going to spank them. The armies of Babylon were rising up and heading for Jerusalem if God didn’t stop them. In fact, God was sending them. Lehi had to warn the people to repent. If they didn’t, they’d be nearly destroyed.

Knowing that calamity was coming, Lehi went home in shock, and then God showed him the positive side—the courts of glory. How exciting! That’s God’s way. He knew they’d try to kill Lehi--it would be rough going for a while, so God gave him a glimpse into heaven to help sustain him.

Reading about the angels before the throne of God reminded me of an experience I had many years ago. I was on my knees crying to the Lord, and He told me what I was doing before I came on earth. It gave great comfort. The following tells what happened.


Prayer is not one of my gifts; the Spirit told me not to make long prayers. I understand why. My calls were usually 911 emergencies to heaven, short and direct. “Help!” When I read in the Scriptures of people who prayed for hours I wondered what could they say without repetitious or ritual prayer 2 which Jesus condemned. Then I learned that God’s Spirit can speak through me, to me, saying things I’ve never considered before. I’m not referring to speaking in an unknown tongue,3 for at those times I'm speaking of, God and I both understand.

So I learned God’s Spirit covering a person can cause this outpouring of prayer. When Jesus came to America the people prayed under His power and had no problem continuing in a prolonged spirit of worship.

An outpouring came to me as I was on my knees crying before the Lord because of the situation I was in. It was during the days when I teetered on the line between life and death, not knowing which side I’d be on. That line seemed to stretch for miles ahead and I couldn’t see any end. During this prayer I cried out to God, and His Spirit overrode my thoughts. I heard myself saying, “O God, restore me to that place where I was before coming here, where I served You before Your throne of Glory,” or words to that effect. It startled me, but now I knew, and when Jesus said to me through His elders that I’d been set apart here for a work, I had to believe it. I wonder how many others have also been sent on special missions who either don’t recognize it yet, or don’t believe God would use them in a special way. The fascinating testimony of Mrs. Eadie also reveals this—that not only do some have missions, but she says, we chose them:

“As all of these things came to me, I understood the perfection of the plan. I saw that we all volunteered for our positions and stations in the world, and that each of us is receiving more help than we know....” 4


I remember dreaming 30 years ago that I was walking in a heavenly place, a place I could vaguely recall, as if it was from eons ago. My focus seemed to be on a glass case filled with different objects to be won in some kind of contest or work. There was a special gold one, like a music box or something that size, which caught my eye. I had a distinct impression that that one was very hard to win, but I knew I wanted it, and chose it as I was waking. I didn’t understand the dream, but today I believe it represented my work on earth—a commission possibly, yet a work that I chose to do.

The following was written in 1986.
Around 1974, I was impressed to write by what I believed to be the Spirit of the Lord, and the following information was relayed in poetry form. I didn’t know what was being conveyed until I read it after laying down the pencil.

The message:
One day before the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, He and I were walking in a garden in heaven. He told me He loves me very much, but He said I didn’t understand just how much. He said He was going to prove that love for me, and I was to watch what He would do; however, He didn’t tell me that He was going to die for me. Apparently He knew it long before He left the portals of heaven.

He said I witnessed His crucifixion; and when He came back to heaven, we walked in the garden again. This time I understood, and promised to come on earth and do a work for Him. He said He warned me of Satan’s power, and that the devil would try to stop me (for Satan knew who I was before I came down), but that He would take me through it, and the work would be accomplished. I wasn’t told any more about the work other than it would be instrumental in the building of Zion.

I can very easily believe that I witnessed the Crucifixion, for the Scriptures tell us that when Jesus was being taken captive in the Garden of Gethsemane, He said that no man had power to take His life—that He gave it willingly—for legions of angels were surrounding them with drawn swords. All He had to do was speak the word, and they would come to His aid. I believe all the heavenly hosts were witnesses to His death. Why wouldn’t they be? If the sons of God witnessed the creation of the earth, which Job says we did,5 then we would have witnessed the most significant event in all of eternity for this earth—our salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

That conversation and commitment made to Christ in the garden in heaven was many years ago, and now it’s my turn to see how well I can measure up to His challenge. I wonder what kind of vows others have made with Jesus. Whoever reads this testimony can know that you, too, saw His death, and made a promise. I wonder if you are fulfilling it? Time is passing swiftly, and He will be coming soon.

Lehi prayed for Jerusalem because he loved it, and in hearing the truth, he had to pass it on. He was on a prophetic mission from heaven, and the wicked tried to kill him the same as Satan tries to kill all the prophets.

I asked for the truth because I love the concept of Zion, and set my hand to the plow to do what I could to help build it. I believe they tried to kill me, too. I had a frightful dream in the 1960s that I didn’t fully understand until my fingers were typing this page.

I dreamed I was lying on a bed. Beside it lay the Holy Scriptures (which seemed to be a phone, or the means to call for help). Somehow I knew I was in enemy territory, and if I tried to contact help through those Books, I would be in grave danger. My nature being like it is, I picked up those Books to do just that. Then laying them down, I waited. The enemy came in quickly. They surrounded me, as if doctors in an operating room, and put shots all around my head with hypodermic needles. I didn’t fight; I just waited my chance to get away from them. When I could, I grabbed Melissa and ran.

Outside I saw only a street and one building beyond. A car was coming down the street, and I hoped the two people in it wouldn’t take notice of me, for I felt they were with the enemy. After it passed by, I ran across to the building for shelter, but one of them saw me, turned the car around, and I knew that person was coming after me.

Still carrying Melissa, I ran through big double doors into a room full of very sick people. Some were in wheelchairs; others were decayed pitifully. I believe I was seeing their spiritual condition rather than physical illness, for it is the spirit that is in eternal danger.

There was no time to stop, for behind me came the one from the car, a woman. She chased me among the people until I could run no longer. I finally took courage, and putting Melissa down, held my hand up rebuking in the name of Jesus Christ. Everyone in that room stood up healed. They all walked out the doors singing praises and saying they were going to build Zion. No one was more surprised than I.


The dream is fulfilling even today. I ran to save my life and the life of my child. In reality, her father and I had to flee from the world and its ways to save her. Our resting place was found in Jesus Christ. And out of this pain has come a blessing for ourselves and others in the name of Jesus Christ. For when Melissa first became ill, God told me that I was not to fear, for out of small things He will confound the world—that we were helping to lay the foundation of Zion. I didn’t understand it.

When our pastor read my Patriarchal Blessing, he told me the same thing—that is, Melissa’s illness was a preparation for the great work to come into my home. That work seems to be the writing of the testimony of our family. If that is a blessing to others, the praise and honor belongs to God, for it was His help alone that saved us many times.

I called (phoned) for help in the dream, and Satan tried to stop me (the needles in my head, serum put into my brain) through his workers in the church. The help came in the name of Jesus, in His time and in His own way. I had made connection with heaven through the Scriptures. Hundreds of undeniable testimonies revealing the power and love of God came into our daily walk with Him, and nothing could stop it.

That woman chasing me, my mother, whom I loved and never disobeyed, fought me more than any other; but this only forced me to stand up strong in the Lord. To survive I had to choose between her pressurized counsel, or God. I chose God. And that has been the salvation of myself, my daughter, and apparently a multitude of others in time.


My help, my salvation lay hidden in the Treasures of the Sacred Word, and I went to find them.  Satan didn't like that.  He tried to rain on my joy.  I didn't like that! I was too scared to get mad, but I got even.  I listened to the Voice on the other end of the line, and I found those treasures! You can too! WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)


1. (BM) I Nephi 1:4-7 about 600 B.C.
2. The prayer wheels of the Hindu, and rosary bead prayers of the Roman Catholics are good examples of ritual prayer.

3. Joseph Smith defined the purpose of tongues, as a ministry for unbelievers. It’s better to remain silent, he said, if there is no interpretation. And if it doesn’t edify, what is the purpose? He said, "We believe in it (expressions of the Holy Spirit) in all its fullness of power, and greatness and glory. But whilst we do this we believe in it rationally, reasonably, consistently, and scripturally, and not according to the wild vulgaries, foolish notions and traditions of men. The human family are very apt to run to extremes, especially in religious matters, and hence people in general either want some miraculous display or they will not believe in the gift of the Holy Ghost at all. Be not so curious about tongues, do not speak in tongues except there be an interpreter present; the ultimate design of tongues is to speak to foreigners, and if persons are very anxious to display their intelligence, let them speak to such in their own tongue. The gifts of God are all useful in their place, but when they are applied to that God doth not intend, they prove an injury, a snare, and a curse instead of a blessing." (Times and Seasons.)

God Speaks To Us In Our Own Language
Nephi was talking about the doctrine of Christ and of how God works in plainness with men so they may understand Him. He said, "...I shall speak to you plainly, according to the plainness of my prophesying. For my soul delights in plainness; for after this manner does the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God gives light to the understanding; for He speaks to men according to their language, to their understanding." 2N Ch.13:4-5

4. Embraced by the Light, p. 53; See The Stars Go Out
5. Job 38:1-7