Heaven Shall Win !

Sister Fowler, a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, shares the following.
“My daughter Elizabeth, passed from this world into the other on the 17th of November, 1931, leaving behind a very desolate home and a heart broken mother, brothers and sisters, and also two sons. The only thing in her life that I really regret today is that she never wrote down any of her beautiful dreams that in many instances were so significant. There is one however, that I can recall, and I believe is universally beneficial, and is a most vivid dream. I shall tell it as she told me it. This is only one of many beautiful dreams of Elizabeth, and I have told it that perhaps it might help someone who is in doubt and despair.”

In my dream I was standing on an elevation of ground, and a short distance away, standing on a pedestal, I saw Satan. He was marvelous in stature, majestic in bearing and awful in his power. His face was raised toward the heavens, and shaking his fist at God, he cried in a loud voice:
“Hear my oath! I shall win, and Heaven shall lose. I shall win!” And then I heard the voice of the Lord reply, in a tender yet penetrating voice:
“Heaven shall not lose, for I am sending My servants forth from My Church, in great power; and they will spread My gospel to all parts of the earth and win many souls unto Me.”

But Satan cried out louder:
“Your servants shall perish, for I will send a great heat, and they shall faint by the way.”

By this time the great power of the Evil One had so impressed me that I fell to the earth, crying; “All is lost!” But a personage standing by my side touched me and said: “Look up and see, all is not lost. Heaven is prepared, Heaven and the church shall win.”
I rose to my feet and looked to the Heavens, and saw they were armour-clad. And again I heard the voice from Heaven to Satan: “Heaven is prepared, and it shall win!”

With a loud cry of defeat Satan fled, and then I felt the wondrous power of God and knew that it was mightier than that of the Evil One. In my joy I lifted my arms and praised the Lord, and cried aloud the words spoken from Heaven: “Heaven shall win!”1 WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)


Jesus Threw Satan Out

Satan never gives up. If he can’t deceive you, and you are not naturally ornery, he will try to torment you personally. One never knows when he is going to try to hassle you. He came to hassle my daughter, too.

Melissa’s room was just across the hall from our bedroom and one morning early, she came to the door visibly shaken. In tears she told us she was asleep when suddenly she awoke at being nearly physically attacked by Satan. He was right beside her bed and starting to tear at her clothes. She was terrified and cried out to God. Jesus Christ came rapidly into the room right through her south bedroom wall. He grabbed Satan by the scruff of his neck and seat of his pants (as one might describe it), and hustled him right back out through that same wall. She signed that Jesus “threw” him a long distance. Imagine seeing that—Satan going flying through the air, bounced by Jesus!

Later that day she came into the kitchen where I was fixing a meal, and she still couldn’t shake off the fear. Tears swelled up in her eyes as she was trying to deal with the thought that Satan could simply enter her room like that. I prayed for wisdom to be able to help her dispel this unusual fear, which I’m sure Satan was having a part in. So I asked her to again relate the experience. Then I asked, “And who had the power over whom?” She looked at me and smiled as if a light came on. “Jesus,” she replied.
“And didn’t Jesus promise to always come to help you?” I asked.
“Yes, God has more power, God is first,” she said, and the fear has never returned. She knows who the boss is, and it isn’t Satan!


Be In The World But Not Of It
Satan's Beginning

One night after retiring, I found myself in a curious place. I dreamed I was walking on barren ground unlike anything I’d seen before. The soil was like very fine-ground cinders totally void of any moisture. There were no trees or vegetation of any kind, and it appeared there hadn’t been for a long time. At a short distance in front of me was a fenced-in area with a strange looking animal inside. It was similar to a Stegosaurs, an ancient reptile, but with only one fin down its back. Now the fin was gone. I felt the animal had lost the majestic beauty of its creation and was only an ugly skeleton of the original. Discerning the animal was dangerous, I tried to avoid the area it occupied. I knew by the Spirit present with me that this desperately thirsty creature would attach itself onto a person’s back, not to kill them but like a spider to paralyze its victim, and drain the life fluids until there was nothing left but a dead shell.WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)


I awoke wanting to avoid the domain of this animal at all costs. This Satan, whose domain is the world is nothing to toy around with—stay out of his territory. “Be in the world but not OF it.” But fools still rush in where angels fear to tread, they say. I don’t claim angelic status, but all my life, especially after this experience, I avoided places I knew were and are his domain—bars, places of “worldly entertainment,” etc.—as much as possible. Common sense causes me to question which kind of spirit is in the majority at any place, God’s or Satan’s, and I have no pride when it comes to the question, “Are you afraid to walk there?” I quickly answer, “You bet I am. I fear for my soul! The demons are in greater power of wickedness in there than I am in righteousness. And thank you, no, I choose not to frequent a place where my soul can be attacked.” Fear is the beginning of knowledge. Thus “fools rush in. . . .”

This insight about Satan, his former state of grandeur, and his present state of misery was a great light. I understood that he wants what people have—the water of life that Jesus spoke about—the Spirit of God—the life which makes the Universe alive. He’s jealous of the sons of God, and is a miserable being who wants to make others as miserable as he is. His purpose is not to physically kill although in some cases I think he would if God would let him (as in the story of Job where he couldn’t kill Job, but did his children); but rather it is to spiritually drain people—to use us for his selfish purposes. And his cancer has to live off something to keep Him alive through us—it is our sins—our yielding to his whispering in our ear to defy God, to break the rules our godly parents and the Spirit of God have taught us. And thus yielding we give him power to attach himself to our back—power over our lives. “Get off my back” sure fits. Satan literally hounds us and if we yield, when we are used up he will cast off the dead shell like the spider leaves the old web to start another. And brethren, he laughs at our stupidity and misery as another one of God’s children is caught in the tangled web, a shell of their former innocence and beauty with which they, too, were created.

That animal I saw was not choosy. I knew it would attack anyone that came around its confined area, but I was safe if I kept out of its territory. The Apostles taught us we’re not really the target; it’s Jesus Christ this animal fights. We’re just pawns—expendable shells to Satan, but to God, the Father, every soul is precious; and to Christ,our Savior, the One who loved and died to protect us from this ravaging reptile of antiquity, we are everything. I choose to stay as close to my Savior as I can. I know that means to be obedient to His rules—don’t make up my own and expect the same outcome as when following His. Then I can count on Him when this reptile tries to strike again. And he will to the end! WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

1. Copied from A Mother in Israel, by Mary Fowler, pp. 33-34.