God Went With Us
To The Car Dealers

Back in the 60s when the children were beginning school we needed a second car. One day Gene came home with a “good deal” from his boss. The man worked on cars and sold them as a hobby. He had this “real good” car for Gene. I always took everything to God in prayer for counsel first because the Book of Mormon prophets said it is what God would have us do. We did.

That night I had a dream that we bought a second car, and without anyone driving it, it began to lunge forward into a wall and back up into things until it had totally wrecked itself. I awoke believing God’s counsel was that this “good deal” of a car was a “wreck.”

Gene turned down the deal, and within two days his boss was out on the highway driving this car when the transmission fell out. It was a wreck just like God described it.


Car Dealer Number Two Thirty Years Later

Gene felt it was time to purchase a new car and had been running this around in his mind for some time. One afternoon the family got in our Olds and went looking. It was, I’m ashamed to say, on the Sabbath, but God still honored it, for if it had been any other time, the testimony would have been nullified.

Because it was the Sabbath, the car dealers were closed. We didn’t want to be bothered by any of them anyway, and thus went when no one was there. We went to the first lot and I wasn’t impressed with anything I saw. The second was Sonny Hill’s lot. We drove in, and across the way I spotted a tan Buick. That’s the first car I’ve ever cared enough to look at more than once. Cars aren’t my thing; however, this one intrigued me. I pointed it out, but the others had a “Yeah, mom, that’s nice” attitude and walked clear to the back of the lot. On wandering to the front, I walked over to this car and looked in. There were the keys and the door was unlocked. Well, Satan get behind me!

After jabbering over this unusual situation for a bit, we took the car keys and locked it up. We figured someone else might just take it for a ride and not return it. (Not us, of course!) We were going to have some fun come Monday morning. I’d already made up my mind that I wanted that car. Gene hadn’t.

Early Monday morning he returned the keys, and they were “very grateful,” however, not grateful enough in the pocketbook for my idea. We decided to pray about it. That night Debbie had a dream.

Her father was in his car backing out the driveway to go get the new car. She wanted one too, but he said for her to wait and see.

We knew the counsel was to go get ours. Gene then called another dealer and got a fantastic price for the same car. Sonny Hill wasn’t to be outdone. They called back, but this time I went with Gene. The boss and I discussed exactly how grateful they were that we didn’t steal the car. He said many are stolen and never seen again. Imagine that! We bought the car for factory list price.

Now this wasn’t all. We were trading in our son-in-law’s old car for a set amount. When we took it in, we didn’t know it was worthless (a rod was ready to blow). The boss told the mechanic that they were going to give us what he promised anyway. We could just see David out on the highway in a wreck. That’s why the counsel was to get it now, we believed, because David and Judy were inheriting our Olds which was in good shape. God wanted him out of that car.

Debbie still wanted a new car. Her counsel was to wait and see. She kept trying to make that mean—go get one now! Shortly afterwards she was in a wreck (not her fault). The insurance fixed her’s up like a new car. She was delighted. She got her new one too, because she waited on the Lord. And it didn’t cost her a dime. Praise The Lord!