The Power Of Prayer
When People Care

Jesus said we are to love our brother as ourselves. We ARE our brother’s keeper. We should be so close to them in the spirit of love that we can feel their pain as well as their joy. And when the love of Jesus Christ enters our hearts, we are capable of these feelings. Love for our fellowman is a gift from heaven. If we have it, we should count our blessings. If we don’t, we should pray for it, for it can do mighty miracles in the lives of those we pray for.

I have a brother and sister, not by blood, but by a greater tie—the Spirit of Jesus Christ. I have wept with them in their time of sorrow and rejoiced with them in their joy, not an artificial feeling, but the real thing. Their names are Dick and Pat Hettrick.
The report was sad.
“What’s this I hear about Dirk?” I asked Dick.
“Hodgkin’s,” he answered. “Cancer in the lymph glands.”
“How bad is it?”
I asked.
“We’re taking him to Boston for an operation. Tumors need to be removed.”
I thought.

As days passed I was moved upon by the Spirit to pray mightily for my friends. Jesus taught me what fervent prayer means. I had no peace of mind. The power and weight of the love Christ has for each of us burdened me day after day. I truly wanted this man’s son to receive a blessing, and I don’t believe it would have been much different if it had been my own son. Dirk was well known in school and his father was a minister. It is believed that nearly 20,000 persons were upholding them at this time of trial.

One afternoon as I was in the spirit of prayer, I saw Jesus standing with His arms outstretched toward Dick and Dirk. Behind the Christ stood the doctor. Dick and his son were walking toward them. The vision closed.

Dick was taking his son to the East Coast for the best medical treatment he could find. I believed Christ was going to heal him. We waited. The report came back from Boston that when the doctors opened Dirk in surgery, they saw the work of Jesus Christ and acknowledged a miracle—the tumors and all signs of cancer were gone. Dirk and Dick came home to great rejoicing and tears of joy. Many thanked God for this wonderful blessing.

Every six months for eight years, Dirk went in the hospital for a checkup. Everything was fine so he stopped going in. Eight years had been added to his life because people had cared enough to pray for him, and their prayers were in harmony with God’s will. In the ninth year, Dirk suddenly began to show signs of the cancer again. He started treatments which made him very ill, and he suffered, losing ground rapidly. When I heard the news, I was very troubled because I couldn’t rid the feeling that this time he was being taken home—his time was up.

As I was telling my mother about my fears, she told me they weren’t groundless—that nine years before when Dirk first became ill, one of the elders praying over him had received insight about his condition. The elder told her that as he laid hands upon Dirk’s head and began praying, he had a vision. He saw Dirk had passed on and felt that God was going to call him home. The minister kept the vision to himself for a long time. When Dirk was healed, it caused him to wonder. Nine years later the meaning became clear.


Conflicting Insight?

Related here are two visions. I saw Jesus stand between Dirk and the doctor indicating a powerful blessing. The elder saw him called home. Both were from God’s Spirit. Both were true and fulfilled, yet had these two visions been placed side by side, one would have believed mine, while time ultimately proved them both true. It is wise to test the spirit, not jump to conclusions, and trust the grace of God for being merciful and sufficient to cover us one day at a time.

The Old Testament gives us a good example of what looks like mixed signals from the Lord, yet the end of the story tells it all—man needs to listen with his heart and understand.

Time: 600 B.C.
Warring kings: King Zedekiah of the Jews and Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon
Situation: Jerusalem was about to be destroyed.
Prophets: Jeremiah and Ezekiel
Question: Submit or not to submit to the enemy

Jeremiah warned Nebuchadnezzar would destroy Jerusalem and take the Jews captive into Babylon for 70 years if they didn’t bring their necks to the yoke of Babylon and submit to the king. Ezekiel, the youngest, prophesied that King Zedekiah would “never see Babylon.” Both men were sure God was speaking through them—division in the ranks. Because the king didn’t know who to believe, he believed neither.

We know how the story ends—Nebuchadnezzar came, destroyed Jerusalem, took the Jews captive to Babylon for 70 years.
And Ezekiel’s prophecy? King Nebuchadnezzar killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes and then blinded him. He was bound in chains and taken captive into Babylon where he died.
1  Both prophets were right.

Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time to live, love, laugh and cry--a time appointed for all things under heaven, and so it is, there is an appointed time for us to die. It’s part of God’s plan. It was a blessing for Dirk to be relieved of the condition which bound his body.

When Dirk first became ill, he was about 14 years old. And what a blessing his parents received in the extra nine years granted. They were allowed to see him mature and to witness his ordination to the office of a Teacher under the hands of his brother, who, on the same day, was set apart first to the office of Priest in God’s Holy Priesthood,2 and I have no doubts they will work together in the Resurrection. 3

How good God is to us. Dirk was granted nine extra years on earth because people loved him enough to pray for him. Anyone who has diligently prayed for someone has received the testimony sooner or later that there is no greater power on earth than prayer. Let us pray for one another so we might learn to love our brethren as Christ loves us.


Pray In Harmony With God's Will

Learning wisdom through others’ experiences sometimes is the only way those of us who were born without it, can obtain it. It is great wisdom to always pray, “Thy will be done—no matter what I want.” Don’t ask amiss and then expect your prayer to be answered.

The counsel given to the Twelve in Jerusalem was plain.

“Verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven. Again, I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, that THEY MAY NOT ASK AMISS, it shall be done for them of My Father which is in heaven.” (Matt. 18:18-19)

Years ago, I heard the story of how one of my husband’s relatives had died—a minister who was greatly loved and respected. It surprised me that God would answer an unwise prayer, but evidently from this testimony, He does sometimes to teach us a lesson. So it’s wise not to insist on your prayer being answered or someone you love might get hurt. A group of priesthood learned what asking amiss can do.

About twenty years ago, Hubert, a relative of my husband, was nigh unto death from cancer. His brethren in the ministry began praying for God to spare his life. Mighty prayer ascended in his behalf. He lived and suffered. He told one of the brethren praying for him that he couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t release him from his mortal frame—that he had lived a faithful life in service and love toward his fellow man, yet he was not allowed to go home. Why? He prayed for release.

I heard the reason why from the lips of the man to whom God gave the answer. Bill Oliver said, “The Lord’s Spirit rested on me in power revealing to me that the ministry were asking amiss. Our prayers were not in harmony with God’s wishes and that the prayers were prolonging Hubert’s life. I went to the brethren, and we released him into God’s hands by praying, ‘Thy will be done.’ Brother Hubert Mills died immediately.”

Through Brother Hubert’s suffering, insight was given to many to always seek God’s will in any matter and once knowing it, the prayers would be in faith and could be honored. A prayer can never be wrong when it ends with “nevertheless, not what I want, but Thy will be done.” Even Jesus prayed that He might not have to face the cross but added a “Thy will be done.” And what if He hadn’t added that, nor yielded His will to God’s? Where would we be? Repentance would have no effect, mercy would have no claim on us and we would have been cast off forever, for justice would have taken its toll. God couldn’t have reclaimed us from the penalty affixed to the laws we had broken.

But Jesus did face the cross. He submitted His will to the Father’s, and because He lives, you and I can face tomorrow’s judgment, that great and final day when all shall stand before the great I AM to answer for the deeds we have done while in the flesh. I learned plainly that Jesus did die for me. The following experience tells what happened.


I Saw Two Personages

My Master has been more than patient with me—He has been long-long-suffering. There was a particular mistake (that sounds better than sin) that I kept repeating. I knew it was wrong, but I was weak. It was not all that bad, I thought. I ignored the Spirit’s prompting or constraints (to not say that next thought)—not being sure if it was God talking to me —not “seeing” any harm in what was about to be said, etc. I learned it’s better to say nothing when in doubt than to offend God and find out later He was talking to you.

God said He won’t allow sin in the least degree in the kingdom. I was a sinner. I had no excuse if I wanted in the kingdom. It had to stop, but I couldn’t stop it, or didn’t. Each time I prayed seriously for forgiveness of this sin, I received it, that is, until God had enough. And the time will come when God does have enough!

Feeling guilty, I was on my knees praying about it again, but this time my prayer bounced back off the ceiling at me. I’d never experienced such a thing before, but it was very evident that my prayer was being rejected. God wasn’t going to listen to me anymore. I felt totally alone, unforgiven. Instinctively I thought of Jesus Christ as my Mediator, and I prayed, “Jesus, will you ask Him to forgive me?”

1+1= 2
To my utter amazement, I saw the Father on His throne. Christ was standing down a little to His right. Jesus held His arms out toward me and then turned toward God slightly, with His arms still outstretched as if presenting me to Him. Not a word was spoken but I felt God, the Father, reach down into my bedroom and enfold me in His arms. I was comforted, forgiven, and secure.4

I wept as the words of my Patriarchal Blessing came to mind, “Comfort her, dear Lord, and take her into Thy loving arms and bless her by Thy divine grace and power, and guide and direct her in her everyday walk of life.” That blessing had been given to me about ten years before. The promise was literal, and I saw it happen. This is the sealing power of the elders of His church.5


I Doubted His Pain

This wonderful experience left no question in my mind that Jesus Christ had the influence with God for me to be either accepted or rejected. His forfeited life had paid the price for my rebellion. I know, because I saw I was forgiven only after Jesus pled for me. How many times I have heard people say, “Yes,” they believed that Jesus went to the cross for them, “but” they were sure it was made easier for Him than it sounded because He was the Son of God. That made sense to me until Jesus told me differently.

One day an angel stood beside me, and under that influence I wrote what the messenger impressed upon my mind. When I took the message to High Priest, Arthur Rock, then pastor of the Stone Church, he shared another’s message with me. A few hours after he had my message in his hands, an elder came into his office and gave him a message which he had received only a few hours after mine. Mr. Rock’s face turned white as he read. The elder questioned him why, and Mr. Rock handed him my message. The content was basically the same.

Some time passed and the Spirit impressed me to read this message before a large group of people at our World Conference. I shuddered at the thought because the message was an admonition,6 and who wants to be admonished? Also of note was that at that time, women were unacceptable as ministers or messengers of the Word.

Three times the gentle Spirit of the Lord came to me, about once each month. I said, “No.” A few days before Conference, I hadn’t changed my mind. The Gentle Spirit came again, and I heard the Still Small Voice in my innermost being, “I died for you. Won’t you do this for Me?” I became angry because I was too scared to do it, and wanted a way out. My immediate reaction was, “Yes, but you are His Son and You weren’t afraid because He helped You!” Again the Voice spoke, “Oh, yes I was afraid. When I went to the cross, I had all the fears of a man, and I suffered as a man.”

If anyone else had been in the room at the time, they would have heard nothing. He spoke only to my heart and I answered in silence, yet I know today as I knew then that I was talking to Jesus, and I would have to give my life before I could deny it. I would be lying to the Holy Ghost if I denied, and that’s unpardonable.

The Spirit of my Lord then left me to think it over. I felt no condemnation from Him for my accusation that He had “special privileges.” I felt He only wanted me to understand that He had not come on earth as a teacher’s pet, but had suffered more than man can understand. Scripture tells us Jesus had so much anguish that He sweat drops of blood. (Luke 22:44) Today, our Medics call it stress. How many of us have sweat blood over our stress? (D&C 18: 2 ) I decided to cooperate.


The Message Is Delivered

The day before conference I was attending to my household chores when my thoughts were invaded with the question, “Janice, what will you do if they turn off the microphones?” Panic shot through me at the thought, for I’d never contemplated such a thing. I said, “Lord, what would I do?” The Still Small Voice spoke peace to my cowardly soul by saying, “Don’t I control the micro-phones?” I thought, “Of course, and besides, they wouldn’t be that rude.” Well, they were!

Having forgotten the caution, only being concerned with the next minutes ahead of me, when it happened, I didn’t panic. I trusted God for each minute that passed, and shut out any negatives that Satan could throw at me. The only other instructions given me was to wear my bright pink dress, and stand precisely at 10:30 a.m. I didn’t question—-obedience was the call of the moment.

I chose a seat beside the aisle for easy access to the mike. A few minutes before the service began I became uneasy. “Lord, where are You?” I questioned. “Be at peace, I’m standing in the aisle beside you,” came the reply, and a calm filled my being. The service commenced and many stood—so many that the presider said, “Let no more stand, for we have enough standing to fill the time.” I looked at the clock and it read 10:25. “That’s not 10:30. The Lord said 10:30,” so I waited. At precisely 10:30 the presider looked in the opposite direction, I stood, he turned back, and my bright pink dress caught his attention. He called on me.

“Woe, woe, woe to the land shadowing with wings, yea, woe to the inhabitants of a nation that is lifted up in the pride of their hearts. Woe to this nation of hypocrites who blaspheme the name of their God and King,” I began reading. It was evident from this beginning that no one was going to get a pat on the back for good behavior. The presider let me read a little further before interrupting me by asking, “Sister, is this going to be very long? ” Very innocently I replied, “No,” for I had folded the paper in half per instruction of the Spirit, and no one could tell the length. In reality, it was a full typewritten single-spaced, page and a half.

He then asked if I would relinquish the mike for another lady who had been “waiting, standing” for a long time. Not knowing Robert’s Rules of Order, I checked it out with the Lord and He instructed me to say, “Yes, if you will return the mike to me,” to which the presider trapped himself by consenting. God was going to get that message read one way or another.

The battle of the Spirits was an interesting one to watch, for when the mike was returned, it was turned off; it was dead! Then I remembered the warning the day before. They had done it. Sound stopped pulling into the mike, and no sound was feeding back through the speakers above me. I stopped reading and said, “Turn the mikes back on.” The presider said, “Oh, we can hear you fine.” And well they could, for God was in control. High Priest Arthur was sitting in the overflow in the basement in the far reaching corners of that building. He said my voice came through clear as a bell.

Knowing the mikes were off, I gave it to the Lord and said, “OK Lord, now is the real test. Either it’s Yours or it’s not.” I started reading again. The boy holding the mike, knowing the mike was dead, tried to remove it from in front of me at least twice, but I continued to read, my voice continued to be heard, and he stayed there. I felt so sorry for his uncomfortable position at such a young age.

Power descended, filling my being, unearthly power, endowed power. My body began to tremble under the Spirit resident in me at that time. The power steadily increased each second. I was made to understand that this is the power by which the Universe was created, and that it could increase, and never cease increasing. Awesome!

The elder tried to interrupt again, but the Spirit bade me read on. If it were necessary, the walls could have come down by the increasing power of my voice alone. The mike, being held over a portion of the message, covered several lines, and I knew I’d have to move the paper when I got to that part. Not so. I read through the metal as if it wasn’t there, and it was so natural that I didn’t realize it until after the service was over.

That experience taught me much about the love of God for the agency of man. I saw the Spirit of God was not willing to force me to serve. All the time I had this power present with me, I had my agency to cease speaking at will. I learned the Spirit of God will never force itself upon anyone. It will persuade gently, and if you are willing, will work in harmony with you. Satan, however, is the opposite. He will force and control a man’s actions, giving him no choice to reject his demons once he has control. This is called possession. There is a drastic difference between the two. God honors a man’s agency; Satan does not. He would take it from man if God would let him. He sought to do this in the beginning of the world.

The message was an admonition to those who were heading into apostasy, and a promise to the faithful that their hopes and dreams for Zion will become a reality after the cleansing. The year was 1966, the year the First Presidency presented the Position Papers to the RLDS church and began building a new platform upon which to guide her.

Since then women’s ordination has been accepted, open communion is practiced, and the body has been ripped apart into many groups and factions. Church properties are being sold off and the institutional church membership dwindling. The prophecy is well into fulfilling at this time.  The church is being sifted. God is getting His "Gideon's 300" ready.  Jesus is coming! WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)


The 1966 Admonition

Admonition read at the 1966 World Conference, Stone Church Prayer Meeting

Woe, woe to the land shadowing with wings. Yea, woe to the inhabitants of a nation that is lifted up in the pride of their hearts. Woe to this nation of hypocrites who blaspheme the name of their God and King.

Not many days hence this nation and city of Independence shall be filled with sorrow and anguish. Many shall mourn; many shall deny the Holy Ghost;  many shall sell their souls for a crust of bread fed to them by the hand of Satan.

My people, My people, have I not warned you of these trying times to come? Have ye not seen the handwriting on the wall? Many the time I have called to you and ye turned away. Ye have not kept My law; ye have procrastinated the day of your repentance. Ye have supposed that because Independence is the Center Place that it would be spared because of the promises made of the gathering and redemption of Zion; but My Spirit has continually warned of the judgments of the Almighty God to fall on man if he kept not My law. I do not compromise with the Satanic forces! Ye have been told I will allow no sin in the least degree. Ye have thought ye could keep a portion of the law and slip into the kingdom. I have told My servants to tell My people, ye must keep the whole law. If ye break one law, ye may as well break it all, for ye will not be worthy to enter into Celestial glory.

Why do ye persist in partaking of Babylon? Have I not pleaded for you to come up higher that ye might taste of the riches of the kingdom? Ye have sought to please man and thereby been deceived and lost your own, for Satan has bound you strong with the cords of iniquity.

Wickedness in all forms is soon to reap her rewards, for My coming is nigh at hand. This sacred city that I have designated to be the Center shall be trodden under foot by the heathen for many days. Great shall be the anguish of My people. Few will be left to tell of what happened. Many homes will be left desolate, but My faithful few will I reserve unto Myself in places of safety where none can harm. Only those who are obedient to My voice and know Me will heed My call.

Ye have built up fine churches to yourselves while you have among you the poor, hungry, sick and needy. Think ye I have smiled upon this? Have I not counseled My people many times, if ye would be Mine, ye must be equal, for inequality causes envy and strife. It is not just in the eyes of your Creator that one man have more than his share.

Soon destruction will cover the earth and My people shall hardly escape. Many have seen these calamities and tried to warn of them. My prophets have been persecuted for it has been in a day of peace. Soon night is upon you and ye will have time no more to work.

The church which calls itself by My name has turned to Egypt. They seek Me not, and I have warned you, My people, that the Father in Heaven is able to do His own work! This work will be carried on by the righteous and none else. Search the Scriptures! Ye think because ye have the Three Books that ye will be upheld, but know ye not the day was when no one had My gospel? Can I not take it from you and give it to a people who will do My work? There is a people ready to heed Me now, and this gospel shall pass from your hands to theirs. They shall fulfill My words and establish Zion.

The prophecies of My Father are plain to understand. No longer will I wait for ye to destroy My gospel and pollute My holy grounds. My waiting time is up. Soon ye shall see the hand on the dial of time at the stroke of midnight. Those among you who have not prepared will not longer be given grace. The time is ended and ye shall reap for your eternal souls the works of an unwise servant. To whom much is given, much has been required and ye did not live up to your calling.

A prophet shall come shortly who shall be of another people and shall carry out My work, and those among you shall follow him into seeing the fulfillment of your dreams and hopes for Zion.

Woe unto My people whom I would have gathered as I would those of Jerusalem; but ye, like they, would not heed the call and seek your Heavenly Father's throne. Oh, that ye would come unto Me, My little ones, for ye are all My children and it grieves Me that ye seek no higher principles than ye do. Come unto Me, O, come unto Me, ye who hear this call, that I might instruct you in the last minutes of time before the seat of Satan rules in My once sacred and holy ground."

"Nobody can overthrow me--I have the power"
(and authority?)

These are the famous last words of the Shaw of Iran.  He was confident in his power base, which was that he was an ally of the United States for 35 years, and when his country was near revolution, he "knew" the U.S. would back him, so he followed the U.S. embassy's advise: "to do nothing".  He let the fires of revolution, stemming from corruption in his government, burn, and it burned down his throne.  His confidence in the power of man was to no avail, and he fled his country as the religious fundamentalist fanatics took over.  The arm of flesh failed.

Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it;
except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Psalm 127

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Sifting in the Reorganization,
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1. Jer. 39: 6-7; Josephus p. 218 “...but Zedekiah did not believe their prophecies for the reason following:... Both prophets agreed the city would be taken and Zedekiah taken captive, but Ezekiel said the king wouldn’t see Babylon, while Jeremiah said he would be taken captive in bonds, and “because they did not both say the same thing as to this circumstance, he disbelieved what they both appeared to agree in, and condemned them as not speaking truth therein, although all the things foretold did come to pass according to their prophecies ...”

2. PRIESTHOODS There are two priesthoods—Melchisedec and Aaronic (Heb. 7) See I will Build My Church


4. “I understood, to my surprise, that Jesus was a separate being from God, with his own divine purpose, and I knew that God was our mutual Father. My Protestant upbringing had taught me that God, the Father, and Jesus Christ were one being...” Embraced by the Light, p. 47

5. SEALING POWER OF THE ELDERS Christ gave His priesthood the power to ask what they would and it would be honored in heaven as on earth. By this authority man will see evidence of the revelation of God and miracles performed. (Matt. 16:18-19; HSIV-vs. 19-20; and KJ- Matt. 18:18-19)

6. The Admonition is not included in this manuscript. It was for that time, people and place--Independence, MO 1966. It warned of the apostasy setting in, and their failure to accomplish the work given to the Restoration. It spoke to those who do obey--that they will see their hopes and dreams for Zion become a reality.