Returns To Comfort Her Deaf Sister

Several years ago I was impressed to write the story of God’s dealings with our family. A messenger woke me up one morning, gave me the title of the book, Not One Sparrow, and the train of thought to run throughout the story. He likened our family to the sparrows whom God always watches. I commenced writing and when I came to the experiences of losing two babies within a year’s time, the pain came flooding back almost as acutely as it had been at that time. I lay down my pen and through tears I prayed, “Lord, do I have to do this? ” The Spirit said, “Write on,” so I obeyed.

When I finished the work, I petitioned the Lord by saying, “Lord, You asked me to write my testimony. You know the pain, and You know the trust I put in You when the babies died. It’s been 20 years now, and I’ve never asked You anything about them; but I would like to know something now. Can you tell me anything?” My prayer was silent, my heart empty and longing for some knowledge of them. The following experiences were given to our deaf girl, and were the first bits of information we received about the two other family members in heaven. The Spirit first revealed the restoring of Melissa’s hearing to her in dreams

This manifestation was only the beginning of the revelation about them to us. Melissa was so lonely during her growing up years. She didn’t want to associate with other children her age because of their non-celestial habits, so she walked alone. I taught my children it is better to walk alone than to have friends that will lead you to hell. And knowing her sister was on the other side, Melissa asked the Lord why He wouldn’t let Susan come and live with us. God answered her simple childlike petition. He sent Susan Marie back with the explanation.

The Graveyard

Jesus took Melissa to the graveyard in Independence where Susan was buried at the age of 8 hours old. In the dream she saw down into the ground, through the tiny white casket, and there lay Susan’s physical body, whole, beautiful as God had formed her in my womb. Melissa understood that Susan’s physical body couldn’t live on the earth, and then she understood what death really meant. Shortly thereafter, she saw Susan again in a dream.


Melissa and her brother, Tim, were standing in our garage in a dream, and Susan, now a grown woman, descended on a cloud. The cloud touched the ground out in our front yard, Susan stepped off of it, and walked into the garage. She embraced her brother and greeted Melissa. Susan was dressed in a white robe; and when Melissa asked her why she couldn’t come and live with us, Susan called attention to her spirit body—that it was light, not earthly. She told Melissa that she couldn’t come until she had a resurrected body. When Susan had to leave, Melissa felt sorrow for having to part with a loved one; but she knew Susan had to leave. She stepped back on the cloud, and ascended.

I asked to be given knowledge about them, and God granted a testimony to be given to Melissa who had the greater need. But for me, there is great joy waiting at our family reunion, when I see these two again. When I was carrying my first-born son in the womb, I was told he is a prophet of God. I do not doubt it.


Susan Comes Again

December 31, 1986
The Harrington family knows that angels are coming soon to visit the earth. They’re here now! Susan has again appeared to Melissa, this time when I was present in the room, but I was totally unaware of it. Melissa was reading the Bible and Susan appeared in front of her, smiled, and then disappeared. Melissa was left with an answer to her two-day old prayer—what is the color of Susan’s eyes? Gene has blue eyes, but it appears all have inherited Mom’s color. Susan, with her blonde hair has turned up with brown eyes, and is the exact image of Mom, Melissa says, except for the dark hair (now gray-streaked). Melissa was joyfully surprised to see her. Unimportant one thinks? Not to God. What is important to Melissa is important to Him. He hears our simplest prayers and answers our questions on our level of understanding.

Susan was in a white robe, and Melissa was allowed to see only a little past her waist. Then she was gone. The angels are coming to open the door for the visit of Jesus. What a privilege we have, knowing the two worlds are soon to be united. The blessings are only beginning.


They Came To Stay

Melissa had one final word of knowledge given about them. She saw both of them come to live on earth in their bodies of flesh.

Melissa dreamed she was walking along a country road and came to a fork in the road. She didn’t know which way to go, so stood viewing the countryside. Cows were grazing in the field, and all things were normal. Her attention was called upward, and she saw three personages approaching the earth. It was Susan, Michael, and Jesus. The two stepped on the ground, but Jesus stayed in the distance, as if bringing them, then He was returning to heaven.

That tells me they will come on earth before the glory coming—to Zion! When they neared, Melissa could see them very clearly, and described their physical appearance. “Susan was wearing a pretty blue gingham dress with puff sleeves,” she said, “and she had long, curly, strawberry blonde hair, and looks like Mom.” I was impressed, for Melissa didn’t know that at birth, Susan had strawberry-blonde curls. Michael was black-haired. “Michael was tall with black hair, and wearing a white shirt and dark slacks. I knew they were coming to live with our family on earth,” she said. “Do you mean they are coming to stay with us?” I asked. “Yes, that is what I thought when I saw them coming.” she answered.

Since those testimonies have been given to Melissa, she has adjusted and does not concern herself about loneliness to be with Susan. She knows the time is coming when they will be together. Praise God! It is interesting to note that these young people she saw were matured. They died as newborns. Thus we may conclude that as the old who die return in age to their prime (about 30s), so the young continue to grow to maturity. How marvelous an insight! WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

Just Once More, Lord

When I heard Barbara Darrington’s testimony, I was moved to include it in Not One Sparrow for its great worth testifying that there is growth in heaven. I was unable to acquire her written testimony, therefore, when invited to a campfire were she might share it, I prayed that I might hear this beautiful testimony just once more to write it. Barbara was being pulled to go dancing instead, but on her way home from work, her son appeared in a vision before her. It gave her the strength and courage to come and tell his story that others might be comforted. He loves his mother, and so does God who sent him to her, just once more—again.

“Just once more, Lord, please,” she sobbed, broken in heart and spirit. The nights without him were especially empty. And God heard Barbara’s cries. Suddenly she was standing on a hill in a beautiful bright light. She could see everything so clearly, and heard the chatter of children—teenagers. She recognized one girl immediately—her niece who died as a baby. Suddenly standing beside her was the reason for her petition--a young man she loved. Very motheringly, Barbara looked him over taking notice of everything she could about him, so she could remember. She realized she’d probably never see him again until Resurrection Day. The two stood there embacing. She checked to see if the scar on his mouth was still there, from when he bit into an electrical wire as a child. It was gone. “He’s perfect,” she thought.

As Barbara savored those few moments out of eternity with her son who had been snatched from her in a car accident, the smiling-faced boy in blue jeans with the baggy knees told his mother several times, “I’m so happy.” There were no doubts in her mind that He was where he wanted to be. She knew he is in the most wonderful place there is—in the care of Divine Power where his every need is met. God had let her hold her son just once more as she had asked, only this time he was in heaven. And then it was morning. WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)