Our Grandchildren's Blessings

Michael Joseph
Five years after their marriage Judy and I began praying that God would tell David it was time to start a family. David, of course, didn’t know about the prayers. He said he was driving to work a few days later and had two visions of his daughter (Erica Anne). He was most anxious for this little girl to be born. Judy conceived and we expected Erica. But God had different plans.

The excitement of a first grandchild coming drew the whole family to the hospital waiting room. As Judy was in labor and needing prayers, we all held a circle prayer. Vicky bears testimony that as we were praying, the spirit of a young man walked briskly from the front toward the deliver room, paused beside the prayer group long enough for her to discern his spirit, and then disappeared in the direction of the labor room. She said he was a beautiful, light-hearted soul, and wondered if this was the spirit coming to enter the body of our grandchild to be born. She puzzled because we all expected it to be a girl, yet she knew it was a male. And then Michael Joseph was born a few seconds later.

Erica Anne
Erica Anne came two years after that, and is the very gifted child her daddy saw. She is starting piano lessons. Last week she and Michael were on stage with ECHO telling their testimony of seeing Jesus.

When Erica was born she had a large growth (maybe 1” X 2”) on her abdomen. It was fed by veins running through it. The doctor said if it didn’t go away, they’d have to remove it surgically. When she was a few weeks old I had a dream instructing me that no surgeon should touch it or it would cause her problems the rest of her life. Her parents accepted the counsel, her grandfather rebuked it in administration, and it began shrinking until by the age of two it was gone. Today only a slight indentation is there as a reminder of how God blessed her.

Andrew Christopher
And then came Andrew, who it appears was saved from possible mental retardation (or death) which would have resulted from a negligent nurse. When Andrew was in the birth canal he swallowed some embryonic fluid. As he came forth, the difficulties of the birth forewarned the doctor this might be the case. She asked the nurse to check his lungs for fluid. I was standing by the warming table when the nurse checked Andrew. Every thing was fine. Great! But I saw his head didn’t pink up like the rest of his body. I’d seen that before in my firstborn, Michael Lee, who died two days later from not enough oxygen getting into his brain (the doctor thought). I sensed danger. Calling David’s attention to it, and the doctor’s, she dismissed it saying that many times their heads come out blue from bruising in the birth canal. That didn’t compute with me, and I didn’t rest about it.

Andrew had been purple for about twenty minutes or so now and they let me hold him before taking him into the nursery. God must have sensitized my hands, for I felt a rumbling in his lungs when he breathed. “Dr. B.,” I called her over quietly not wanting to alarm Judy, “feel this.” She held him a second, hurried out the door with him and the next time I saw him, his head had pinked up. They had to put a tube into his lungs and suck out the fluid the nurse had missed. Our baby was saved from brain damage, or who knows what. What a wonderful God we have! There’s no question about the strength of his lungs today. And it sounds as if he’ll be a bass. Maybe some day he’ll use that voice to sing for God. 

The Reason Why


I’ve a halo to live up to,
One quite undeserved, that’s true,
But if someone placed a halo
On your head—what would you do?
Would you brush aside the brightness
Of their trust and deep belief?
Would you laugh away the halo
And bring that love to grief?

I’ve a halo to live up to,
Though I know I can but try;
But if I’m standing taller now
You’ll know the reason why.
Author unknown

God is very involved in the lives of Christian families, helping to start them, preserving them through their trials, and as Melissa saw, will keep them together in eternity if they love and serve Him on earth. Ours is to be together! Praise God! WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)