Vicky married an unusual man such as Betty described. He can see auras around people once in a while. He’s extremely sensitive, gentle, and is a youth leader. Gene and I met him after their marriage. They came to our home twice; the first time, he left disappointed in something I said. Vicky later told me the following.

When he came the second time, as we all four were conversing in the living room, he saw an aura around me, a white light so thick he couldn’t see through it. He has a gift to see auras at times, and what made this vision unusual is that every time he’d seen them before, they were very thin and he could see the background objects beyond the person. Not so this time. I believe these auras are the Lord’s Spirit over His children. I chuckled because my blessing states that “My Spirit shall clothe your spirit . . . ” I knew he had seen the Spirit of God over me to protect me just like Nephi had covering him. What a God we worship! The story of the auras doesn’t end here.

Vicky and Alan have a wonderful testimony of the blessing of God on their marriage. In fact, it wouldn’t have been without Him. Before their marriage, they both had been visiting in Olathe and were heading back for Independence in separate cars during rush hour. This may or may not have motivated the thought in both of them to take a different route home; but being separated in cars, and I suppose wanting to stay together, neither listened to what proved to be a warning of impending danger.

Vicky, driving behind Alan, watched him spinning into the path of an oncoming semi. “Help him, Lord!” was all she had time to cry out. And they hit head on. His story? The right tire blew out, pulling his car to the right, spinning around, throwing him directly into the path of the “semi.” When Alan saw the grill of the truck coming through his door, his thoughts were, “Why now? Just when I’ve found someone with whom I can find happiness, is it going to be taken from me?” Basically, a “Not yet, Lord,” kind of wish. Instantly he was surrounded in a white light, the same kind he’d seen when he was six, and then he knew nothing else until he was parked beside the road in a totaled out car with a truck grill in the front seat. A phenomenal time warp. His only injury was a scratch on the shoulder.

The first time Alan saw that white light protecting him he was riding in a car with five other children being driven on the highway by their minister. Alan, in the middle of the front seat, said their driver made a wrong turn into the path of a “semi” pulling a piggy back—two trailers. The trucker slammed on his brakes, and on impact the car and cab both flipped over on their sides throwing the passengers out. The second trailer hurled over the top of the first trailer and slammed into the car. Five of the six in the car had been exploded out on impact breaking bones and lacerating them badly; but little Alan was found uninjured under the dash board in the flattened car. He said he was surrounded in a white light—untouched, except, we can suppose, by the hands of an angel—his guardian angel.

Through the years I’ve been aware of a tenacious family tie among the Vaughan children, my nieces and nephews. I didn’t understand why until the boys were grown. Joe, the youngest, had an experience wherein he claims that God told him he and his brother, John, had been friends in heaven and made an agreement to come down here in the same family to help each other make it back into the kingdom.

While it made sense to me, I had no other testimony of this until Mrs. Eadie’s book came out. I quote her,

“I was told that we had bonded together in the spirit world with certain spirit brothers and sisters—those we felt especially close to. My escorts explained that we covenanted with these spirits to come to earth as family or friends. This spiritual bonding was a result of the love we developed for each other over an eternity of being together.” 1

And as for God bringing couples together for His work, which I’ve believed for many years, Mrs. Eadie had this to say:

“We also chose to come to earth with certain others because of the work we would do together. Some of us wanted to unite in a cause to change certain things on earth, and we could best do it with certain circumstances brought about by selected parents. . . .
“As I understood this, I saw again the spirits who had not yet come to earth, and I saw some of them hovering over people in mortality. I saw one male spirit trying to get a mortal man and woman together on earth—his future parents. He was playing cupid and was having a very difficult time. The man and woman seemed to want to go in opposite directions and were unwittingly very uncooperative. This male spirit was coaching them, speaking to them, trying to persuade them to get together. Other spirits became concerned as they saw his difficulty, and they took up the cause, several of them trying to“corral” these two young people.”

And the following explained a dream I had wherein Gene and I were cutting a new road through the wilderness. When we returned to see what had happened on this path cut through the jungle, we saw a whole city had been built on it.

Mrs. Eadie was told in heaven that:
“Some of us simply wanted to strengthen a course already set and to pave the way for those who follow. We understood the influences we would have upon each other in this life and the physical and behavioral attributes we would receive from our families. We were aware of the genetic coding of mortal bodies and the particular physical features we would have. We wanted and needed these.”

I have taught that it is critical whom we marry—that it must be God-chosen for the work we’ve been assigned or agreed to do here. As farmers know, in the breeding for certain strains in cattle, their genetic coding determines the quality of the animal and its capabilities. So it is in humans. Genetic coding enables one to do what others with different coding cannot. It’s all part of the plan for our lives. This rule applies to every life-form. When we are in harmony with God’s plan, His purposes are carried out here, and that is always for the good of all men.

I was told in a dream that Gene and I were chosen to be together on the other side. And we had a say in it. WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)  

1. Embraced By The Light, p. 92