Prankster Lee

This incident happened after we moved away from them to Michigan. Poor little Melissa got a spanking for playing with the stove. On our return visit from Michigan, we told Lee and Lucille what happened. Lee took credit for this chicanery. I would not have believed him except there was no way Melissa could reach the top of the stove to turn it on, and no chair had been pulled up to it. I was constantly with her and it baffled me how she could have done it. Yet to protect her and teach her it was dangerous, she was disciplined.

When Lee claimed authorship of this prank I was furious. At times in Michigan I had felt his presence so strongly that one day I shouted, “Leave me alone.” I was never aware of his presence after that. It made me believe he did have power to transport his spirit.

Although Lee was involved in Transcendental Meditation, he didn’t believe in Reincarnation, which, according to Joseph Smith, is a devil’s doctrine.1 People are seeing and hearing things, and believing that big lie. These spirits that are being seen, (poltergeists) are evil spirits, devils. They can take any form—look like certain people, give information from the past.

The Bible tells us we have one time to die and after that comes the judgment. 2  There is no second time around. The Bible teaches that the spirit returns to God when it dies and is assigned either to paradise, or the prison house until the judgment.

People are whipped by every wind of doctrine that comes along if they don’t know what Jesus taught. Man is on the brink of a huge abyss. Unless God sends light and power, many will be trapped in a “spiritual revival,” brought to pass by the “unholy spirit.” In the Book of Revelation, John was told to warn the saints in the last days to beware of the “false prophet” who would have power to call fire out of heaven. God tells man that signs will be given to the sign seekers, but not to their salvation.

We need to be wise and beware in these great days just ahead. The two powers controlling heaven and earth will each display remarkable exhibitions in the eyes of mankind, and if men aren’t keenly discerning, they will be deceived by the evil one. Jesus warned the saints that if it were possible (if He permitted it) the very elect, His own sheep, would be deceived by this evil power.

God is balance. As Satan and spiritualism arise, so does God in His power, might and majesty. There is none mightier than He, the Great I Am, and the final outcome is determined—Satan and those who fool around with him get burned.WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

Satan, and Those Who Fool Around With Him,
Are Gonna Get Burned


1. See RLDS Church History, Vol. 1, pg. 600
2. (Hebrews 9:27, Luke 20:36) ETERNAL JUDGMENT is one of the six principles of Christ’s doctrine. (Heb. 6:2)

The gospel is preached in the prison house (hell) to men so they may be judged equally with men in the flesh. (I Peter 3:19, 4:6)
All will be judged according to their works. (Rev. 20:12, Jer. 31:30)
The wicked will come out of hell to be judged after the 1,000 year Millennial Reign. (Rev. 20:5, 13, Acts 24:15)
Men will be assigned to 3 different levels for eternity; the highest will live with Jesus and God in Celestial glory.
I Cor. 15:40-41, II Cor. 12:2, St. John 14:2, D.C. 76)
The wicked will not inhabit the earth. (Pro. 10:30)
The second death is pronounced upon those who defy God. They are called sons of Perdition. Judas and Cain are among
those cast off. (St. John 17:12, Rev. 20:14-15), (HS IV- Genesis 5:10), (BM-3Nephi 13:9, D&C 76)

The gospel is preached to spirits in the prison house (hell)
so they may be judged equally with men in the flesh.
(I Peter 3:19, 4:6)