Transcendental Meditation

Did you ever wonder if a person can really leave their body and float around the earth like they speak of in the Eastern religions? Well, one can. It’s not done by the Good Spirit of God, but one can do it just the same with the power of Satan. I knew a man who could leave his body. His transported spirit came to harass me until I rebuked him through Christ. It was Mr. Lee, the man next door. When we left for Michigan, Lee still didn’t want to leave us alone.

Although Gene and I listened to Lee, it was only up to a point. We knew the Scriptures and if he advocated anything contrary to them, we said “NO!” Satan will lead you along wrapping one cord at a time around you if he can deceive you, but the time comes when he must play his hand. If you are alert, you will see it. He did with us, we saw it, and we said,“NO!”

As we came walking into the room, Lucille looked up with a “sh-h-h.” I whispered, “Oh, sorry, is he asleep?” Lee sat slumped in his chair looking as if totally in another world. “No,” she said,“he’s on one of his trips.”
“His what?”
“Lee’s spirit has power to leave his body and go places and then he returns when he wants to,” she explained.
“Oh, sure,” I laughed in unbelief. Yet a question remained in my mind. I’d never heard the term Transcendental Meditation, and it was never spoken of in all the years we were friends, but that is what he was fooling around with. And that’s Satanic!

At the time we lived across the hall from them. They went on a week's vacation and to surprise them, Gene and I decided to wallpaper their room. They had no idea we were going to do this. However, we weren’t able to get it finished before they arrived back home. To our disappointment, they already knew what we had done. Lee had “transported” his spirit—that is, left his body and came home from wherever he was—then returned and told Lucille.
“He told me it was blue and that you had not finished it yet,” she stated very matter-of-factly. There was no doubt in my mind they knew before they got home.  “Lee sent his messengers to check up on you while we were gone too,” she said. I looked at Lee and he grinned. I didn’t believe he could fly around in his spirit body, but then I remembered what had happened in the middle of the week.

The Light

“I’ll be back in a minute, honey, I’m going to the bathroom,” I called back to Gene as I stepped out into the hall. The bathroom was about fifteen feet down the hallway and both upstairs apartments shared it. I saw a dim light shining through the two inch opening beneath the too-short-for the-frame door. I quickly stepped back into our room. I was puzzled. Who would be using our bathroom? There was not a sound coming from that direction. Lee and Lucille were gone for a few days. It was our bathroom until they returned.
“Gene, come here,” I whispered. “Look at that light. Who’s in there?”
“I don’t know, maybe someone came up from downstairs.” He was puzzled too. We must have looked pretty silly standing in our apartment and peeking around our door. If someone had suddenly opened the bathroom door and saw us peering at them, we would have been very embarrassed, so we closed the door and listened. We waited for some time but didn’t hear anyone go down the steps. Finally, we looked out again and the light was out.

The next morning we checked with the landlady. “No,” she said, “no one came in last night. The door was locked and my bedroom is right here where I can hear if anyone goes up those squeaky stairs.”
“Uh, oh!” I thought. We all three agreed to watch and listen again that night. As it got dark, we quietly opened the door suspecting this time it was not human.   “You know what Lee says about his spirits,” I whispered. “Maybe he can send them places like he claims.”

Lee had told us that he could see them at night by red and blue lights as they met dark isolated places. Lee would go meet them and watch them in "games" between the red and blue "teams." If things got a little hairy, he'd leave. Lee really believed these blue lights were the good guys, God's angels, battling against the red, Satan's spirits. And these blue "angels" were at his command. He was totally deceived.

As we peered out, there was the light again, very dim, about like a lantern. The next morning we inquired of the landlady,
“Did you listen last night?”
“Yes, and I didn’t hear anyone go up or come down the steps. Did you see the light again?”
“Yes,” we told her.
She looked puzzled. So did we!

When Lee and Lucille came home and told us they had sent their messengers to check on us, I knew he had some kind of power. What they were doing in the bathroom we never figured out. I continued to watch, and Lee continued to know to a degree what we were doing when he was gone.

One of Lee’s messengers was called Bobby. “Bobby is always doing things to tease me,” Lucille said. “When Lee is gone on trips, he sends Bobby to check up on me. He unties my shoe. I have been looking at my feet at times and watched the lace being untied. Sometimes it’s an irritation,” she admitted.

Lucille was very naive, but had a heart of gold. She worshipped Lee and didn’t understand his “spirits“ were evil ones. It was not easy to detect right at first. Lucille, too, was deceived. I'd never heard of such things but I asked myself, “Can this be the way God works?” I came to the conclusion it was not.

 Discerning of Spirits

I wish I knew then what I know now about the discerning of spirits. I got an education from experience, not from a “gift” that was given from God.1   I was having so many dreams and encounters with both powers that it was difficult to discern between them, so I prayed for the gift of discernment. I asked God how I could know the difference between dreams from man, God, and Satan. His reply came by the Still Small Voice, “You will know by My love.” I had to think on that one for a while, but then the light came—the two powers are opposite. I had to analyze each manifestation by what Jesus would do.

Jesus will:uplift, encourage, give hope and faith, teach trust
He is truth only and is consistent with the Scriptures.

Satan, heading up the opposition team, will:
depress, discourage, tell us it’s futile to try, spread doubt, teach distrust, lie, and many times be inconsistent with Scriptures. That his purpose (his job). We should expect it, and be prepared to meet the challenge.

Many times I’ve asked my children—“Where is the light in that manifestation? Where is the open door of hope and love?” Satan has power to give dreams, visions and manifestations.2  He can inflict bodily diseases. 3 He is a master of illusion, lies and deception, and for this there is a purpose. Man must learn to discern.4 Jesus works with love, light and truth. One can discern by what power these manifestations come by knowing Jesus’ love. His work raises men from a carnal state and molds the lives of the faithful to become kingdom builders.

If you have a dream or vision, analyze it for the direction it leads you. If it is strengthening, uplifting, edifying, it is from God. When Christ warns you about trouble, He also shows you a way of escape. Somewhere in the dream is an open door.

Many times Satan will tell people what he plans to do, and then when it comes to pass, they believe it came from God because it happened. Remember that Satan gives enough truth to get his purpose in.  An example of this is of a woman who was hailed by the world as a psychic (the implication was that this was a positive thing) because she had a vision while on a talk show. She saw blood, etc. which turned out to be a bombing at an airport. She wasn’t told any way to prevent it. This is cheap display of power. God doesn’t do that. This exalts man—and woman.

If you are approached by a spirit you can know if it is good or bad by what you feel. A good power will bring warmth, love, peace. The opposite will display a darkness, emptiness or coldness—a creepy feeling. I’ve had manifestations from both and had to learn how to know the difference. In one, Satan tried to tell me he was the Christ. With discernment I asked him, “Where is your light? Your countenance is dark.” He didn't like that. Moses asked him where his power was, for he, too, could look upon Satan without having to be transfigured.5 To stand in the presence of God, a human must be given power or we will be consumed because of our sins.

When a person embarks on the work of becoming a kingdom builder, the discerning of spirits is an absolute must. Always be on your guard till the end, for Satan will continually try to trip you.WB01520_.gif (489 bytes) 


Lucille's Mouth

Although Lucille was such a giving, loving soul, she had a few choice words that curled my hair. One day I took it to God. “Lord,” I said very innocently, “if you love them so much that you give them all this power, how come you overlook that bad language? Is it okay to talk like that?”

I’d been raised by a mother who sternly objected to a foul mouth, and it seemed to be her constant battle because Dad had one. I thought God would disapprove too, but here He was giving them all this power. “What about that, Lord? Is it okay to talk like that?” Now at the time I asked that, I truly didn’t discern that these were bad spirits running around the place. I thought it was God doing all these “good things” through them. My inquiry was serious and childlike and in that honesty, He answered. I opened the Bible and a scripture jumped off the page at me. To this day I’m not sure where to find it, but the answer was clear “Cease to worship angels and cease your filthy communications among you.” “Uh, oh!” I saw that God was not pleased with her talk or my wanting to see one of Lee’s angels, something I had secretly wished for. Now I was beginning to wonder about the "holiness" of Lee’s unseen friends.

We still weren’t aware that one-year-old Melissa was deaf, so I had to tell Lucille about her tongue. I didn’t want Melissa to pick up her language. When the time was right, I shared my concern about it. I truly loved Lucille and she knew it, and with humility and tears of repentance streaming down her face, she willingly gave her bad habit into God’s hands. I never heard her say vulgar words again.

Jesus told me that “If they love you, they will listen to you.” And I add the opposite to that: If they don’t love you, it won’t make any difference if your counsel comes straight out of heaven, they will not listen. If ever I have changed anything in my life, it is for the love of someone, or obedience to the commandments because I love Jesus. Love is the key. The following came straight out of heaven to me, and I quote Him:

“Love for your fellowman is a gift from God.
If you have it, count your blessings;
if you don’t have it, pray for it,
for it will move mountains in your behalf and theirs.”


Cookies With Love

Lucille was such a gentle, loving woman; tall and slender with a winning smile that made you feel good just to look at her. Her eyes sparkled cheerfully, yet her brow was wrinkled from the sadness of past experiences. She had been deceived into thinking adultery was permissible.
Lucille was an abused wife. She married an overbearing, forceful man who was going to rule his wife, or else. Lee came along with a smooth tongue and kindness toward her. Women are responsive to gentle men. It will win them every time. She responded—left her sons behind with their father, took their daughter and moved out of town with Lee. The daughter was grown and gone when we met them.

It was about 9:30 p.m. and Lee, Gene, Lucille, and I were together in our apartment chit-chatting. I was pregnant and hungry. “Boy, would I like some oatmeal cookies right now,” I commented. “Pickles and ice-cream at midnight,” they teased.

Our apartment was one room with a tiny stove, and I couldn’t do much cooking, much less baking there; not much of an existence, but when you are in love, it doesn’t matter. Lucille quietly exited unnoticed by the rest of us as we continued our conversation. “Anybody want some cookies?” she asked as she carried a plateful of homemade oatmeal cookies into the room a few minutes later. She had quietly stepped across the hall to her own two rooms, one of them a kitchen of which she was very proud, and whipped up a batch unknown to any of us. That kind of love is what Lucille was all about; a selfless, always-giving type. That is what Jesus was and is all about.WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

 The Lost Pen

With Jesus, it’s not the big things that count so much as the little every day things—like visiting the sick, the old, strengthening the weak in spirit, helping those whose financial stability isn’t as solid as yours. In the simplest ways Jesus showed me that He cares. The miraculous healing from Asian Flu didn’t speak as loudly to me of His love as did the time He helped me find my favorite pen. I was weak and exhausted most of the time, my weight being about 83 to 85, and didn’t have strength to spend hours searching for it, so I prayed, “Jesus, will you show me where it is?” We had wall-to-wall carpeting that wasn’t tacked down, but I couldn’t see the floor beneath at all. After the prayer, my attention was drawn to an area over by the wall. I walked over, lifted up the rug, and there was my pen. These kind of little things said very loudly, “Janice, I love you.”

This love in Lucille is what made it so hard to break friendship with them when we recognized the evil power that Lee carried. We knew them better than anyone else and loved them for the goodness of God that was revealed through them. "Hate the sin but love the sinner," He said.

The Spirit of God is born into every man. It is the power of life and breath. Within every man is the power to do good or evil. Whichever he chooses causes that power to work in his life, even until it can be exhibited to a great degree. Such was the power in Lee—a power more for self-aggrandizement than for God’s glory. I never heard him speak much about Jesus, either for or against, but he continually criticized church leaders. Never a kind word was spoken for them. Somehow in seeing their mistakes, he couldn’t put man’s humanness in proper perspective, and it caused him to fall.

There’s no question in my mind that the grandmothers’ prayers caused the break with Lee and Lucille to come when it did. The move to Michigan began it. Although moving or not, it had to come, for we functioned under two different powers, and the two can’t continue together over a prolonged period of time. Opposition was showing as friction became evident. Little-gullible-Janice wasn’t swallowing as much as she had been. My burden was too heavy to play games with “Bobby” or any of Lee’s so-called “angel’s” tricks, such as turning a burner on high on my electric stove and leaving it on till the plate was red hot! (Continued)

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Drawing of elf from National Geographic World, April 1993