Sanguine Donna!!!

Well the demons couldn’t get me, so they zeroed in on my husband. They figured they had a good shot at this one because one of Gene’s riders was a sanguine newlywed, not-too-serious female named Donna. Gene drove forty-five minutes each way to work and surely the demons could work something out between them. Another passenger, however, also a young bride, named Barbara, might give them some trouble, but it was worth a shot. So the demons started trailing them around.

Gene didn’t tell me much about his riders except that he thought Barbara was very much in love with her husband and that Donna seemed a little scatter-brained. Donna was the first rider to be picked up. Gene told me that sometimes she wasn’t ready. Whether it was deliberate or not, who knows?

“Come on in, Gene,” she yelled. “I’m not dressed yet.”(Satan again was setting the stage and he had prime beef just waiting to be served.)
Gene stepped inside the door, and looked around. It was too quiet.
“Are you alone?” he asked.
“Yes, Dan has already left for work.” Satan didn’t waste any time. Temptations raced through Gene’s brain as Donna flitted through the room in a flimsy robe. “Be just a minute,” she teased.

Gene could see the bed through the open door. “Now she is undressing and putting on work clothes. It could be so easy, all you have to do is take those few steps through that open door. She left it open for you—maybe,” Satan whispered. But Gene didn’t take the bait. It was almost too simple... kindergarten spiritualism... one can see Satan’s demon throwing fits at failing so easy a task, and possibly getting a good railing from Satan to boot. Not that the demon hadn’t tried its best and the temptation been made strong; but Gene wanted to remain true to his marriage covenant, too. He was a straight shooter. If he chose another, he’d do it honorably—he’d ask for a divorce first.

Satan must hate those straight shooters. As they left the house, Donna teasingly spoke of her thin, shortie nightwear, and made suggestive remarks about the opportunity Gene had missed.

This was not the first time a woman had thrown herself at Gene and missed the target. Gene was in the Air Force in Japan and told me that when the GIs went into town for R & R, prostitutes would surround them and literally pull them off the streets. Poor men! He said one day he was crossing a bridge—the only passageway to town, and they cornered him but he wiggled away. He wanted to remain a virgin for his bride, and he did. But now his marriage was strained to the breaking point, and Donna was making so many suggestive statements as the days went by, that Gene began to think maybe she really cared for him. Maybe life with Donna would be better than it was with his wife. Regardless, he had to face it squarely. He was feeling something and wanted to know what it was. Was it love for another woman? He was going to find out.

Forewarned By The Spirit
God sent Barbara and her husband over to our home on personal business. I liked her. In general conversation, I thought, she mentioned how sanguine Donna was always flirting with my husband, hopping in the front seat to sit beside him, playing touch the legs, making suggestive remarks that embarrassed the others in the car--things I should have picked up on, but it never entered my head that such a thing could happen. Gene and I were madly in love...I thought. So I dismissed it. A naive mistake.

One night I dreamed Gene came in the door and asked me for a divorce. I became very upset and fought against it, telling him it was his activities outside the home that had caused this. I awoke wondering.

As Gene and I drove down the road, I noticed he was preoccupied and had been for a few days. So I got up my nerve and asked, “Honey, what’s wrong?” Gene opened up and confessed, “ I’ve been thinking about Donna—you know, one of my riders. I think there is something there, and I was just getting ready to go talk to her about it.”
When he finished telling me, I was
crushed. I hadn’t consciously wanted Larry, but here Gene was, telling me he wanted Donna, the scatter-brained one! That hurt my pride. The dream flashed through my brain. In it I had strongly opposed the divorce--outside activities, for sure!  Hanky panky! I was not to sit passively by and let it happen. My hurt turned to anger, and anger turned to hate.

For three days the storm raged inside me continually building. On the third day the lid blew off. When Gene came home from work, I was cleaned up ready to leave. As I opened the door, he asked, “Where are you going? ” “To hell,” I yelled, and didn’t care if I ended up there. I walked out leaving Melissa for him to watch after. Now he was stuck there like I’d been in those two rooms day after day!

I went to a public phone booth up on the corner where Larry stood watching me that snowy night, and debated whether or not I should call her husband and tell him what a no-good he had married. Never at any time before or since have I ever experienced such a deep negative emotion. I had murder in my heart. I understand well, the teaching of Jesus that anger can lead to murder.1 Anger CAN cause a person to lose control, regardless if you think you’re a Christian or not. Jesus didn’t tell us Christians are exempt from these feelings, He admonished us to control our spirits. Satan can enter in, and we can become murderers. 2 It is frightening!  I had always been a meek spirit, shy and insecure, but when my home was in danger, I was aroused to fight like a lioness to protect it. My Patriarchal Blessing tells me to protect my home, guard it against all intrusions, but that doesn’t mean murder. It means to do it with the powers sent from heaven. Prayer is power!

I didn’t phone. I began walking instead. Walking is good to release tension. Meditating, praying, thinking, giving God’s Spirit time to work in me was healing to my soul. I knew I had to restrain the evil spirit working on me. Help would come...I didn’t know how. So I gave it that time. I learned never to act irrationally, because it will give Satan the advantage. So I walked, and cried. I walked until I came to a park, then sat down to rest...just sat with hardly any awareness of time passing. I don’t know how long I was there. An air raid siren began wailing in the not far distance. “I hope bombers are coming to blow me up! I don’t want to live anymore.” I wanted to blow her up!

When no planes showed up to blow me to smithereens and release me from my misery, I decided to go home. As I slowly walked back, I thought of my dream again. Had it been a warning of what would happen “ if ” God didn’t intervene? Was Gene going to ask for a divorce, and God was telling me to fight it, or was the dream from Satan telling me what he was going to do? We sure seemed to be heading for divorce. Gene couldn’t have hurt me any worse if he had ripped out my heart.

I trudged up the steps to the second floor and when I opened the door to our apartment, he grabbed me in his arms and held me tightly. I was totally surprised. Quiet Gene, he who has few words, didn’t have difficulty talking this time. He had just experienced one of God’s shock treatments—bringing you face to face with reality! It had turned him full circle back to his loving and caring self, like he’d been at the beginning.

It’s difficult to convey the feelings of a couple in love as much as we were who are forced apart by a storm, and then reunited. We were reaching for each other but unable to grasp hands because of the fierceness of the winds. Then, as quickly as Satan had blown up his tornado, Jesus simply told the winds to “Be still,” and they were still...on Galilee, and in Independence. Tears of joy flowed from relief that can’t be measured. WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

. Study well--I John 3:14-15
2. Elder Jess Holsworth bears testimony of a young mother who became possessed.  Read Demon Possession.