My Redeemer, my Savior, my Counselor, my Guide—my Lord, Jesus Christ and His Father lives, for I have seen Them. Our children have seen Them. And now our grandchildren are seeing Them.

And I know nothing except that Jesus Christ is my Lord who died for me, and loves me beyond my comprehension. All else is hope and faith that His love is guiding me into all truths as promised through the Holy Ghost.

I love Him because of His gentle mercy and loving kindness. Nothing else really matters for it will fall away and die. Everything I see, touch, smell, feel, will vanish into nothingness, yet what is alive in Him will live. There is where I want to be eternally. There is where I want my children to be—with Them. This is what we believe and are striving for, sometimes winning, sometimes failing. We understand it is not he who runs without falling that is accomplishing the most. The real winners are those who fall, then get up and finish the race. That’s why I know nothing but that Jesus is the Christ— because we’ve all stumbled, but we’re still moving forward, and Jesus Christ has revealed himself to us. If this is what life on earth is all about, then we are overcoming and will win the prize. That’s all that matters. Hallelujah!



I Saw Him Again. It was Easter Sunday, 1994. Our family was holding a worship service in our living room with a few relatives. We were singing a beautiful song with the words, “I worship You in spirit and in truth,” and as I sang it the Spirit touched me with the impression, “Yes, Janice, you do.” I understood that He was telling me I worship Him in a manner pleasing to Him, not with seasonal pageantry, nor in the way the world pays homage to Him. I discerned a weariness from the Spirit over the multitudes who mourn and honor Him in name only, not in truth nor in spirit. And it warmed my heart to know He appreciated my devotion.

Again a second song was sung with the words, “I’m forever grateful, that You came to seek and to save the lost.” I sang it with full intent of heart, for I know I am one of those lost for whom He came and died. And I communed with Him of my forever gratefulness to Him as I sang. Suddenly my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw Him standing in the center of our living room not three feet in front of me. I began to weep, not being able to hold it in. He was standing on the floor, as if He were here in the flesh among us. I saw only up to his waist, having yet to look upon His beloved face.

The song ended and I was still weeping. My sister, Beverly, seated beside me, turned around and started to speak, but then abruptly ceased. I wondered what had happened and supposed she saw me weeping. I apologized for interrupting the service, but told them I had just seen Jesus and couldn’t hold back the tears.

At the end of the service my niece testified that before she and her husband had left their home to come, they had knelt in prayer and had asked God to let some, or even just one person there, see the Christ that day. Their prayer had been answered. I replied that my joy was so full from seeing Him and knowing that I had seen Him caused my faith to soar. If all the world said I hadn’t, it wouldn’t have made any difference. I knew! While I was appreciative of her testimony, it wasn’t for me but for others to believe that I had seen Him, and her testimony was of great value.

Beverly also received of His Spirit. When we began singing she was disappointed that our daughter was not present to sing descant, and grumbled because she loved to hear the harmony. Debbie was in another room teaching the children. Suddenly she heard Debbie singing and supposed she had entered the room from behind her. She turned to thank Debbie for singing with us and was startled to see no one there. We understood. Beverly and I were blessed under the power of the Christ, side by side. What a testimony in the fact that less than a year before her hatred for me and my relationship with Christ was a cancer eating her soul and cutting asunder her own family. Through repentance and reconciliation, we are now loving friends, truly a miracle for all who knew of her 25 years of anger and pain. And there is not a more diligent worker—a prodigal daughter come home—truly a miracle of the nailprints of Christ in action.


Jesus Played Cars With Michael!

Not long after this experience our five year old grandson saw both God and Christ in the heavens. Michael Joseph dreamed he was at his home and many people were coming there and going up into the air single file to meet God and Jesus. He was afraid there was not room for him to go up because there were so many people. He walked into another room and an angel came to get him. He said angels were coming out of the sky with something to eat, then gave him something to drink without a cup. I asked, “How did you drink without a cup?” He answered, “I don’t know, but I did.”

Michael was taken up and so were many he recognized as family, second cousins, his great aunt and her husband and others.1*  Each person was meeting God and Christ individually, and as they ascended, their earthly clothes were covered over with a “shiny” garment, and their shoes changed into “rainbow” colors. Michael said Jesus and God had white hair,2 and they put their arms around him, kissed him, and told him that they loved him very much.

The most outstanding thing in the dream was that he saw his deaf Aunt Melissa healed. Jesus put his fingers in her ears, touched her mouth and she could hear and speak.3 He also spoke of the glory of Them when They first appeared. He said we had to cover our eyes because They were so bright.

Another part of the dream told us how much Jesus loves little children and ministers to them on their level. Jesus came into Michael’s room and played cars with him. Nothing would please Michael more. Jesus wore a shirt with shiny cars on the front, pants with shining stars on one leg and moons on the other. Imagine the Creator of the Universe sitting with you playing cars. That’s the love of God.

Not long after this he described another dream. As I said before, Michael likes machinery. He comes from a line of “car” people. His paternal grandfather was once a stockcar racedriver, but Michael doesn’t know that—it’s just in the blood. If it has wheels and moves things, Michael loves it.

God speaks to us in terms we can understand. This dream was a testimony for me through his eyes. Michael dreamed God and Jesus were driving heavy equipment, earth movers etc. They let him climb up on one and drive it. Now that sounded like a child’s dream, nothing out of the ordinary, until I heard that the machines were white and clear and he could see through them. He said they were moving, pushing down trees, clearing the place.

To me “white, clear machines” meant God and Christ are working in the Spirit, and the trees, “people” were being torn away, or the wicked being taken down. Any tree that doesn’t bring forth good fruit will be cut off at the roots. He saw the trees being rooted up and the ground cleared. No way does this little child know these Biblical symbolic terms. It’s a parable for those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see in the spirit. I believe that at some time Michael Joseph will be called to assist in that process serving in the ministry, for he was allowed to drive one of God’s machines—a call to the priesthood.

The Shiny Cloth

Michael isn’t the only one to have seen this “shiny” cloth. Mrs. Betty Eadie, author of Embraced by the Light, saw it on the looms in heaven.

“As we approached the people, I saw that they were weaving on large, ancient-looking looms. My first impression was ‘how archaic’ to have manual looms in the spirit world. Standing by the looms were many spiritual beings, male and female, and they greeted me with smiles. They were delighted to see me and moved back from one of the looms to let me have a better look. They were anxious for me to see the workmanship of their hands. I went closer and picked up a piece of the cloth that they were weaving. Its appearance was like a mixture of spun glass and spun sugar. As I moved the cloth back and forth, it shimmered and sparkled, almost as though it were alive. The effect was startling. The material was opaque on one side, but when I turned it over I was able to see through it. Being transparent from one side and opaque on the other—similar to a two-way mirror—obviously had a purpose, but I wasn’t told what the purpose was. The workers explained that the material would be made into clothing for those coming into the spirit world from earth...”4 WB01520_.gif (489 bytes)

Earlier about the end of 1992 our family was holding a sacrament prayer service. Gene, the father of all of this group, is an elder and was presiding. The group was kneeling after prayer listening to some worshipful music. We were holding hands in a circle. Suddenly I sensed angelic ministers in the room behind me. My spiritual senses discerned a hand touching the heads of those on my side of the circle. I didn’t know if the other half of the circle had received the same.

When the song was over it was hard for me to maintain silence, yet the spirit was so beautiful that none wanted to break it. I hesitatingly asked, “Did anyone else sense angels...” I didn’t get any farther than that with my question, when my niece to my right blurted out excitedly, “Yes!”

At the beginning of the service she had witnessed beautiful gold raindrops filtering down from heaven upon the group. As the drops touched each one they were absorbed into them. And then about the same time I had felt angels enter the room, she said she saw a hand going around the other half of the circle touching each person. She wondered if she and her side of the circle had been touched also. What wisdom in God, she had seen one half and I had seen the other. How excited we were!

Then her brother added his testimony. John said he knew the Christ had come into the room. I knew only that we were blessed with heavenly visitors. All the while we were still kneeling. Then we looked at Gene, who was quietly weeping. He had seen Jesus. Standing directly across from him, a little back from the group, Christ held out His hands toward us and smiled. He told “Dad,” as all call him, that He is pleased with our little group, that He has many such groups, and that we are not only to follow His written word, but everything He tells us to do. Jesus was standing directly behind John. No wonder John had felt Him. What joy filled our hearts!

And what did the “touching each one” by an angel mean? Or maybe it was Christ Himself; we weren’t shown. Ezekiel Chs. 8 & 9 explains it. The children of Israel were worshipping idols and God sent an angel with an inkhorn to record the names of those who worshipped Him in spirit and truth. They were sealed on the foreheads, and all who weren’t were scheduled to be killed or taken captive into Babylon when God sent in the armies to destroy Jerusalem about 600 B.C. Is God sending in another army to cleanse modern Israel? Is that what Michael Joseph saw Them doing on their white machines?

November 15, 1995
This manuscript is about finished. This morning I received a phone call from our daughter, Judy, telling me that she was giving four-year-old Erica a bath in the tub when Erica casually said, “I had a dream and saw Jesus last night.” Surprise again, mom! Erica had seen Him just a few months before in a dream.

She dreamed she and her brother, Michael, were in a class-room with children about their age. Jesus was teaching them to do good things. She said they wanted to do what He said because if they were good they got to go to heaven. It was then time to go. She and Michael were escorted by an angel themselves, and Jesus took the other children. The dream ended.

This morning Erica dreamed that she was sleeping in Grandma’s living room on the couch when Jesus walked into the room carrying a bottle with something in it. He poured from the bottle on her head and said, I’m going to come and get you later.” She knew in her heart that He meant He was going to take her up to heaven.

As I said, the manuscript is about finished. August 1993 before I undertook the updating of Not One Sparrow I was praying to be empowered to do the work God had called me to do in my Patriarchal Blessing. Melissa received the answer to my petition, which was, that when I was finished writing the book, I would be called to heaven. None of us believe this means death; however, we do believe it refers to a visit into Enoch’s City, the golden city of God that many Christians have evidence exists in heaven.5 It appears that before God’s kingdom can be built here on earth, the workers in it need to be taken up and receive training and power to help govern those cities Jesus talked about.6 The government will be on His shoulders. He will be our President, our King, our Lawgiver.7 There will be magistrates under Him to carry out His laws. The saints are those magistrates. There’s a song shouting what’s about to happen—


1. Update: In May 1997, Michael's great-aunt's husband, a Roman Catholic, was baptized. That portion of his dream has proven true.
2. John the Beloved saw Christ with white hair. (Revelation 1:14)
3. (KJ Mark 7:33) (HSIV Mark 7:32) Michael has never been told about Jesus healing this way.
4. Embraced by the Light, pp. 74-75, by Betty J. Eadie, Bantam Books Pub.

5.and he who receiveth all things, with thankfulness, shall be made glorious, and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundredfold, yea, more; wherefore do the things which I have commanded you, saith your Redeemer, even the Son Ahman, who prepareth all things before he taketh you; for ye are the church of the Firstborn, and He will take you up in the cloud, and appoint every man his portion. And he that is a faithful and wise steward shall inherit all things. Amen. ” (D&C 77:4)

6. Revelation 2:26-27; 5:10 (reign means rule); Luke 12:49; 19:17-19 (HSIV Luke 12:42)
7. Isaiah 9:6