Table of Contents for

Not One Sparrow

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1. I Saw Him Again, Jesus Played Cars With Michael, A Special Guest
2. Not One Sparrow 1980, Melissa, Consequences
3. Gossip Kills, Jesus and Satan
4. Jesus Visits, The Seal, Dreams Do Come True, The Fierce Storm, Melissa Gayle
5. Michael, the Prophet, The River
6. Temptation
7. Test #1, Adultery, Larry
8. Sanguine Donna
9. God's Perfect Timing, With Jesus (poem)
10. Susan Marie, High Above the Earth
10a. Of  Such Is the Kingdom of   Heaven
11. Transported by Thought, Don't Follow the Leader
12. Move to Michigan, A Little Knowledge, Locked Bowels
13. TM, The Light, Discerning of Spirits, Lucille's Mouth, Cookies With Love, The Pen
14. Prankster Lee
15. Suicidal, Going Home, Our Inheritance
16. Roller Coaster Ride
17. Life After Death, The Door, The City of God
18. Angels Unaware, Salutations From Heaven, The Death Angel is a Friend
19. God, the Great Physician, I Am The Bread of Life, The Humble Dwelling
20. Judy, Sparrow Six, For Mothers Only, Beautiful Flower
21. Debbie, Sparrow Seven, Jesus and the Sioux
22. A Twist of the Neck, Children Learn What They Live
23. Vicky, Sparrow Eight, The Rest of the Story, The Last Word About Vicky
24. The Aura, Bonding of the Vaughans, Uncooperative Couples, The New Road
25. Tim Sees Jesus
26. You Are Holding Her From Me, Angels Assist Doctors, Spiritual Mothers,
Mary Elizabeth, On Earth a Short Time, The Tunnel
27. My Own time, When You Can Forgive, Return to the North Land
28. Melissa, Faith Held My Heart, Send Her Away Alone? Melissa's Education Begins
29. Glimpse into the World of the Deaf, God Sends Help, State School System Changes
30. His Time, Not Mine, It's Time, Melissa Learns About Life After Death
31. Jesus Ministers To The Deaf, Melissa & The Bicycle, Angel On My Bumper, Caring, Stiff
32. Learning To Forgive, The Greatest Gift
33. Melissa Sees Her Healing, Melissa Sees Zion, A Gift Of Love, David
34. Our Grandchildren, The Reason Why
35. Angel Susan Returns, Graveyard, Susan Comes Again, They Came To Stay,
Just Once More
36. Power of Prayer, Pray In Harmony   I Saw Two Personages,   I Doubted His Pain,
1966 Adminition
37. Demon Possession, A Call In The Night
38. We Are Our Brother's Keeper, Too late, Stars Go Out, It's My Time, Time Is Running Out
39. A Visit From God & Jesus Christ, The Shroud of Turin, His Voice, His Work
40. Four Planets, Three Levels Of  Glory
41. Healings Through Knowledge and Power, Parents Never Sleep
42. Mama, Help Me!, Two Fires, Caution-Deaf Children Here, Electrocution
43. Mayo Brothers Minister For God, Historical Facts, Colon Cancer
44. Coffee, Stand Up For Your Convictions, Coffee A Catholic Cousine, I Met the Enemy
Sermon-Our Goal
44a. Man's Meat, Jesus and John Ballentyne, Mt. of Lord's House, Manna Wasn't Enough
Arabs-Hebrews and Solomon
45. What Are You?-- The Four Temperaments
46. Home Dedication, The Prophet's Council in 1877, Harrington's Dome Shield
47. Stress, The Soft Word, Who's The Boss, He Loved Me More Than A Bowling Ball
48. The Ultimate Test of Love, An Angel Fixed The Washers
49. The Mating Game Business, You Light Up My Life
50. God Honors Integrity At A Baseball Game, Clouds Are Not Forever, How To Go On
51. Pets 'N Plants
52. Indian Hunter & The Talking Deer, Sharpshooter Bill & The Angel, Crying Wind
52a. Music, 3 Kinds, A Tool . . .
53. God Went With Us To The Car Dealers
54. God's Army, I Will See You, A Mother's Prayer, Elisha And God's Army
55. Heaven Will Win!, Jesus Threw Satan Out, Be In The World But Not Of It
56. To Tell The Truth In Love, Preexistence, The Promise In The Garden
57. Heavenly Jewels & Fire, The Treasure Chest, Then The Fire Came