The Testimony of Barbara and Casper Kaat
written by Barbara Klughart Kaat
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Barbara was born in 1939 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada.  From the age of about six she longed in her heart to marry a man from Holland.  Because of the way events fulfilled, we can know that it was the Lord who put this into her heart.  Barbara is a very "sensitive-to-the-Spirit" kind of person. And she heard the call of heaven to her at that young age.  Click on the photo to enlarge and see this wonderful companion God chose for her.  Barbara is sixteen and Casper is 24 in the photo.

Barbara was always interested in spiritual things and God was always close to her.  Her favorite place was in the woods where she could climb a tree and feel close to Him and His creation.  At age 14 she found the answer to her longing question, "Why did God speak to men in Bible times, but not now?"  When God answered her question, it opened a whole new world for her. 

Her companion came on the scene at a church youth retreat in Weyburn, Saskatchewan when Barbara was 15. Twenty-three-year-old Casper Kaat caught her attention as he sang a solo in broken English.  To her amazement he was from Holland.  During that retreat in April of 1955, Casper was standing on the sidewalk of the church and when he looked up and saw Barbara standing on the steps above, a Voice spoke to his inner soul saying, "This is to be your wife and companion in life."

Now, forty-nine years later, they can share many wonderful testimonies of how God protected them and blessed their family of five children (two daughters and three sons), 13 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  Casper and Barbara are members of the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and live in Raytown Missouri.  Casper was ordained a High Priest and Apostle in 2004, and into the Quorum of Twelve.


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1. Conversion 1954 14.  Heavenly Hands - 1965
     Mother Sees Jesus - 3 Books        Satan Is Rebuked
     Father's Conversion        God Sends Someone to Help
2.  God Can Use Squirrel - 1955        Satan Attacks the Weak
3.  Mother's Prayers        In Looking Back, We Stand Still
     Life Saved At Age 14        Shoes Miraculously appear
     Prayers Bring Ministry        Given Work in Pre-existence
4.  Jesus and His Sheep Vision at 16        Your Energy is Not Your Own
5.  Moving to the U.S.  - 1961        Going to Canada
6.  I Want to Go Home        The Lord Sends A Car
7.  The Letter of Release        The Vision To Pray
8.   Keep Your Eyes on Jesus        The Lord Asks Me To Study
9.   Move to the Centerplace - 1961 15.   Stone Church Family - 1966
10. God Will Take Care of You         Home Dedication
      God Pays the Bills 16.   Dad Kaat Has Cancer - 1971
      Louise and Her Gun         Dad Goes Home
11. Hundred-fold Return         Dad Brings A Message
      If I Have Food 17.   Give Me Your Heart - 2003
      "Just Like That"         Working as a Teller  
       Stone Church Protected         Take Your Hands Off The Wheel
12.  Return To Canada         The Blizzard of 1971
13.  Great Trials Bring Growth             Revived Through Prayer - 2004

Apostle Casper Kaat

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