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ECHO brings a full hour of music and worship ministry.
If  you would like ECHO to come to your congregation

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Oct. 26 Remnant (Tim & Judy)
Oct. 11 Two concerts in the ECHO Barn (1 & 7 p.m.)
Sept. 28 Dedication of  the ECHO Barn
Sept. 14 Remnant, 10 a.m. service
July 20 Remnant  10 a.m. Tim
July 6 Gathering Place, Remnant : Patriotic concert
June 15 Remnant, 10 a.m., David & Erica
May 25 Blue Ridge CofC Congretation 11 a.m. worship
May 11 Remnant, Judy piano for service p.m. & ECHO
April Gathering Place Conference Saturday Night Concert
March 30 Remnant BS, David
March 28 Remnant Family Night, Blue Springs Cong.
Sept  22 Remnant, Blue Springs, 10 a.m.
Aug 11 Covenant Church (1 hr. ministry) 9:45 a.m.
July 21 Heritage House Apts. 9 a.m. (1 hr. worship ministry)
July 7 The Gathering Place   Sunday evening picnic 6 p.m.
ECHO Concert 7 p.m. (old 4-H grounds--public welcome)
May 12 Seekers, Community of Christ Stone Church, 9:20a.m.
April 30 C of C Auditorium CPRS Concert (1 p.m.)
April 28 Blue Ridge Cof C Church 11:00 a.m. (1 hr. worship ministry)
March 23 BaldKnobbers Theater, Branson, MO  7:15 p.m. Preshow
2002 Amway Leadership Seminar (not open to the public)
Lawrence Welk Theatre, Branson, MO (3 concerts)
March 17 Stone Church Community of Christ 11 a.m. worship
Feb 17, 2002 Cornerstone C of C Congregation 10:30a.m. (1 hr.worship ministry)
Jan 18 Stone Church Hope Bennicker Funeral Memorial
Dec 9
Nov 3

Gospel Rally for God and Country  7pm-11:30pm
Living Water Ministries, 18400 E. Salisbury Rd., Independence, MO

     Partial List of Perfomers:

  • Jeannie C. Riley - Nashville (of Harper Valley PTA fame)
  • Eddie Lee and Anointed - Nashville
  • Gail Wood of Independence, MO
Oct 21 Seekers, Community of Christ Stone Church, 9:20am
Sept 15

Echo competed against 67 other groups from across the U.S. and Canada at the annual National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky and
3rd Place Winner

See pictures in our Scrapbook

Aug 11 Family Night Concert  6:30 p.m.
Marshall High School - Little Theater, Marshall, MO.
Aug 2 St. Peter's United Methodist "Nifty Sixties Group"
July 22 Heritage House Apts. 9 am (1 hr. worship ministry)
June 30
July 1
Branson MO
Sunday morning: Starlight Theater
Sunday afternoon: Jammin' For Jesus at Braschler Theater
June 24 Seekers, CofC Stone Church, 9:20 am
June 2 Bannister Ridge C of C Gospel Celebration (Concert)
May 13 East Independence CofC Church Family Night 6:30-7:30pm (Concert)
May 6 Debbie & Tom at Seekers, CofC Stone Church, 9:20 am
April 28 Blue Ridge CofC Church Family Night 7 to 8 p.m. (Concert)
April 8, Branson, MO  Gospel Music Showdown 2001 Contest
Grand Prize Winner of the Gospel Group Category
Feb. 18 Nondenominational Singles Fellowship, RLDS Stone Church
Partridge Hall 8:30-9 am (30 minute concert)
Feb. 11  Baptismal service Stone Church, 2pm
Feb. 04, 2001 Debbie & Tom at Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Dec. 17 David & Tim at Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Dec. 10 Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Nov. 19 Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Nov. 11 Grace Baptist Church 7pm
Oct.  29 RLDS Cornerstone Congregation, 10:30am
Oct.  20 Hetherington's Deli  7:30 p.m.
Oct.  15 Colbern Rd. Congregation 10:15am
Oct.  08 Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Sept. 17 David & Tim, Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Aug.  27 Heritage House Apts. 9 am worship
Aug.  20 Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
Aug.  13 Tim & David at Seekers, Stone Church, 9:20 am
6/22-25 & 6/29-July 2 Preshow at the Campus 7:15 -8:15 p.m.
Mar. 20, 2011 Restoration Homecoming - Remnant 6 p.m. Pulling Together
May 22  " - Theme: Dancing in the Rain
July 17 " - The Simple Truths of Service - Patriotic Service
Sept.. 18 " - The 100/0 Principle
Nov. 20 " - The Dash

Responses for the Ministry

The Gathering Place
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 3:23 PM
Subject: Re: The Gathering Place

I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful music that you brought to us Sunday evening.  The ministry that all of you shared really touched me. I pray that you will be able to continue to provide ministry for many years to come.

Christy Williams
First Branch

Center Place Restoration School (CPRS)
Concert in C of C Auditorium, May 30, 2002
Dear ECHO,
Thank you so much for your beautiful ministry yesterday.  Your generosity was greatly appreciated!  The testimonies were a wonderful part to the Spirit of the program.   I have heard nothing but "RAVE REVIEWS."

Again, thank you for your time, effort, performance, talents, but especially, your friendships.
With love thru Christ,
Dana :)

Blue Ridge Community of Christ
Date: May 28, 2002
Dear ECHO Team,
We were touched by God's Spirit as you sang, and we knew He was there with you as you   ministered to us through your wonderful talents He has given each of you.   What a blessing it was to us to listen to you sing praises to God and His Son, Jesus Christ!

Our special thanks to the ECHO Team, which includes Judy Scott, sound engineer, and all others that are connected in any way.  May God's richest blessings go with each of you, individually and collectively as you continue to minister to others.

With Christ's Love, Valeria Woods, Hostess

Grace Baptist Church
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2000 9:39 AM
Subject: Echo

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know again how much we all appreciated your music on Saturday night.  I heard nothing but praise for all of you and I hope people in the congregation communicated that to you as well.  You guys are so talented and are so committed to the Lord's work that it is thrilling to behold.  I am serious about wanting to have you come again to do a concert a little later (obviously in 2001).   I will be in touch.  Thank you again and may God continue to bless you all as you bless others by your beautiful music!  Ikie

Cornerstone Community of Christ
Date: Monday, October 30, 2000 9:55 PM
Subject: Thank you
Dear Echo,
Thank you for bringing your ministry to Cornerstone. You are all amazing
and God's love shines in your faces.  I went to church Sunday with a heavy heart and through your music I felt blessed and knew that  even in the tough times, God has been watching over me and my life. In April of this year I had surgery for cancer. No one in my family  has ever had cancer before, and since I am the youngest of five, I had to watch my family suffer and at the same time try to keep my own faith . I had many blessing come from this, I was administered to and had prayers from all over the world (surgery was during World Conference). I knew that I was healed from the cancer, but it left behind a few scars which I am still healing from. As I said, when I arrived at church, I had already asked to be administered to for the pain in my back--I teach school, and work with special needs students and  I was a tug of war between two of them. All I can say is they won. Your ministry and music helped me to know that everything would be okay.  And the biggest message that I received was, that I am still in God's care and that He is always watching over me. Once again, I would like to thank you for your gift of music and the ministry which you bring. 


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