The Heavenly Father,
the Holy Son

and Their Witness, the Holy Ghost,
are Three in One

Jesus Acknowledges and Honors His Father

  • Jesus humbled Himself before God, His Father, and witnessed before God that He, (Jesus) would be obedient to God, the Father, in keeping His commandments.

  • Jesus came into the world to do the will of the Father (not His own will), because the Father send Him.

How The Two Are One

Many are One

  • "For we being many are one bread, and one body; for we are all partakers of that one bread." I Cor. 10:17

  • Jesus prayed for the apostles in a consecration prayer before His crucifixion and asked God that they, and all who believed their words, be made one in Him as He is one in God, the Father. John 17

  • Read the testimony of a little 7-year-old girl who died and said she and Jesus were taken into God's heart and they become one.

Testimonies of Seeing Two Personages

W. N. DawsonDebbie Harrington,  I Saw Two PersonagesMichael Scott, 9-year-old Nina sees Two in the Kirtland Temple

Jesus explained the Godhead to a Muslim

Below is a wonderful explanation of the Trinity taken from the testimonial book, I Dared To Call Him Father, written by an Islamic woman whom Jesus visited and converted at the risk of her life. It’s one of the most remarkable testimonies I ever read! This portion is speaking about the many visitors she had who tried to "reconvert" her to Islam, and in the process we learn of another Muslim to whom Jesus explained the Godhead.

    There is a Muslim law that any Muslim who adopts Christianity must be murdered by the males in their own family. This woman was of royalty and they had to be more subtle about it. First they tried to reconvert her, then burn her house down. Taking her life was the last effort they made. God brought her to America where she wrote her book. What a story!

   Bilquis wrote: "And that was that. I saw my visitor to the door and invited him back. He never did return but others came, some well primed for battle and with such misconceptions! I'll never forget the man who accused Christians of worshipping three separate Gods.
    ‘Your so-called Trinity consists of God, Mary, and Jesus!’ he said. ‘You Christians say that God took a wife who was Mary and from their union Jesus was born. Allah can't have a wife!’ he laughed. I prayed quickly. And a clear line of thought came to mind.
    ‘Do you read the Koran?’ I asked.
    ‘Of course.’
    ‘Well then, do you remember how the Koran says that Christ was given the Spirit of God?’
    I had often wondered how the Koran could have such marvelous truths as this. You perhaps have heard of Sadhu Sundar Singh, the devout Sikh to whom Jesus appeared in a vision. This is how Jesus explained the Trinity to him:

    ‘Just as in the sun there are both heat and light, but the light is not heat and the heat is not light, but both are one, though in their manifestation they have different forms, so I and the Holy Spirit, proceeding from the Father, bring light and heat to the world. . . . Yet We are not three but One, just as the sun is but one.’

It was quiet in the room when I finished. My guest was deep in thought. Finally he arose, thanked me for giving him time and silently left the house. As I watched his forlorn figure walk down the graveled driveway it occurred to me to wonder whether my little visits with people like the Englishman and this zealot were really being used by the Lord. I had no way of knowing, for I never heard from either of them again. It didn't matter. I perhaps should not even wonder about results. The only thing that did matter to me was obedience. If the Lord asked me to talk to these people, then that is what I should do." (I Dared To Call Him Father, by Bilquis Sheikh, pp. 115-118)

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