A Message To Latter Day Saints

And if ye seek riches which it is the will of the Father to give unto you, ye shall be the richest of all people; for ye shall have the riches of eternity; and it must needs be that the riches of the are are Mine to give:
beware of Pride, lest ye become as the Nephites of old.1

What happened to the Nephites?







Prophetic leader, Joseph Smith III, saw the temple which will be built in Zion, and was very specific about its structure. The foundation was laid on square design (not round as see in the photo above), and had dark rich wood on the interior. It had no spire. His vision clearly disqualifies the one above as being the Temple of Peace that he saw in vision. If that 's the case, then this one must come down, just as all the other temples around the world which have been built up by man, for man's pride and aggrandizement.



Granite Needle To The Sky

Earthquake, many people die;
solid structures break like glass;
Prophecies have come to pass.

End approaching, Few take heed
Love of money, lust and greed.
War clouds threaten - poison gas,
Prophecies have come to pass.

Chaos, ruin in all lands.
Solid structures? Shifting sands.
People suffering all en-mass.
Prophecies have come to pass.

Invasion -- wings of steel overhead.
Panic, devastation spread.
Sky is darkened -- Sun overcast.
Prophecy will come to pass.

Dismal picture, but take heart,
Not completed -- just a part.
Redemption is approaching fast.
Prophecy must come to pass.

This prophecy in 1933 warns us that when we see a "granite needle"--a building with a spire--in a place where prophecies abound, then we can soon expect to see a big earthquake with much suffering. It is at that time that America will be invaded. It also reveals that the redemption of Zion is fast coming.
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The Temple Shall Be Built
Given at Independence, Mo., April 10, 1912

"Verily I say unto you, My people, lift up your heads and rejoice, saith the Spirit. Pay heed to that which you have heard this morning from My servants, for they are true. Behold I say unto you, inasmuch as you are humble and prayerful before Me, saith the Spirit, I will bless My people. You shall go to your homes carrying the glad news home to your branches and your districts and your homes, and bid them to heed the admonition that has been given you from time to time; that you shall set your house in order, pay your devotions to the Lord, that you shall set your families in order and teach the children the principles of the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yea, verily I say unto you, life up your heads and rejoice, for the day is dawning when I shall come to take up my abode with you and reign as King of kings and Lord of Lords. I will carry out My work, saith the Spirit; I will redeem Israel, and the time shall not be long when the Temple shall be built, yea in this generation it shall come to pass, and My glory shall rest upon it, and I will redeem My people. They shall be endowed with power from on high and go forth to the nations of the world and proclaim My gospel to those now sitting in darkness, and they shall lift up their heads and rejoice and come to Zion with songs of everlasting joy. And verily I say unto you, those from the north are preparing themselves to come and meet with you upon this sacred spot, upon this spot which I have dedicated unto Myself, saith the Spirit. Amen."3


Thousands Will Accept
through L.G. Holloway

"There are times when we are especially discouraged and feel like giving up. As I was in charge of missionary work in Utah, it was my duty to arrange for other missionaries to preach. This was not always easy. I was sitting one evening in our headquarters in Salt Lake City after having worked hard all day without stopping to eat. I got up from my desk and decided to go down into the business district and get some food. I put on my overcoat and hat and went out into deep snow. As I walked along, discouraged and disheartened, I thought of the future of the Church--of that wonderful day we have looked forward to when the endowment would be given. This brought a feeling of encouragement to me. If I could be found worthy to live in that glorious day and receive the outpouring of that Spirit, I should be happy, regardless of what disappointments might come in the meantime.

It was after sunset, and darkness was beginning to hover over the city. My surroundings faded from my natural vision, and seemingly I was transported to some distant place where multitudes of people were gathered. A personage appeared and asked me if I would be happy if I could baptize ten people, and I replied, 'Yes, Lord.' Then I was asked if I would not be happier if I could baptize twenty-five people, and again I answered, 'Yes.' Yet another time I was asked 'Would you not be made exceedingly happy if you could baptize one hundred people?'  My answer again was, 'Yes, Lord, I would.'   That same voice further declared, 'The time will come when not only tens, twenties and fifties and hundreds will come into the Church, but thousands will accept the gospel.'

The vision closed and I found myself rejoicing in the knowledge that there is a day coming when the armies of Israel will become very great. Under the endowment that must come to the Church, the servants of Christ will bring many souls into the fold. From that day until now I have always believed there will be a glorious consummation of our work in which many thousands will be converted and brought into the Church. Since that experience, when inclined to become discouraged, I have meditated on what I saw at that time, and it has revived my hope and courage. I have no doubt it will find a fulfillment at some later period in Church history." 4


"Some of wonder how Zion will be redeemed, and My Temple be built on the sacred spot My servants consecrated by My power. Hark! and listen to the voice of My Spirit and I will instruct you. The Lamanites will be gathered into My fold and will comply with My law and consecrate their means. I am the Lord, I change not! My Temple shall be reared on the sacred spot, and I will overshadow it with My power. Therefore, doubt not concerning it, obey My law and keep My commandments," 5

Message Given through Evangelist Frank White
at Walnut Park Sacrament Service July 7, 1974

"Brothers and Sisters and Saints of God, the spirit has been upon me and burdened my soul to bring this message. The spirit saith unto you:

'I am your God. I am the God of the Heavens and the Earth, I am Alpha and Omega. the beginning and the end. I brought certain truths to go forth among the children of men in these last days that all who listen to my call and heed the call will have the opportunity to gain salvation through my true church.

I am fully aware of what has been happening in my church, the contentions that has brought stress in my bosom and distress to the people within my church. I am aware my brothers, my sisters, my daughters and my sons in latter day Israel, yea ye are my friends, I am aware that these conditions have invaded into their very hearts, have been brought to pass by the evil one and thus through devious work has deceived some of my Priesthood and some of my people. The time is coming and I will choose the time according to my will, that I will set my house in order and shall bring to pass a great cleansing and those willing to stand shall be saved and those who will not Stand on the watch tower and participate, those that are not worthy shall be driven out and that great cleansing shall soon come to pass.

This I say unto you my friends, my sons and my daughters which I have blessed here upon the earth. I speak unto you my people, "Go forth and proselyte'. I am the God of Heaven and Earth that ye may know that I am aware and have brought this church forth by my great power and this work shall prevail and shall take place, I will be the author and the finisher of it.

My people, let my words of council and instruction have residence in your heart that you may have peace at this hour at my table which is symbolic of my Only Begotten Son. Put your shoulder to the wheel with greater power and trust in my promises more than ever before, for my promises are true and all I have commanded and said shall take place. Thus I saith in the name of my son. Amen.' "

[The following was attached to the above page. I do not know it if is part of the message or not. Nevertheless, in my opinion it is a true manifestation. JH ]

"The confusion that is within my Church is well known unto me. Many of you have been asking what you should do. I say unto you that you should study diligently to seek and find the truths of the Gospel as it was restored by My hand for the establishment of My Church. The Three Standard Books of the Church contain the Gospel and should be studied by the members. Hold fast to the truths of the Restored Gospel and practice its principles in your homes, living close to the ways of the Lord as revealed by my true servants. Test all things offered to the Church today by study and prayer; and, if they do not conform to the truths that have been restored, do not accept them regardless by whom they are offered, for they are not of Me. I am still at the head of My Church and in Mine own due time, I will cleanse My Church."

The Coming of the Great White Chief
The source of this paper is unknown. Let the Spirit bear witness to the origin of the document.

"This story was first related three years ago by three Indians on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Since additional proof of the migration of the white Indians has come forth we feel it is appropriate at this time to publish it. It is of interest to recall that Charles H. Lindberg is said to have flown over a beautiful city in Lower Mexico around 1928 or 1930, while surveying an air route from Washington to Panama, and to have later returned in his own plane but strange to say could not find it again."

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