Testimony of Cyndi Vreeland
Daughter of Apostle Glenn Vreeland
Email dated July 1, 2007

"Hi Jan,

I want to tell you about another dream that I had years ago as a child that I was just reminded of after reading some of book 5 in "Hope."

I and my mom, and maybe a few others that could have been in my family were in it. I can't remember the first part, but if it is a spiritual dream, then the rest sure makes sense. I felt strongly about it, so it might be something important to remember.

Well, the part I remember is being in a car with my mom and maybe family or other people, but we were driving along when all of a sudden there was smoke and fire everywhere. Looking back, I remember seeing - what I did not recognize then until just now - were pillars of exploding fire just everywhere that looked much like nuclear bomb blasts. Well, I think we started calling out to God for help, or talking about how we would be okay, and we might have been singing or something, but all of the sudden the smoke and fire disappeared and we were driving toward a bright, beautiful light like the rising sun, only brighter, like it might look if you were driving through a tunnel with the sun shining at the other end. I could see around the car that the earth was blackened and all the grass was gone; there was nothing but barren land on the side of the road, but as we drove, beautiful green grass and flowers were popping up everywhere in front of us until the shoulders of the road were just thick with them, almost like the light was making them spring up.  

I remember waking up feeling so happy and excited that I told my mom about it. I think she thought it was just a dream, and so did I, but it stuck with me for so long. If it is a spiritual dream, then I know mostly what it must represent. And it just confirms what information you have shared with me so far.

The dreams where I saw the ominous clouds were very similar in that I saw the all things happen through the window, but in the most recent ones that I had, I was standing outside and I could see the winds from the firestorm surround my body.  They were so fierce that I could actually see the wind rushing about me. I knew that I was being protected from them and they stopped. As the vapor vanished, the grass and flowers sprang out and the sun shined so brightly, I was filled with warmth and such joy. I know that God is trying to warn me, but also give me a promise to trust Him and pray and follow Him, and He will protect me. And especially, "do not be afraid."

And what you said about the window representing future is interesting because in the earlier dreams I saw the same events take place outside the window. The second to the most recent ones I looked outside the window, but then ran outside as the clouds came. In the most recent ones, which have been a couple of years ago, I was actually standing outside when the clouds came. So maybe the Lord is trying to warn me that it is soon, maybe in my lifetime?"

Dear Cyndi: read the 1973 message given at the RLDS Reunion.  It was given for the youth who would live in this time of trouble, destruction of the wicked in America, to know they will have the protection of the Lord.

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