Roman Catholic Priest
Is Persecuted For Teaching The Bible

This book is the testimony Charles Chiniquy, trained in Roman Catholic colleges, a priest for 25 years in the Roman Catholic Church. When Jesus Christ brought him out of Babylon, his battle with the Church of Rome proved what he claimed about her. The Holy Ghost told him that his church is the church of the Devil, that the priests are the continuation of the priests of Bacchus, and that he was a hypocrite for teaching it was the Lord's church when he knew better. The following excerpts tell of his struggle in leaving it. He said:

  'There was, however, another thing which was still more overwhelming. It was the terrible moral struggle in my soul; the voice of my conscience, (which I had to take for the voice of Satan), was crying in my ears:

'Do you not see clearly that your Church is the devil's church - that those priests, instead of being the Lamb's priests, are the successors of the old Bacchus priests? [See story on activities of the Modern Bacchus priests.]

'Read your Bible a little more attentively, and see if this is not the reign of the great harlot, which is defiling the world with her abominations? How long will you remain in this sea of Sodom? Come out! come out of Babylon, if you do not want to perish with her! Can the Son of God come down every morning in body, in soul, and divinity, into the hands and stomachs of such men? Can the nations be led into the ways of God by them? Are you not guilty of an unpardonable crime when you are planting, with your own hand, over this magnificent country, a tree bearing such fruits? How dare you meet your God, after you have so deceived yourself and the people to believe that these are the representatives, the leaders, the priests of the Church outside of which there is no salvation?'

"Oh, what an awful thing it is to resist the voice of God! To take Him for the evil one, when, by His warnings, He seeks to save your soul! Fearing lest I should entirely lose my faith in my religion, and become an absolute infidel by remaining any longer in the midst of such profligacy, I determined to leave; . . . ." (50 Years in the "Church" of Rome, pp. 251-252)

30 Attempts By Rome To Kill Priest Chiniquy
32 Trials With 72 False Witnesses

"But the reader has the right to know something of the dangers through which it has pleased God to make me pass.

Rome is the same today as she was when she burned John Huss and Wishart, and when she caused 70,000 Protestants to be slaughtered in France, and 100,000 to be exterminated in Peidmont in Italy.

On the 31st of December, 1869 I forced the Rt. Rev. Bishop Foley of Chicago to swear before the civil court at Kankakee that the following sentence was an exact translation of the doctrine of the Church of Rome as taught today in all the Roman Catholic seminaries, colleges, and universities, through the "Summa Theological" of Thomas Aquinas (vol. iv. p. 90):

'Though heretics must not be tolerated because they deserve it, we must bear with them till, by a second admonition, they be brought back to the faith of the church. But those who, after a second admonition, remain obstinate to their errors, must not only be excommunicated, but they must be delivered to the secular power to be exterminated.'

Because of this law of the church of Rome, which is today in full force, not less than thirty public attempts have been made to kill me since my conversion.

The first time I visited Quebec, in the spring of 1859, fifty men were sent by the Bishop of Quebec (Baillargeon) to force me to swear that I would never preach the Bible, or kill me if I refused.

At 4 a.m., sticks were raised above my head, a dagger stuck in my breast, and the cries of the furious mob were ringing in my ears: 'Infamous apostate! Now you are in our hands. You are a dead man if you do not swear that you will never preach your accursed Bible.'

Never had I seen such furious men around me. Their eyes were more like tigers than of men. I expected every moment to receive the deadly blow, and I asked my Saviour to come and receive my soul. But the would-be murderers cried again: 'Infamous renegade! Swear that you will never preach any more your accursed Bible, or you are a dead man!'

I raised my eyes and hands towards heaven and said: 'Oh! my God! hear and bless the last words of Thy poor servant' I solemnly swear that so long as my tongue can speak, I will preach Thy Word, as I find it in the Holy Bible!" Then opening my vest said: 'Now! Strike!'

But my God was there to protect me; they did not strike. I went through their ranks into the street where I found some to drive me to Mr. Hall, the mayor of the city and said: 'I just escaped almost miraculously, from the hands of men sworn to kill me if I preach again the Gospel of Christ. I am however, determined to preach again today at noon even if I have to die in the attempt.' I put myself under the protection of the British flag.

Soon more than 1,000 British soldiers were around me with fixed bayonets. They formed themselves into two lines along the streets through which the mayor took me in his own sleigh to the lecture room. I then delivered my address on "The Bible," to at least 10,000 people. After this, I had the joy of distributing between five and six hundred Bibles to the hungry multitude.

I have been stoned twenty times. On the 10th of July, 1873, the Rev. P. Goodfellow, standing by me when going out of his church, was struck several times by stones which missed me. His head was so badly cut that he fell on the ground bathed in blood. I took him up in my arms, though wounded and bleeding myself. We would surely have been slaughtered there, had not a noble Scotchman opened the door of his house, at the peril of his own life, to give us shelter against the assassins of the pope.

The mob, furious that we had escaped, broke the windows and besieged the house from 10 a.m. till 3 the next morning. Many times they threatened to set fire to the house. They were prevented only from fear of burning the whole town including their own dwellings. Several times they put long ladders against the walls hoping to reach the upper rooms, and find and kill their victim. All this was done under the eyes of five or six priests.

At Montreal in the winter of 1870, coming out of Cote Street Church where I had preached, accompanied by Principal MacVicar, we received a volley of stones which would have seriously, if not fatally, injured the doctor had he not been protected by a thick fur cap and overcoat.

After a lecture given at Paramenta, near Sidney, Australia, I was again attacked with stones by the Roman Catholics. One struck my left leg with such force that I thought it was broken, and I was lame for several days. In New South Wales, Australia, I was beaten with whips and sticks which left marks upon my shoulders.

At Marsham, in the same province, on the 1st of April, 1879, the Romanists took possession of the church where I was speaking, rushed towards me with daggers and pistols, crying: "Kill him! Kill him!" In the tumult, I providentially escaped through a secret door. To escape death I had to crawl on hands and knees a pretty long distance in a ditch filled with mud.

In the same city, as I was waiting for the train, a well-dressed lady came near and spat in my face. I was blinded, my face covered with filth. She immediately fled, but was soon brought back by my secretary and a policeman, who said: 'Here is the miserable woman who has just insulted you. What shall we do with her?' I was then almost done cleaning my face. I answered: 'Let her go home in peace. She has not done it of her own accord; she was sent by her confessor. She thinks she has done a good action. When they spat in our Saviour's face, He did not punish those who insulted Him. We must follow His example.' And she was set at liberty, to the great regret of the crowd.

In 1879, while lecturing in Melbourne, Australia, I received a letter from Tasmania, signed by twelve ministers of the Gospel, saying: 'We are much in need of you here for though the Protestants are in the majority, the administration of the country is almost entirely in the hands of Roman Catholics, who rule us with an iron rote. We wish to have you among us, though we do not dare to invite you to come. The Roman Catholics have sworn to kill you, and we fear that they will fulfill their promises. But, though we do not dare ask you to come, we assure you that there is a great work for you here, and that we will stand by you with our people. If you fall, you will not fall alone.'

I answered: 'We are soldiers of Christ, and must be willing to die for Him, as He did for us. I will go.' On the 24th of June, as I was delivering my first lecture in Hobart Town, the Roman Catholics, with the approval of their bishop, broke the door of the hall and rushed towards me crying, "Kill him! kill him!" The mob was only a few feet from me, brandishing their daggers and pistols, when the Protestants threw themselves between us and a furious hand-to-hand fight occurred, during which many were wounded. The soldiers of the pope were overpowered but the governor had to put the city under martial law for four days and call the whole militia to save my life from the assassins.

In a dark night, as I was leaving the steamer on the Ottawa River, Canada, twice the bullets of the murderers whistled at no more than two or three inches from my ears.

The 17th of June, 1884, after I had preached in Quebec on the text: "What would I do to have eternal life," a mob of more than 1,500 Roman Catholics, led by two priests, broke the windows of the church and attacked me with stones. More than one hundred stones struck me, and I would surely have been killed there but for two heavy overcoats, which I put one over my head, and the other around my shoulders. Numbers of policemen and other friends who came to my rescue were wounded. My life was saved only by an organization of a thousand young men, who, under the name of Protestant Guard, wrenched me from the hands of the would-be murderers.

When the bishops and priests saw that it was so difficult to put me out of the way with stones, sticks, and daggers, they determined to destroy my character. Thirty-two times my name has been called before the civil and criminal courts of Kankakee, Joliet, Chicago, Urbana, and Montreal. I have been accused by Grand Vicar Mailloux of having killed a man and thrown his body into a river to conceal my crime.

I have been accused of setting fire to the church of Bourbennais. Seventy-two false witnesses were brought by the priests to support this last accusation. But, thanks be to God, at every time the very lips of the perjured witnesses gave proof that they were swearing falsely, at the instigation of their father confessors. My innocence was proven by the very men who had been paid to destroy me. In this last suit Father Brunet was found guilty of inventing the accusations and supported them by false witnesses. He was condemned to pay 2,500 dollars or go to jail for fourteen years.

He chose jail having the promise from his Roman Catholic friends that they would break the doors of his prison and let him go free to some remote place. He was incarcerated at Kankakee, but on a dark and stormy night, six months later, he was rescued and fled to Montreal 900 miles away. There he made the Roman Catholics believe that the blessed Virgin Mary, dressed in a beautiful white robe had come in person to open the gates of the prison.

I do not mention these facts to create bad feelings against the poor blind slaves of the pope. It is only to show that the Church of Rome today is absolutely the same as when she reddened Europe with the blood of the martyrs. My motive in speaking of those murderous attacks is to induce the readers to help me to bless God, who has so mercifully saved me from the hands of the enemy. With Paul, I could often say: "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body." (II Cor. 4:8-10)

Those constant persecutions, far from hindering the onward march of the evangelical movement to which I have consecrated my life, seem to have given it a new impulse. I will never forget the day, after the terrible night when more than a thousand Roman Catholics had come and severely wounded me with stones, more than one hundred of my countrymen asked me to enroll their names under the banner of the Gospel, and publicly sent their recantation of the errors of Rome to the bishop.

Today, the Gospel of Christ is advancing with irresistible power among the French Canadians from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans. Among those converts we count now twenty-five priests and more than fifty young zealous ministers who had been born in the Church of Rome.

In hundreds of places the Church of Rome has lost her prestige and the priests are looked upon with indifference, if not contempt, even by those who have not yet accepted the light.

A very remarkable religious movement has also been lately inaugurated among the Irish Roman Catholics, under the leadership of Revs. McNamarra, O'Connor, and Quinn, which promises to keep pace with, if not exceed the progress of the Gospel among the French.

Today, more than ever, we hear the good Master's voice: 'Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest.' (John 4:35) " (50 Years In The "Church" Of Rome, p. 362-366)


 God's Valiant Soldiers

How exciting it is to see the work of truth march forward. These good Catholic men are saints of God, "coming out of her," Babylon the Great.

Mr. Chiniquy's testimony echoes the lives of God's valiant soldiers. So was the life of Joseph Smith, Jr. He was dragged before civil courts 39 times accused by false witnesses, and acquitted each time. He was tarred and feathered, chased by mobs, beaten, maligned, fed poison, kept in jail illegally, robbed of rightful property (he and the saints with him), then came the ultimate sacrifice, he (knowingly, willingly) gave his life. What more could any man give than his life for his testimony? Joseph Smith, Jr. was not a god, and he knew it. He made mistakes, but the ones attributed to him by the world, for the most part, he had nothing to do with. His name is had for good and bad--the bad spread by darkened minds who have not investigated all arenas. Half a story is only half of the truth. No one wants to be judged by half of their story. No righteous judge will decide a case until he hears all the evidence. There's more to the testament of Joseph Smith, Jr. than the world knows, or is willing to admit. Joseph Smith, Jr. also had his own work to do, and he completed it. For some, it is their job to do a work for God. For others, it is theirs to try and hinder it. Which side are you on?


 Two Churches Only


 The Holy Ghost told him that his church is the church of the Devil, that the priests are the continuation of the

Priests of Bacchus



RLDS Apostle D. T. Williams, Stone Church, January, 1951

"We are advised that there are but two churches, one 'the church 'of the Lamb of God,' the other 'the church of the Devil.' (I Nephi 3:221). The distinction is clear. The Church of Christ stands for righteousness and purity of God; its antithesis for the vileness and ferocity of Satan (I Nephi 3:139-144    223-225).

"Is the 'Church of the Lamb of God' to be found only in our own denomination? And is the 'church of the Devil' to be recognized only in the Catholic Church? One of three conclusions is possible here:

  • Either this is a prophecy for future fulfillment (See D.C. 1:6)
  • or, it must be that Nephi had in mind that the two churches were to be made up, in the first place, of all the good in all the world, and in the second place, of all the bad in the world.

  • or that the Church of the Restoration was to be the spearhead of all righteousness—‘The Church of the Lamb of God,' and the Apostate Church was to be the spearhead for all wickedness (See D.C. 85:26; 16:4).

"At least it can be said that the "Church of the Lamb" was to be headed toward a place of singular leadership in the ultimate culmination of earthly events, and the apostate church was to meet its ultimate defeat and destruction as a grand climax in the picture of prophecy. Such an event is described vividly in Revelation 18, as the fall of Babylon." (Outline Studies of the Book of Mormon Institute, p. 53-54)


Modern Priests of Bacchus

"USA TODAY Feb. 11, 2004
by Cathy Lynn Grossman

"Survey: Catholic Church sex scandal larger than reported:  At least 1,341 clergy members accused over 50 years; 70 of 80 dioceses surveyed were involved in molestation cases.  Allegations of sexual abuse in the Catholic church appear to have involved hundreds more priests than previous estimates suggest.  A survey of U.S. Catholic dioceses conducted by the Associated Press and released Tuesday found that 1,341 clergy members have been accused of molesting children since the 1950s...."  It's only the tip of the iceberg.

I've been watching this story with interest.   Many years ago I dreamed I was riding on a train that was full of people.  They seemed to be being taken on a trip somewhere (symbolically speaking - not being told the truth and being led down the wrong path).  There was a Roman Catholic priest among them and I stood up and said something, exposing this charade.  The train stopped and it caused great consternation. 

I didn't have the interpretation to the dream, but I see now that the Lord has caused this evil corruption in the Catholic church to be exposed.  It is, like the dream showed me, causing great consternation in that church and the world.   This exposé is not just something that happened.  God did it, and I suspect Satan is wildly angry about it.  This is evidence of the spiritual battle going on and we can expect to see greater wonders from the hand of the Lord in behalf of His people--those who love Him and keep His commandments.  It's a spiritual battle every day.