Everything Is Spiritual

"And out of the ground, made I, the Lord God, to grow every tree naturally....and it became a living soul; for it was spiritual in the day that I created it..."  (Genesis 2:11--Inspired Version only)


Is There Really A Hell?

nos161.gif (15512 bytes)God is so wise. To some He gives one testimony, to some another. And no one has it all. The testimonies must all be put together like pieces of a puzzle to get the whole picture. When you only have a piece or two of the puzzle, you can’t see the picture clearly. The more you have, the more you understand what the kingdom of God is really like.   The story of the elephant and the blind men is a good example of what most of us are like. I’ll repeat the parable as I remembered it.

Several blind men (and women?) were told to describe what the elephant in front of them was like. Each one reached out and examined the elephant. One felt the tail and described it. “Oh, no, that is not what it is like,” another one said, as he described the trunk. Another reacted in like manner as he described the leg, and another, the belly. Each man was blind to what the other was feeling. None could see the whole truth, yet each maintained he had the whole picture.



None could see the whole elephant, yet each maintained he had described its shape.   "There is a fullness of the Gospel   but most people will not attain it here." Betty Eadie, Embraced by the Light

Jesus said the way is narrow and few will find it.  "Repent, therefore, and enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be who go in thereat. Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." (Matt. 7:22-23)

We’re like that when we try to describe the heavenly realm. There’s so much we don’t know, and the little we do, we try to make everyone fit in our box of vision which we’ve been shown.

There is a fullness of the gospel, Mrs. Eadie was told. Where is it, and why will so few find it? When Mrs. Eadie’s tape was put in my hands, I was elated, for so many of the testimonies she shared were similar to mine. It was like we had both examined the same end of the elephant.

I phoned the Christian book store in our area and was told they didn’t carry it. When asked why, I was told they believed it was New Age theology. New Agers, as I understand it, don’t acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God. This makes New Age theology part of the anti-Christ. Embraced by the Light places Jesus Christ exactly where He is—the Son of God, the Creator of heaven and earth. That’s God, Himself.  If there is some question on that, the second book written by Mrs. Eadie, The Awaking Heart, makes it very plain.

The only missing link in her testimony with the fullness of the gospel I could see is her lack of speaking of hell. If she were told about it, it may not be her work to share that part. There were many things she was told that were taken from her memory. Hell may have been one of them. The lack of knowing about hell and the Sons of Perdition may be a result of her past pain with it. I understood her to say she was fearful for many years due to the negative way she was brought up in Catholic schools—that her thoughts about heaven were frightening, and of a vengeful God. Once she saw Jesus like He really is, that fear left. That’s the way it should be for God’s children. Now she only knows love, and this is her mission—to bear witness of the love of God to others who felt as she did.

Dr. Eby Shown the Second Death
But there is a hell, and it’s been given to others to warn of its misery. Dr. Richard Eby, in Tell Them I’m Coming speaks of his experience in the pit. He was shown the second death received by those whose names are removed from the Book of Life.

“I was suddenly snatched away and found myself standing before a gorgeous throne on which sat God, an indescribable personage. I knew Him by His radiance! He was rapidly thumbing through a large book in His right hand. I could see through its pages to the title on the cover, The Book of Life. I felt naked—physically, emotionally, spiritually. I knew I was being judged, and I had no lawyer to plead my case.

I found I had my voice again, and I heard it stammer: ‘What are You looking for, God?  My name must be there!’

‘I am looking for your name in our family album, but I do not find it here,’ He replied with a shake of His head.

‘But it must be there, God! I lived a good life. I was never arrested or imprisoned. I obeyed the rules. I did good works. Look some more! What do You mean, I’m not in Your family?’

‘You rejected My Son’s offer to be born again, to be washed clean in His blood. Remember? You were told many times! There is nothing more I can do. You are not one of My children. You belong to Satan’s family.’ He stretched forth His arm and pointed to a distant lake of fire.

I shall never forget what I saw: the second death. He explained, ‘It was prepared for Satan and his angels. Depart from Me into everlasting punishment with your father, the devil.’ ”2

Dr. Eby’s description of the pit, or hell as he called it, should be read by every human being. It’s terrifying! He was in such a state of shock he couldn’t even talk about it for days. Click to read the entire experience.


Three Parts of the Elephant

  • ...Dr. Eby saw the condition of those who will be cast off as sons of Perdition; their father is Satan—those who reject Jesus Christ as Savior. Only those who accept Jesus Christ as Savior will be saved. God’s made it plain. There is no other way to salvation.

  • ...Mrs. Eadie saw a part of the elephant—the state of those who accept Jesus and have a work to do.

  • ...I have a testimony of those who accept Jesus after they’ve paid a price in hell. Each of us has seen part of the elephant. And it all fits together into one.

My Dad Is In Hell

Many years before my father died, I had a dream that when he passed from this life to the beyond, he would be taken into hell.

In the dream my dad was playing in the yard with his grandchildren when two men came up the driveway to take him to the prison house, or hell. I knew they were angels of God, messengers sent to take him, but I resisted them, saying they couldn’t take him there. I awoke frantic for him.  Then I had another dream.

A tornado was approaching and Dad was standing in the doorway. I called to him to come back to safety away from the door, but he said he had to go out and provide for the family. The tornado funnel came to the door, reached in as if an arm, wrapped around his waist and pulled him up into the cloud. I ran to the door and looked up to see him suspended in midair. Dad wasn’t struggling at all, but calmly said to me, “I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Then he disappeared as he was taken on up into the cloud. I awoke very troubled.

My father’s life was full of tumult. He’d become desperate during the depression of the 1930s, and ended up in a federal prison for 10 years. Mother told me of FBI skullduggery in Dad’s trial—the man who was supposed to have been shot and on his death bed, was suddenly whisked out of town—an example to be made of Dad—Dad was without a lawyer—another story. Then when he was released, he wouldn’t go to church. He felt unworthy, and “saints” had discouraged him. He said the people were hypocrites. I was concerned for his spiritual welfare.

Then came the dreams. When they weren't fulfilled immediately (Dad survived a heart attack and lung cancer during the next few years), I forgot about them. Fifteen years after the dreams, he was snatched away in an accident on the job (just as I’d seen in my dream—Dad was going out the door to work). Dad was an electrician and was working up in a gravel bin at a rock quarry when the chute was opened below. He either fell into the bin or was walking across the gravel when the trucker opened the door, and Dad went down. He was crushed under 8,000 pounds of gravel as the rocks poured into the truck.

Knowing how Dad had lived, his swearing and violent demonic fits of anger, didn’t give us hope of his being in Paradise. My most vivid memory of him was of the night he was choking me in one of his rages. I was terrified as he forced me to tell Mother he wasn’t choking me, “only holding my neck, and that I was O.K.” My frantic mother could do nothing. I can still see the gun placed to my sister’s head, and threats that he wouldn't return to prison if Mom called the police. We never knew where these rages would end, or what he'd do. I remember the sudden shouting and Dad cussing as Mom ran down the stairs, crawled under the table trying to protect her baby in the womb, and Dad kicking her stomach. I remember the sound of glass shattering as Dad bashed in the TV, and threw the hammer out the window; of coming home to find all the food from the refrigerator piled in the middle of the kitchen floor. We couldn't foresee what would set him off, and lived in emotional trauma. Just writing about it brings back a portion of the stress. Marriage, for me, was an escape. What a blessing it was that God sent my companion, and I wasn't fleeing into a mistake. Doubtless, others are not so blessed as I was, and they jump into another fire worse than from whence they escape.

As the years passed, Dad mellowed. He now was becoming tolerable to live with—just as I’d seen in my dream before the angels came to take him away. (But I didn't remember it until he was gone. God didn't let me remember or I would have lived fearfully for his leaving.) Though there were still scars, in Christ they were healing. I’d forgiven Dad his outbreaks of emotion. He’d struggled and grown. I excused his past actions and blamed them on the circumstances of his life. Why would he have to go to the prison house? When Dad died, I told God He couldn’t take my Dad there—what he’d done wasn’t his fault. And I set my mind that way. Then God told me who’s running things.

I went to an elder for administration to get through the funeral, and God wouldn’t let me forget what I’d been told. He’d given me those dreams for a reason. The elder, not knowing about my dreams, administered to me. His first inspired words were:
“Janice, everyone who dies must face the Bar.”
My heart sank. I knew right then and there that my dad was in hell. The elder continued to speak in inspiration:
“But remember, those who accept the Christ, will be brought into the fold.”

Suddenly I remembered the last words my father said before being taken away into the cloud: “I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” . I knew Dad would be saved beyond his time in hell

There was still one thing bothering me, almost to the point of panic as I thought about it. I feared Dad would be frantic as he knew he was dying, and the Spirit reminded me of the dreams--that I’d seen Dad going home. The Lord asked me if I saw Dad struggling in that dream as he was taken up. I had to admit he didn’t—he went very peacefully in the dream. And I had peace about it then, too. Dad knew he was going, and accepted it

So Dad went to hell. And now I knew he could come out of it. It was not permanent because he accepted Christ. That’s why Jesus went into the prison house to preach—because there was the possibility for some to come out of there—if they believed in, and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. 3

Do We Have Insight On Hell, The Holding Tank?
Hell is not forever. Death and hell will be thrown into the pit. The lake of fire is eternal.4

So what is hell, the holding tank, like? It’s another place where men are taught about the fullness of the gospel, the plan of salvation. For all men must hear and choose for themselves. Those who will accept Jesus Christ will come into the fold. Those who reject him will have other places to go. But those who defy Him, such as Judas, whom Jesus called a son of Perdition, will find it would have been better for them if they had not been born, as Jesus said. They shall go away into the lake of fire.5

Dad, Where Are You?
I didn’t tell my experiences (that Dad was taken to hell) to my five brothers whom I dearly loved. My only sister wouldn’t have believed me anyway. So I kept the knowledge that Dad was in hell to myself, sharing it only with my companion. Not too long after Dad’s death, Greg, one of my younger brothers told me of a dream he’d had.

Greg was standing in the kitchen of our homestead when Dad walked in dressed in his electrician’s workclothes. His utility belt with his tools hung around his waist. Greg’s first impression was that Dad was working. He questioned Dad about where he was, and how he was, “I see you are in hell?” Dad replied casually, as if accepting his situation, “ Yes, the work is hard, but it’s rewarding.”

I told Greg I was also told Dad was in hell. We missed him, for although we'd lived in hell on earth through Dad's explosions, yet we'd come to love him. Something about Dad had changed. He loved his grandchildren and played with them. Dad was a giving soul--to the point of a fault. He loved to lavish gifts on anyone he could, which totally frustrated Mother.

Just before Dad was killed, one afternoon I slipped into the room where he was sleeping and gently kissed him on the cheek. I didn't want to wake him, and was hoping to express how I felt without him knowing it, for you see, we never hugged, kissed, or shared any open expression of love in our family. It always seemed to be only the negatives that had power to reveal themselves. But to my surprise he opened his eyes, and I was exposed! I loved him, and now he knew it. He smiled and said, "You don't know how long I've waited for that."

What a travesty to the name of love that we can't share what's in our hearts--the love of God. It's in all of us crying to be shared with others. But that will change in the Kingdom. Love will be the dominant power--the only power.

So Dad had changed, and his sudden death came as a great shock to us. That's why the dreams--to help us through it. In Dad's eulogy, the minister, who had known Dad since they were children, lifted us all up as he spoke of Dad's life being one of triumph. As my youngest brother played the final song, "I Believe In Jesus," which he and I had written, I felt a power of triumph in the church as if the Holy Spirit was telling us that everything was going to be okay with Dad, and not to worry.

Then the dreams feeding us information began coming. Greg’s dream told us that Dad was paying his dues for his mistakes, and it was hard going there, but that he was gaining ground, for the reward was worth the effort. Dad was working on something.

I was in a room attending some children when a man came to the door. He stood for a moment, and when I didn’t recognize him, he turned sadly and walked away. I didn’t know it was my father because of the peaceful, quiet nature of this man, whom I understood by the Spirit, to be a physician. He was helping people heal in some way. Then I recognized him—it was my father. I ran to the door and called to him, “Dad is that you? ” and I awoke.

Time passed and I had a dream about him. I saw that something he was working on. His spirit was changing. God was trying to communicate what was happening on the other side. I was listening.

I saw Dad only once more after that. Dad’s smiling face appeared before me as vividly as any human face here on earth. That’s all there was to it, and I had a distinct impression that Dad had made it. He had peace. That meant only one thing to me—Dad had accepted Christ as his Savior, and would come into the Kingdom as I had been promised in the dream. Dad found salvation—that was the hard thing he was working for—his reward. Jesus said the greatest gift from God to man is salvation. Dad had it.
I also had a distinct impression that that’s the last time I’d see Dad until the resurrection of the dead. I would see him again in the kingdom. (I haven't seen him since.) What joy awaits us.

The above dreams were in the 1970s. Twenty five years later, March, 1996, Greg saw Dad again. Greg is now going through his life’s challenges and choosing his eternal place. God sent Dad back to encourage him. Greg phoned to tell me of his strange dream.

A man was standing in front of Greg a little sideways. Greg thought the man looked familiar, yet he wasn’t sure if he knew him. The mature man was clean shaven, dressed in full suit and topcoat, white shirt and tie. Greg asked, “Are you Woody Price?” The man acknowledged he was.

Greg awoke startled as is often the case when the Spirit has revealed something of importance to us. My understanding of the dream is that God is revealing to Greg how Dad has changed from the man we remember as children, to this present stature. It’s encouraging to know we can rise above our wicked self and shed off the circumstances of the inequalities of this earthly life. These manifestations indicate that we pay a price for our sins committed here. There is a hell, and we do suffer, if we haven’t found the fullness of the gospel and obeyed it; or if we wouldn’t obey it if we did find it.

Dad said it was hard; but there is a better ending than is usually taught by theologians. “It’s heaven or hell,” those wonderful Baptists say, and I love them. Yet they are seeing only their portion of the elephant.

Apostle Paul taught there are three heavens. We should ask ourselves, “Why?” Could it be because there is a need? Not everyone is the same. Some want to serve God on His terms, others want to serve on their own terms. Some do not want to serve Him at all, but do not deny Him. There are three different ways of thinking right here. Then there’s those who rebel and defy Him. These are cast off in a second death prepared for the devil and his angels, and all men who have followed Satan’s leadings. That’s the four kinds of soil in the parable of the seeds in Matthew 13.

Read Handsome Lake's vision in which the angels told him of three different kinds of people in the heavens.

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Then What Is Hell?
It’s a prison house where people go to pay their dues, and are taught. God does not leave us without light about it.

Taught On The Other Side
Recently my aunt heard a sermon in which the speaker told of the death of an old-time missionary. The gentleman was terminally ill, and all his wife could do was to try and make him as comfortable as possible. Knowing of his discomfort, she came into the room to assist him again and found him resting peacefully, with all appearances of pain and ill ease vanished. Smiling, he said that he had just received a visit from his long-time missionary partner who had been deceased for some time. The friend told him that shortly he was coming to take the gentleman home, and that they would soon be teamed up again with missionary work in the prison house. He stated that this life is only a shell of what’s to come; and that death is nothing to be concerned about, for it’s merely a transition period.

Another Testimony Of Teaching In Heaven. . .Or Hell?

This testimony was put into my hands by a friend of mine who knew Ms. Studdard.
“In the class session, Eva Studdard told a dream her father had in her childhood. He was really upset when his wife joined “that Mormon church” (Reorganized Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. This is not the Mormon church , known as LDS ). He and Eva were the only two who had not yet joined the church. He was very stubborn and rebellious.

He was given a dream where he saw his mother and father just as plain as when they were alive. They were going up a steep clay bank. They would go up two steps and back one. His mother had his father by the hand. Over in the distance was his wife and children, and further yet in the distance was the Christ with a light around him. He asked his mother, ‘What does this mean?’ She said, ‘John, why are you so stubborn? This is the Church of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t here on earth when we were alive, and we’re being taught here on the other side. You go and be with your wife. If you don’t learn and accept the truth while on the earth, then you’ll learn over on the other side.’”

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