Beyond Chance

Beyond Chance - Lifetime TV show  - July 15, 2,000

Plane crash - mother dies and sees a yet unborn son, proving that we knew each other on the other side, and have commitments in this life.

 I'd told my grandson, Michael Joseph, and I have a unique relationship.  One day when he was ten-years-old we were discussing eternal things.   I told him how good God had been to me and spared my life for a work.  I explained that that if I'd have died early when I had cancer then he wouldn't have been born.  He asked where he would be then (understanding that he was "someplace"), and I told him either still in heaven on in another family here.  He said he didn't like that idea--that he loves Grandma.  I told him I was happy that he is here, and that I love him very much.  He said he thought that his parents didn't love him.  So I told his mother and we tried to think of how to help him.  We decided that she should encourage him in any advances he makes--tell him how proud of him she is.  She agreed this was a good thing to do.

            This evening I was watching true life stories on Beyond Belief.  A young couple with two young children were have trouble so they left the kids with the grandparents and flew in their single engine private plane to Utah.  They decided to get a divorce.  The night before they headed back home she had a dream that they were in a plane crash.   She therefore, refused to fly home.  They tried to rent a car, but all the cars were in use, so they decided to fly 15 minutes to the next town and rent one there.

A few minutes after they had been in the air a bad storm rolled in and it was visibility zero.    Her husband was piloting the plane.  He came down low to follow the highway and suddenly in front of them was a mountain.   He pulled the plane straight up and hit it flat on the bottom.  It exploded and his wife was burned on 80% of her body as she was thrown out by the blast.  He was unhurt except for his burned hands.

            They walked 5 miles out of the mountains to find help.  She was in terrible pain.  People wouldn't stop to help…but finally a trucker did.  She died in the ambulance.   She said she was going through a long tunnel and saw light up ahead.  Then she stood in a beautiful garden.  A young man came walking toward her with tears in his eyes.  She said he began to cry and it sounded like a baby crying.   He said, "Mom, what are you doing here?"  She felt so very sorry for him, and great compassion.  She said, "Nathaniel, I will give you your chance."  With that she was back in the ambulance in terrible pain.  She wanted to go back to that beautiful place, but she chose to live and fulfill her promise to that unborn child.  She fought her way back to recovery and 7 years later, against the advice of her doctor, Nathaniel was born.

            When the story aired, Nathaniel was just a few years old.  His mother said every now and then she looks deep into his eyes and asks, "Nathaniel, is that really you?"  thinking back to the experience of him pleading with her for a chance to live through her.   And she says he always looks back and answered, "Yes, it's me."  And she wonders just how much he really knows.

            This testimony proves there is a connection as to why we are who we are.