Echo Right Place, Right Time Project

ECHO's first CD project has recently been completed and is now available for purchase. At this time, we can only take online payments thru PayPal. You may also send a personal check or money order via USPS mail.
CDs are $10.00; cassettes are $10.00. Shipping/handling is additional. Email for details. More photos/info to be posted soon. This project is purely ECHO. All music--vocals and background instrumentation--was recorded by ECHO members. Song list below:

echoCD.jpg (53203 bytes)ECHO - Right Place, Right Time:
  1.  Right Place, Right Time
  2.  Alpha and Omega
  3.  Search Me Lord
  4.  Swing Low/Swing Down Chariot
  5.  He's Coming (original)
  6.  His Touch (original)
  7.  My Faith Still Holds
  8.  He Touched Me
  9.  There Is A Savior
10.  It's Impossible
11.  All I Have To Do Is Dream
12.  Old Time Feeling
13.  Star Spangled Banner

To purchase using a credit card, click on a "Buy Now" button below or send a check or money order to the address below.  Please include $3.00 for shipping and handling for orders $5-30 and $6 for orders $31-60

EMFI, Inc.
501 NW Woods Chapel Rd.
Blue Springs, MO. 64015

Price Product # Item

$10.00 EMD1001 Right Place, Right Time (CD)

$10.00 EMC1001 Right Place, Right Time (Cassette)

$10.00 EMC1000 Come Into Our World  (Cassette)

Welcome to ECHO's Demo CD section.  This music is provided here for demonstration purposes only.  Some of the songs on the CD contain copywritten background music not recorded by Echo and hence cannot be sold.  These songs will give you a taste of Echo's sound. Click on any of the links below to hear samples of the songs.  A full Demo CD or tape can be provided upon request.


Producers: David Scott, Tim Harrington
Recording Engineers: Tim Harrington, Judy Scott
Mixed and Mastered by Tim Harrington
Photography: Judy Scott
Digital Artwork: Janice Harrington, Tim Harrington
Instrumental Synthesis: Debbie and Tim Harrington

All instrumental and vocal backups where arranged and recorded by Echo except where noted by an asterisk.  Recorded at The Farm, Blue Springs, MO.      Feb. 2001

Hi Quality Med Quality

Track Title

(2,132K) (1,066K) Alpha and Omega
(1,790K) (895K) Right Place, Right Time
     Soloists: David Scott, Debbie Harrington   Vocal Backups: Echo
(920K) (460K) Start Spangled Banner
(1,113K) (557K) Old Time Feeling
     Soloists: Tom Harrington, David Scott   Guitar: Kelly Schrock
(1,196K) (598K) My Faith Still Holds
     Soloist: David Scott
(2,569K) (1,285K) I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary*
     Soloists: Tom Harrington, Debbie Harrington
(2,034K) (1,017K) Written In Red*
     Soloist: Debbie Harrington
(805K) (402K) Happy Rhythm*
(1,458K) (729K) He Touched Me*
     Soloist: David Scott
(2,095K) (1,047K) Be*
     Soloist: David Scott   Oboe and Bamboo Flute: Tim Harrington on the Yamaha WX7
(881K) (441K) Swing Low/Swing Down Chariot
     Soloist: Tom Harrington
(1,909K) (955K) There Is A Savior
     Soloist: Tim Harrington     Trumpet and Flugelhorn on the Yamaha WX7
(18,639K) (9,293K) ALL Demo songs in ZIP format

Echo is a Christian Vocal and Instrumental Group composed of young people from the Greater Kansas City area.

Echo has appeared locally in churches, Christian organizations and civic functions since its founding in the early 1980s.

The quartet and its sound engineer formed in January of 2000.  Their repertoire consists of a variety of quartet styles as well as instrumental numbers.  The ministry Echo has given has been a blessing to many.  Each member has dedicated his/her gifts and life’s work to Jesus Christ.  His presence radiates through their ministry.


The Family

Tim, Judy and Debbie are siblings.  David Scott and Judy married in 1984 and have 3 children, Michael, Erica, and Andrew who have formed the group called 2nd Generation.

David Scott, the vocal director for Echo, sings baritone to bass in the quartet.   He received his Bachelors degree in vocal music from CMSU in Warrensburg, MO.  David works for Sprint.

Judy Harrington Scott is the sound engineer for Echo.  She is also a pianist and flutist. She and David have three children whom they home school.

Debbie Harrington is a soloist, sings tenor in the quartet, is a pianist, composer, and arranger, and has worked many years as a transportation dispatcher for national shipping.

Tim Harrington, the instrumental director for Echo, sings baritone, plays several instruments and keyboard.  He is the technical coordinator for Echo, the principal arranger and producer for all of Echo’s recordings.  Tim is a computer analyst for a software company, just completing his 25th year with them.